Review of HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA V2

[Music] what's happening everybody I'm DJ Ashba veps and welcome back to the channel how many of you are not familiar with the dead rabbit series of atomizers I mean if you are enthusiasts I would say none as the original dead rabbit RDI sold millions of units so today we are taking a look at the dead rabbit RTI version 2 coming on the heels of the version 1 obviously I will do a build go over all the differences and improvements as well as provide my final thoughts at the end of course inside the box you've received the dead rabbit v2 RTI this is the matte black colored one you receive an extra bubble tank to increase the liquid capacity a bag with spare hex head grub screws spare o-rings and spare top fill sealing gasket and back with an allen driver and a flat head screwdriver had that rabbit sticker then last but not least a user manual at first glance that that rabbit v2 RTI shares the same look in design and as its predecessor just a little shorter it has the same top air flow which is adjustable with the spin of the airflow adjustment ring also the same kind of 810 removable drip tip and compatible with others everything looks very much the same even the tank section however down at the bottom we can already spot a major difference a plastic ring that they call heat guard though I say it more of a protection that will prevent you from scratching some mods I don't see much of a reason for concern in regards to high temperatures being passed on to a mod that has a 510 connection that was already submitted to high temperatures when the wires were solved in underneath but okay they needed a selling point the second difference appears at the top where instead of a feel part you had to unscrew they now built a convenient and stiff sliding top field that you just have to slide to the side however you can also unscrew this top section from its mechanism slide the mechanism the other way to remove it and you are able to clean things better and even replace the sealing gasket if you need to the other major difference is inside that's right remember the v1 has air flow slots the v2 now has honeycomb style and flow inside as opposed to just open slots which should make the air flow quieter and smoother for sure but we will see the building is pretty much the same with the posts or rabbit ears raised just a little in a form of a Y much like their most recent RDA very worried to mention and once again is the fact that they do provide four flat head grub screws print out for extra hex head grub screws but no spares of each type he'll vape wake up how much does the screw cost yet this is the same kind of build egg and you build it the same exact way gear tube so I will actually speed up this part of the review [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there you have it let's discuss the differences by the way I'm rocking this little bad boy on top of the Enoch in chroma our box mod so the dead rabbit RTI v2 is available in 8 different colors and different shades of gray for around $35 sadly due to YouTube's policies you'll have to search for yourself and find places selling it are there many differences in the way it vapes not really I actually had to assemble the same set of coils in the old one invite the same e-liquid to find differences by myself as a matter of fact here is the old one as far as the way it vapes and the flavor I get from both I can't really discern that many differences what I can tell though is that the honeycomb style airflow and the v2 made the airflow a little smoother it feels smoother but not necessarily quieter wide open on both this is the new one the v2 w1 airflow cut one third of the way v2 v1 air flow cut half of the way v2 v1 air flow just opened one third of the way on both v2 v1 so while I can feel a slight difference in the way the air flow goes in I can feel I can feel it's a little smoother the sound doesn't really represent what I feel it's actually a little louder wide open on the v2 is at its worst it's still quite loud anyway don't get me wrong the improvements in the new additions to this design aren't welcomed and being an owner of the version one I would still buy the version 2 for the sliding top feel part alone but that's me the only pet peeve I have with the top feel part is on the way is the weight and screws and that is counter clockwise I think it should be reversed threaded because more often than not I'm trying to unscrew the tank from the mod or the base from the tank and this top section starts in screwing that and the fact that it is still rather loved and to be the whistling pitch went fully open are those are little in my country tit that is the reason why if I was to write this one I would give it a b-minus if the airflow was quieter and the top sliding section reverse threaded I would have no problems giving you a B+ maybe an a just because the flavor is still really good just like on the version one and these just goes to prove that just adding a honeycomb style airflow doesn't really change that much it has to be designed and engineered properly and tested thoroughly but if you want a special opportunity to score one of these YouTube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my websites use that which you have to be already signed for or signed for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag help vibe to your comment just to let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter you send every Sunday with the winners from the previous week all right I'm done stay sexy and vape on [Music] you