Review of Univapo Unico AIO Vape Pod Mod

what's happening everybody i'm digital
speakers and welcome back to the channel
i know i know another pod mod in fact
this one is being called pod mod yet
what it is is an io device as it uses
replaceable coil heads
the first univapo product i reviewed a
few months ago actually surprised me a
so today in fact we'll take a look at
the unico aio kit which they call
pod mod i don't agree with that as it
uses replaceable coil heads
inside the box you'll find the unico aio
kit with a tank and a coil head already
pre-installed this is the gold colored
one and it comes fully protected with
plastic stickers all around
you receive an additional spare coil
hand you receive a lanyard
a user manual last but not least a super
short type a to type b micro usb
charging cable
the unico is actually a classy looking
aio to say the least
not too small yet not too big and with a
built-in battery the controls are on the
side and the frame is machined out of
aluminum with matching plastic panels on
both sides and the carbon fiber-looking
plastic panel on the back
the tank section attaches on top of
course and matches the curves of the mod
very well
down at the bottom though it's not flat
that is the reason why
it also tips over really easy it's
really easy to tip this one over for
also being that it has an internal
battery it should have battery
ventilation holes and
it doesn't it's completely sealed all
around perhaps the micro usb port offers
enough air passage which it seems it
because it's even recessed a little
crooked inside and distant from the
this pose is another major reason for
concern there's nothing else securing
this little part
but the small soldering points on the
pcb and that increases the possibility
for failure
if you yank on the micro usb port often
the tank section though
has a non-removable mouthpiece yet it's
and comfortable it's clear on both sides
which is awesome because it gives a
clear view of the liquid level inside
it attaches either way and is very easy
to refill without the need to remove it
from the mod
with these exposed plug which is
completely flush with the body however
it's very easy to open and refill to be
honest under the tank we have our coil
and four magnets inside the device are
the gold plated contacts and four more
these are not the strongest magnets by
any means yet
they get the job done the pot doesn't
have any play or weird wobbling
and it fits nice and snug beneath the
tank would you look at that
that's right an airflow control ring
with two airflow slots stopping points
and just the right amount of restriction
though it's a little slippery to get a
good grip and unscrew
that knurling doesn't seem to help much
either anyway
when you unscrew the bottom section it
gives you access to the coil head and
allows you to replace it as well
the coil heads offered here are
available separately for replacement
are tiny and different styles from each
other one is a 0.3 ohm mesh coil head
using a net style car
inside and rated to be used between 30
and 43 watts
the other is a 0.8 ohm round wire
vertical coil head rated to be
between 17 and 20 watts and a little
more restrictive
though remember that we have adjustable
airflow anyway let's screw one of the
coil heads back into the base then prime
it with four or five drops
of liquid inside as it's new and before
we reinstall it into the tank
after that we can replace the tank into
the mod in any of the two possible
as i mentioned earlier even with the
tank attached you can fill and refill
the tank from the side
the opening is wide enough so filling
and refilling this one has been easy and
the controls and charging part are all
on on this side
they all protrude from the faceplate
about the same amount
they are all as mushy though the fire
button has an
almost silent click and the up and down
buttons just a little louder
they feel just a tad clickier too like
pretty much all other devices we have
the usual five clicks on five clicks off
of the fire button that is
also you can see we have a colorful and
very bright screen which is nice
the screen will indicate locked or
unlocked a tiny battery bar
a puff counter the time of the current
and last buff taken
wattage applied voltage attached
resistance and finally unevapo
this is what i consider too much
branding get rid of your brand name on
the screen
and add more useful information like
battery percentage for example
to adjust the wattage you do so with the
up and down buttons in 1 watts
increments from 5
all the way up to 49 watts and very slow
by the way so i would appreciate some
round rubbing to be honest
holding both up and down buttons
together will let you lock them
while still being able to fire and vape
which is great in my opinion
this is how every device should be
holding both far and left
will clear the puff counter while
