Review of Univapo Unico Sub Ohm Vape Pod System

[Music] got an interesting one for those that might want something very small and portable but still want to do the sub ohm vaping yep it's the Utica from Univ a PO [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm Tony yeah this is a pod not a pod well it's you know it does have a little pod on it it's more of really a all-in-one this thing does sub-ohm man I mean that's what we're seeing now is I guess maybe the the mod and the pod are starting to come together either way I'm not really familiar with this company it's Univ a PO I guess is how you pronounce that enjoy your life this is called a Unicode pod mod or único mod pod apparently they come in two mil or three point seven melt to mil I'm sure for TPD so these are three point seven militant resistances and this what I'm talking about 0.3 0.6 0.8 and 1.2 and they didn't send me the 1.2 ohm coil but I can't imagine that it's gonna be any more close to a MTL than what it already is even though it's adjustable it maybe it will maybe it'll be a tighter coil capacity on the battery on this is 1500 milliamp hours charging takes 1.5 to 2 hours and it's got a nice color screen on it it's it's actually a nice device 1500 milliamp hours for a device like this is good if it's a pod mod but now we're also talking about it being a sub o mod and you're running high wattage and all that kind of stuff battery life on it when I'm using it as a sub ohm mod it it's reasonable but you can't change the battery out so when it runs out you're gonna have to plug it in now they sent me a bunch of different colors I'm just gonna show you a couple of them today but if you look at their website you'll be able to find those this one is carbon fiber this one is camouflage and apparently they all have like a carbon fiber strip on the back of it and it does actually feel like carbon fiber while it is kind of a sticker I don't think it's fake carbon fiber I don't know the body of this might be aluminum slide that open and your mod is in here this one is all carbon fiber here each one of the sides has a little cover on it you can just peel it up from that little tab that's right there that's carbon fiber all the way around what else is in the box well we just pull this thing up here and this right here and we've got a lanyard here this just goes around the body of the mod know these things and they're not something I would use a lot but there's been times man at a convention or something like that's nice just having around your neck and pick it up and use it got a standard microUSB it is not USB see there is a manual inside of here and there's a spare coil well it's not really a spare coil this is the 0.8 ohm coil it's 17 to 20 watts I do have these coil boxes here but they're let's say you've got 0.3 they come in boxes of 3 now coils are a point of contention when it's a company that I'm not really that familiar with if I'm not that familiar with it then vape shops might not be that familiar with it and for me the question is always well once I use the coils that come with it will I be able to find more coils so if it's something that you haven't heard of before and you do buy it which this is actually a pretty good device I would recommend that you go ahead and spring for a few boxes of coils just in case I don't know if there's any other coils compatible with this one I haven't really seen anywhere that it has and their logo it looks a little bit like Unilever it's like a Soap Company in the US but yeah see these are 0.3 ohms 0.3 ohms we're looking at the little thing that's checked off right there and that is 0.8 ohms also zero point 8 ohm so they should have sent some of the 1.2 and the 0.6 I can try those out but I have tried the two different coils that it comes with and they work well so on the one that I've been using I've been using a 0.3 ohm and we'll look at this in just a minute I do want to show you the pod now with the pod you're gonna notice that it has a little tab right there and a little tab back there and that's how it fits in I don't know these might be open for airflow right here on both sides there because I don't see any place else for airflow to come so it's actually pretty cool that little tab helps to keep it from turning and also to know how to line it up and everything continues on with its lines on here and stuff one thing that is really cool though look in order to fill this most pod systems you got to pull it out go to the bottom of it that kind of thing with this one all you got to do is pull this up right here you can fill it right there and pop it back down that's pretty smart they just kind of integrated it into the design now that could be in the front or the back but I like to keep it around the back like that so let's look further at this camoflage one here here's the bottom of it says you know vet bow or Univ a bow whatever however you pronounce it it's right there sides here these are like a plastic or acrylic and they look really good though now on this one here it is actually the carbon fiber nice big screen up and down button fire button right there and your USB is right so if you don't like the color of the screen which is currently red three clicks on the fire button one two three and you got white one two three you got blue and you can hear this thing firing it's a very fast fire that's like a light blue green and back to red got your puff counter up here and the time of the last puff right there and that changes each time you do it 36 watts is what we're at right now of course that is adjustable up and down with your you know up and down buttons there plus and minus got your voltage right there and your ohms right there after it's been sitting I think the directions said that after it's been sitting for 30 seconds or something like that then the screen will dim and then it will go black after that it kind of snoozes itself and then it comes right back out of snooze when you hit the fire button