Review of GeekVape Aegis Boost Plus AIO Vape Kit

[Music] [Music] what's happening everybody i'm dj spivaps and welcome back to the channel who remembers the aegis boost aio do you own one the aegis boost aio is still one of my favorite aios with great coil heads and its adjustable airflow yet geek vape is back with another one the aegis boost plus the same concept in device still rated ip67 though now a little bigger because it uses a replaceable 18650 battery rather than internal however it still uses the same coil heads which is great inside the box you will ring the aegis boost plus in the color you've chosen you also receive a user manual welcome card warning card warranty card replacement coil head spare 510 delrin drip tip then last but not least a micro usb charging cable so the ag's boost plus is now a bigger boost perhaps we should focus this review more on what's different between the boost and the boost plus because aside from the differences i will discuss here not much else changed as a matter of fact if you didn't watch my previous review of the aegis boost you'll find a link right there in the corner for you to watch the aegis boost is still one of my favorite aios with adjustable airflow but it had an internal battery so for those of you who prefer removable battery devices this is it yes it comes at the cost of being a bigger device but the tank section which by the way is still secured and released in the same fashion now also holds more e-liquid due to its increased size unlike the boost the plus now uses a standard 510 drip tip so you can actually attach any other of your own even the adjustable airflow dial is still the same the tank aside from being bigger has the same internal airflow making it leak resistant it is also compatible with the same exact coil heads which install plug and play style though you have to line up the flat sides of the coil to fit the coil in place properly the coils included here are the same coil heads i've reviewed and have been vaping ever since the review on the boost both are mesh coil heads with specs printed onto the bottom which is nice and even nicer is the fact that they give us the material the coils are made with thank you kick vape so let me prime one of these coil heads with a few drops of your liquid on the inside and slide it in even the fill part is still on top yep position it a little differently on the other side instead then along with the fact that the rubber plug is a little different made this part a lot easier to open too this fill part could still be a little more innovative but isn't it so much better than its predecessor the tank section is still too dark honestly i would like it to be a little more transparent the contact section on the device is now a little different too yet the tank attaches in the same fashion and very securely due to the lock button on one side the boost had a rebuildable tank section available separate but sadly that now doesn't fit the boost plus so i really hope they release a rebuildable tank for the boost plus as well despite the bigger size of the plus there's also a little difference in the design of the leather grip which on the boost was a little more curvy making it a little more sexy of a device so sexier looking device on the plus it's a little more straight yet looks aside and ergonomics wise i don't feel much of a difference when i grab both to be honest the buttons on the plus are still very nice with the fire button protruding quite a lot very clicky and mushy the up and down buttons as clicky but with barely any mushiness even the usb port for charging and firmware upgrades is still on the side however it's still a type b micro attention gig vape it's more than time to move on to type c as opposed to having an internal battery now we have a battery door with a tab that functions in the same fashion as other ag's models and the battery orientation is marked inside really well so of course now you have to provide your own 18650 battery as one is not provided in the kit it is worth to mention here that you have to apply some pressure to the door with the battery inside in order to catch the threads and be able to screw it in the screen is now a much bigger color screen too though they kept the same size phone and a lot of wasted real estate that's the main pet peeve i have with these models so far come on geek vape why as far as controls and options we still have the same five clicks on five clicks off of the fire button in power mode the display displays the mode the battery level the wattage attached resistance calculated output amperage applied voltage and finally a puff counter holding both up and down locks the adjustments not the device which is great holding both fire and minus decreases the screen brightness while holding both the fire and the plus increases the brightness just like previous aegis models pressing the fire button three times allows you to select different modes that have been present in other aegis models but were not present in the edges boost modes such as temperature control for stainless steel temperature control and manual tcr adjustment variable power curve as well as bypass mode just as with the other edges when you press fire three times to select the mode if you press fire again you can scroll down to resample or even lock the resistance which is especially important in temperature control or even clear the puff counter if you saw this eye the wattage still maxes out at 40 watts and you adjust the wattage in 0.5 watts increments although it does round robin but it's also very fast scrolling through the wattage anyway finally if you want to recharge the battery inside just plug a micro usb cable to the side part you can still vape it while it's charging though with a bigger screen i would like to see battery percentage as well as estimated time to be charged when it's charging i don't think that's asking too much when other manufacturers have done it already even with smaller screens so the aegis boost plus is available in 6 different colors for around forty dollars however due to youtube's policies i can't tell you where to locate them so you will have to search yourself and find places selling it the aegis boost was and still is one of my favorite ail devices due to its toughness and performance of their coil heads in the adjustable airflow control yet the older boost had a very small screen which is something we would all assume would be improved with the bigger color screen but it didn't the font is still very small and hard to read unfortunately so please geekvape come up with the better user interface with bigger fonts and release it in a form of a firmware upgrade it is a shame that they didn't go with usb type-c part on this one yet though i would assume most of you interested in a device that offers the same wattage but with a replaceable battery would choose it because you will be swapping batteries and recharging them externally regarding the wattage i think 40 watts will be rather limiting and leave some of the potential customers out though it works perfectly and vapes very stable with the coil heads they offer unless you want to build lower with an rba tank section an rba tank section which like i said will have to be different from the one offered for the built-in battery boost model but if they made the rebuildable tank for that one i'm pretty sure a rebuildable option must be already in the works for the plus [Music] i also wish the battery door was a little more innovative and along the same lines as the aegis dual battery however it's sealed keeping the device water resistant just like every other aegis model which is the main reason why you would pick an aegis as opposed to other aios it's also nice to see modes like temperature control finally included in a device like this though we really need temperature control cars available or the rebuildable tank to determine how good those modes work everything else remains absolutely the same as the previous boost that's why i encourage you to watch that review if you haven't already not much to add as far as pros and cons either that i haven't said already on the previous boost review other than saying the inclusion of a 510 drip tip was nice this time around the fill part is a lot better in fact with increased capacity it has a more up-to-date screen but not a decent interface i wish the usb port was a type c already and i would like to see a battery battery door l as well finally maybe a 21 700 version in the future delivering just a little more power though far it was is just perfect for the coil heads they developed for this system anyway if i was to rate this one i would still give it a b plus plus the only aspects preventing me from giving it a solid a are the font size on the screen and the type b micro usb port rather than the type c reversible other than that this is a damn solid and tough a i o system for sure want a special opportunity to score one of these 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