holding both fire and white buttons
will lock the entire device from even
firing holding both again to unlock
that being said i simply turn mine off
with five clicks of the fire button
this is a 49 watt device yes but it will
suggest 35 watts
when you attach the 0.3 ohm coil head
even though you can adjust and still
have access to the full wattage range
it will limit you to 20 watts if you
attach the 0.8 ohm coil head which is
a great safety feature beside all that
you can also switch the colors of the
display by pressing the fire button
three times in quick succession
there's a few different colors available
here to charge and recharge its internal
battery you are going to need a micro
usb cable of course but
you can still vape it while it's
charging finally and because they are
very close competitors
in both aios or pod mods if you will
here are both side by side the unico
and the smok rpm which is stronger in
the game already with a stronger
availability of replaceable coil heads
for sure
so the unevapo unico aio kit which is
available in 7 different color
combinations for around 36 dollars
not badly priced the coil heads actually
remind me of the aspire bvc coil head so
unfortunately i don't have any more of
those coil heads to compare in tests for
backwards compatibility
the performance of the 0.3 ohm mesh coil
head is actually rather surprising
as its maximum recommended wattage
considering its size
and even still as flavorful with the
more closed airflow
settings as a matter of fact i vaped
mine with the airflow closed
three quarters of the way the 0.3 is
actually one of the most saturated most
juicy coil heads i've vaped in a long
time again
impressive when we consider its size yet
don't expect it to be a cloud-chasing
coil head
being a mesh coil head and with the
diameter of the coil and airflow inside
still it's a respectable loose direct
gland coil head that performs great all
the way down to a restricted dark lung
airflow setting
the 0.8 ohm coil head though is a little
more restricted and has
less flavor than the 0.3 of course
although with the airflow closed all the
way down to a tiny hole on each side and
with a nine milligram free base nicotine
liquid in its tank in this tank it's an
outstanding mouth-lung vape with perfect
throat hit and perfect warmth even at
the lowest recommended wattage
in its wattage range so definitely
really good mouth-long option here too
this little device is also pretty cute
and nice to hold device no complaints
other than the bottom that isn't flat
making it very easy to tip over
my major gripe though is the positioning
of the airflow holes the airflow intake
holes on both sides these
are on each side of the tank which with
wider airflow settings
under the tank of course and no matter
if you cover one or the other with your
you will be restricting the airflow
almost without noticing until you vape
of course it's very easy to cover
at least one of them when you are just
simply holding the device and vaping i
always cover this one
all the time of course the fact that the
battery bar is so small on the screen
and they could easily just remove the
branding from the screen and add battery
percentage to or
instead of the battery bar
other than that it's easy to operate the
screen is bright
and the tank clear on the sides i really
like that a lot
i can easily see the liquid level at any
time just by looking
battery wise it has a 1 431 milliamp
hour capacity battery recharges
averaging 0.8 amps
and reason why it takes 2 hours to
recharge which in my opinion for an aio
of this capacity should have been about
one hour
at a higher charging rate so i like the
form factor just like the rpm40 the put
is clear on the sides the feel part
convenient and the pod is very easy and
clean to feel
the coil heads are exceptional
considering univapo has a very new
company in the business
the screen is bright and we have
adjustable airflow i mean
not a lot to fault this one for to be
honest on the downside though the
material the coil has are made with is
unstated the airflow adjustment ring
is a little slippery when it comes down
to unscrewing the entire section from
the tank
it's easy to tip over and finally not
only the fact that it uses an outdated
type b micro usb port but also the fact
that it is recessed inside the frame
instead of relying on the frame opening
to increase its strength
so be very careful or you will break it
if i was to rate this one though i would
give it a b minus i would go as high as
a b
plus if it had boosting capabilities
providing less of a drop with the low
ohm coil head such as the 0.3
also if the micro usb port was assembled
in a more solid way
actually inside the frame opening rather
than inside
its frame or completely inside recessed
making it more fragile
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