and it boy it's it fires fast there we go we're just gonna leave it green because it's camouflage now if you hit the fire button and the minus button at the same time and hold them then you're gonna clear the puff counter I don't know if you could see that but we'll do a puff here and then we hit the minus button of the fire button and that cleared that was right there if you hit the plus button in the fire button and hold them then everything is locked so the fire button the up and down buttons everything is locked so we're gonna unlock it and then if you hit just the middle of these up and down buttons and hold those than just the wattage and the you know the up and down buttons are locked and the fire button is not and that's pretty much it with the operation of it I mean it doesn't have 10 control and all that kind of stuff but it does have a nice big beautiful screen it works really well I mean functionality-wise I can't complain you can see down here that the I should probably show you how to take that coil out of there so yeah here's the inside of the battery area got your contacts down there and four big magnets that hold that thing on there so that's good I do wish that they would put more of a grippy surface on this thing because you do have to unscrew this thing and it's just really not enough cuz it's pretty slippery you know what I mean so you can just do this and screw it and there's your coil this coil is the 0.3 ohm coil which is what I'm using right now this unscrews from here put a new one in and then we'll screw this back you know a lot of them now are just press fit with rings I do like that they're screwing this and like that and the airflow adjuster it's it's a big airflow adjustment ring you can see how wide-open that airflow is for a 0.3 ohm coil you're probably gonna want that but of course you could close it off all the way down to a tiny little one but both of the calls that I've tried even when you tighten it all the way down it still really doesn't tighten up I just don't really think this is a meant to be a mouth too long device at all other than a couple of little peccadilloes this is this is pretty nice if you want portable sub-ohm power now in case you're wondering what juice I'm using in there and in case you're wondering where blue pucker went well blue pucker has been off the market for a little bit but it is back and better than ever moved manufacturing to California to the company that made crunch time and crunch time Barry you know I was always they panned that stuff the company is actually called distilled and they distill all of the flavorings that they put in their stuff I mean all the ingredients because everything has things like alcohol in it and stuff that's why when they steep stuff a lot of people will take the lid off to let all that stuff out of there the stuff that it makes it harsh so it's even smoother now and I'm just happy blue pucker is back we're not sure if we're gonna bring the other flavors back but blue pucker Alma super popular so you can get it again and I know that mojo vapor has it so again I'm not really familiar with this company I don't know if I've ever had anything from them to review before it's called Univ a Poe but for the first thing at least as far as I remember the first thing that I've gotten from them this is actually a nice little outing it works really well I'm just a little concerned about being able to find coils in the future and that's at 35 watts and 0.3 ohms I'm pretty surprised that their coil is that accurate on the number because sometimes they'll say 0.3 ohms and it's more like zero point two nine zero point two seven you know I mean it's close but exactly zero point three Oh cut of a little bit surprising in a good way of course and the flavor off this is actually really good too of course I know blue pucker really really well this is some I vape for what four or five years now I gotta say it does carry the flavor very well it's a really smooth vape I like that you can adjust the airflow I think it looks good the battery power on it is is good it depends on what coil you're using and how many watts I mean 35 watts you're gonna get a pretty good life out of that it's pretty much like an 18 650 built into it and if you're somebody who just you want a vape but it's just too much hassle you don't want to have to worry about what batteries to get and all that kind of stuff well this might be a good option for you if you do find it and you do pick one up I would recommend buying some extra coils for it for smoothness and flavor though it's it's really doing well I'm pleasantly surprised the pod seems to be in there pretty securely which i think is great you know it's magnetic it's got four big magnets on it it is not draw activated and it's not a mouth to lung device in my opinion I mean maybe if you put that 1.2 ohm coil in there and tighten the airflow all the way down I don't have one of those to test them I think something like this would be good for the sub boomer who is traveling you know doesn't want to have to have some big bulky mods with them either way if it's something that you like well then it's something you like not sure exactly when this releases it may be out now but I'm not allowed to put links in the description anymore so you're gonna have to use your you break out the Google machine I will say though very good very tasty very smooth that is the unico from univ Abu I want to thank you so much for your support here on the channel likes comments shares subscriptions always very important to a channel like mine so if you like would see it the thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red subscribe button down there and if you think you're subscribed just take a look at the button every once in a while if it's if it's red you're not so I'd appreciate if you click it again if it's great you're still subscribed I have links down there for Facebook Twitter 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