Review of KangerTech IBAR Refillable Vape Pod System

[Music] these are not regular reviews these are so fear it is worse crazy that companies still send me stuff for review and sponsor my videos like this one this one sponsored by kangertech they make this thing and it's called the I bar it's a basic kind of vaporizer there really isn't much to it because it's a pod kit all you got to do is push the button five times five times turns it on five times turns it off and then to activate it the button does have to be pushed there's no draw activated option on here so you can't just suck on it so inside of here is an 800 milli amp hour or rechargeable battery and our entire just to the bottom some people like that some people don't I don't care and the port it could have been type C I really kind of but it's not it's just standard it's not meant to be anything super fancy it's just kind of basic is simple to use device that comes in a whole bunch of pretty colors here's how it comes packaged so there's a device underneath the device there is this little card that they want you to read it's also about filling the pod and waiting five minutes with a new coil pretty standard stuff this is the manual this is the USB cable and it's just standard well it's not quite like super basic it's got two different modes click the button three times and it switches the mode one two three red light flashes that means three volt constant voltage output one two three green light flashes full power output red green I'd say flavors kind of average with this thing but with the red light I do get a little bit more flavor than I do with the green light and I feel like I get a little more vapor as well when I activate this as soon as I let go of the button a couple lights appear these are battery life indicator lights so once it's down to one light it should be recharged pops they just come out like this they're held on by a magnet it's borderline like almost too loose tighter they only go in a certain way not in every direction they hold two milliliters of a liquid and me fill on the side there's one of those black stubborn doodads that's not my favorite but it's a little more substantial than it was in my previous video that thing look like squishing into the pod this one stays on top so good but I would have preferred something more substantial however these are disposable so I can't blame them for going that route the pods are refillable a few times they don't vary for everyone depends on that you like what you're using yeah the coil is inside the wire is made out of kanthal and then the cotton is organic cotton I think the body is made out of like an aluminum alloy it's super lightweight it doesn't feel expensive so that's it that's the I bar from kangertech it's pretty simple yeah there you go please subscribe if you haven't ring that Bell and I hope to see you next time to literally leave