Review of OXVA RBA Coil

hello I'm Sophie and this is Sophie reviews so what's for review today is it a pod cat powered by 18 650 the pod kit that's not really a pod kit this is the origin by ox5 the coils can be replaced with more coils or this RBA coil or deck so let's build oh jeez so small I don't know if this is the right lens for this so nasty so there's a look at the deck so to make this easier to build on I'll screw this into this piece and the most egregious hole part onto a mod RBA deck came with a little quill it's made of nichrome 80s point 6 ohms and they also gave me some cotton there is only one coil however these things are really easy to make I am using 26 gauge wire they use 27 I just I don't have 27 it's kind of an awkward size 1 2 3 4 5 this one I'm gonna continue so that the leads are facing opposite sides take it push it down yeah yeah it's not as pretty as their coil but it'll work to keep the wire a little more straight sometimes I stick the screwdriver back in while I tighten the coil down [Music] I'm just using the cotton that they provided and it is the perfect thickness for this belt I spent quite a bit of time chopping away at this here you see me thinning it a little bit I like to fill out the end so it's not necessary yeah I hacked into it here and there and kept adjusting it until I thought it was the right length which is right about there I like to help it along by firing the mod I have it set pretty low this helps get the e-liquid into the cotton [Music] [Music] you here's how it comes packaged they sent it to me in two different colors I think they have more colors than just this so there's carbon fibre black and then this one they're calling Musa or muzzle green the battery goes into here so this is a Sony v TC v I'm gonna check it make sure there's no damage to it or the rap looks okay yeah don't stick it in here if there is damage to the battery and then this is the tank the tank holds three milliliters of a liquid and on the bottom right here there is adjustable airflow and it fills right here on the side no my favorite method I want to see I'm gonna start seeing latches on these things especially a tank like this they're supposed to be reusable over and over and over again I still like this what I do like is I don't even have to twist this coil out I can just pop it out like this the coil sits on this little base the coil that was pre-installed is a mesh coil it's got a resistance of 0.3 ohms and a kimby rate between 30 and 40 watts underneath the device there is another box and in the box a user manual this is a quality control pass it's also the warranty card this is just a law reminder to make sure that the airflow is facing the correct way there's also a USB cable for charging and it's not type-c and there's another coil this one is also a mesh style coil it's got a resistance of 0.5 ohms and it can be vape between 20 and 25 watts replacement coils are sold in little boxes of five and then the RBA deck comes packaged like this one two three four five clicks turns it on and fight clicks turns it off this button adjusts the wattage if hold it down it does this quicker now see here it says power max and maxed out the power at 25 watts so it does this based on the resistance of the coil it's kind of an added safety feature to avoid dry hits this over here is a battery life indicator instead of the company name above it I would have liked to see the battery life in percentages and again I would have really liked to see this as type C instead of standard you can use this to charge the battery with but with these 18 650 s I do recommend an external battery charger I wouldn't call it a pod kit there's a rebuildable option yeah it is sold separately it's not with the kit it'd be kind of cool if they had separate kits like an RBA kit or just regular coil care maybe a combination of both but it is a separate purchase so where it is true I am editing out all the vaping but I'm still gonna let you hear the pull or the draw so that's next well not editing I'm censoring it out for your safety the pole or draw it's nice it's nice and smooth with the way I have the air flow right now it's just mostly open it is more on the airy side not as restrictive but I can control that a little bit flavor with this RBA DAC is really nice I'm loving it I want to try out one of the other coils I'm gonna try the point three own coil this one can be made between 30 and 40 watts so much stick it in there and give it a few minutes for that cotton to saturate and I'm making sure that the airflow is facing the correct way there's a little line there on the tank a little guideline right here oh I forgot to point out that there's like a little window into the tank it's supposed to help you see your you liquid level but it's hard to see I find it easier just to remove the back panel and look at it that way so with this coil it does let me go to the full 40 watts here it is at 30 watts and here it is at 40 watts so with the pre-made coils I feel like my vape experience is a little bit different the draw or pole seems smoother quite a bit smoother and the draw is also more restricted but flavor no matter which one I use whether it's a premade mesh coil or my own RBA build it's amazing flavor out of this thing is really good I'm impressed I really like it there's a couple tiny things I don't like about it but overall it is a great little kit I roof so so that's it I'm actually really excited it wasn't just a plain old boring pod kid again so thank you to ox baa for sending this over and I hope to see more from this company alright so that's it - Lu Li Lu I hope to see you next time bye