Review of Aspire Mixx Vape Mod by Sunbox

i really really really don't want to
review a pod kit today
hello i'm sophie this is zofie reviews
for review today the mix mod by aspire
made by aspire designed by a company
called sunbox
in this here envelope there is
a manual what's interesting about the
the paper itself is that it looks kind
of aged
it's a little bit yellowed i wonder if
that was on purpose because this device
is kind of kicking at old school
so the reason that there is an
additional tube is because you can use
either tube the larger tube holds one
eighteen six fifty battery the smaller
tube holds one
eighteen three i don't have much vaping
so i don't even know if i have an 18
if i do have one i don't know where it
is so the tubes
can be swapped out i'll show you guys
that in a sec
but first let me show you how to use the
mod the cover took the batteries at the
and it just twists out inside you can
see that there's a battery positioning
indicator the plus sign
as soon as i stick a battery in the
device turns on
the buttons right here they can be used
to adjust the wattage
so one little click in either direction
changes the wattage by
0.1 if i hold the button down
it does this really quickly and it caps
out at 60 watts
once it gets there it stops and then if
i click the button again
at round robins so now i got the drop
rda on here
and with an addi now you can see a
little more
info like resistance oh that's kind of
low for one battery
with one battery i do try to keep my
resistance at point two or higher
i literally just grabbed an rda that was
ready to go there's also voltage which
can only be seen
while you're vaping so that's
information that you'll never ever see
my recommendation is that that
information stays there
after i let go of the button i want it
to stick around for a little bit a
couple seconds you know
just so i can be like okay so there's
two little buttons
and then there's a big button the big
button is the fire
button and it also turns off the device
one two three four five clicks puts it
into a standby mode
so at this point it's not really off if
hold it down for two seconds while it's
in standby mode
it'll turn the device off
one two three clicks turns the screen
off but the device is still
on so it kind of puts it into a stealth
in stealth mode i won't be able to
change any of my settings
because the screen's off three clicks
turns it back on so when it's on i can
my wattage if you don't like the
direction the screen's facing in
push these two at the same time and
it'll flip it
so there's actually two ways to lock the
device one two three
that's the one i showed you where it
goes into like a stealth mode and i
can't change anything but i can still
fire it
there's this one this button fire button
hold it down get a little lock symbol
the screen stays on can't change any of
my settings
but again i can still fire the device
so this thing isn't just wattage mount
the very last thing
on here if i hold the other button and
the fire button at the same time
i can change my mode so there's voltage
and bypass in voltage it goes as low as
0.5 all the way up to 8.4
and it also does round robin so once it
gets to 8.4 it stops
and if i keep going it goes back to 0.5
in this mode it's bypass mode
so it'll hit at max voltage and then
slowly drain the battery until it can't
at that voltage anymore so in bypass it
basically turns this into a mechanical
however this has all the safety features
this this has none
so here is the 510 connection
which is spring-loaded so because of all
of this
over here at most the biggest atomizer i
can fit
is a 24 millimeter addy
like this one the drop rda is 24
i don't have a smaller battery but at
least we can see what this device looks
if i had a smaller battery so there's
these two screws here
those come out
so then these two come out
this thing screwed out
and then the smaller tube goes in
this piece goes back and in the box is a
little baggie
with some shorter screws
it shrinks it down makes it look a
little less awkward i think
and now there's more area to put bigger
okay don't do this don't actually put
gigantic addies on here
because of the battery it's tiny
it's only going to be an 18 350.
do you see anything missing anything at
yeah there's no charge port so with this
you are gonna need
an external battery charger there is no
cable with this there's nowhere to plug
it into
the battery has to be charged separately
which is how it should be anyways with
these kind of batteries
it's just better for the device it's
better for the battery
i always charge mine separately it feels
solid too everything on here
is metal
i approve i definitely approve i'm so
happy it's not a pod kit
and the next video is not a pod kit
so i'm pretty excited for that one but
for this video
that's pretty much it if you're
interested in this thing it's up to you
they're going to be around 60 65 so
that's it i gotta go to lululu bye