Review Of VandyVape Kylin M AIO Vape Kit | Exotic Coil Build Tutorial

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] what is happening everybody i'm dji spiffs and welcome back to the channel in a year full of pod systems and aio kits it's not every day that we see aios to compete with the ever so famous billet box being released if there's any i sure want to take a look because the form factor and aio integration of all the components usually make these devices very convenient and appealing to me that's right folks looks like it's time for vendivate to give a try at this ever so famous aio style of device with their new kylin maio kit inside the box we find the kylian maio kit with the rebuildable tank section already pre-installed we also receive an extra tank that takes replaceable mesh coil heads with a 3 ohm coil head already installed we receive a tool for the rebuildable section which you will see in later on what it is for we receive a spare coil head same as the one pre-installed we receive four strips of mesh different specs in different material strips but all labeled properly we receive stainless steel ropes also shoelace style cotton wicks two of them that is a bag with spare screws spare springs spare o-rings coil rod phillips head screwdriver and even a regular exotic coil but again with all the specs and material a coil-lead trimming tool much like the coily tool with the perfect length already marked a warranty card a battery warning card a user manual finally yes finally a type a to type c usb charging cable damn this is a very complete kit so as i said the kylin m is clearly a billet box style aio device quite beautiful yet with a quite heavy construction quite beautiful for the most part especially the panels yet i know the kylin printed on the other side is sort of drag style it's too much branding in my opinion though this is subjective what i may not like you may like and vice versa this device has the fire button on the side airflow cap and drip tip up top no matter the tank you choose to use there is also a little window on the side displaying the liquid inside the tank underneath we have a few ventilation holes for the pcb and its components we also have a little slot for you to open the battery door which attaches in place with the use of quite strong magnets when opened it reveals the tank battery compartment control screen as well as the up and down buttons yes as you can read on the battery door the pcb was coded to be waterproof just like the swell mod just the pcb mind you if it stays in water for too long with the battery inside the battery will create oxidation because water is a little conductive the battery compartment has a battery tab to help you remove the battery and the battery orientation marks are hard to see they should be wide to contrast with the black background below the tank we have a little control screen as well as the up and down wattage and temperature control buttons both recessed inside of this little well both are actually clicky and mushy though the right one a little more clicky the tank slides out like so by grabbing the top cap and drip tip section it only goes in this way which makes sense as you want the fill part facing you to be able to fill and refill without pulling out the tank the tank section makes contact with these two beefy and springy contacts down at the bottom very glad they are beefy the other tank looks very similar yet uses replaceable coil heads with the fill part on the side and is super clear with an airflow adjustment cap up top as well as a 510 drip tip you may have noticed these these are different and there's an o-ring inside the connector though regular 510 drip tips fit here just fine too this top cap has honeycomb airflow on both sides and allows you to adjust the airflow by spinning it it is also removable and by doing so you can see the airflow intake channels that's right internal airflow that goes all the way down to the bottom of the coil head you can actually see the airflow channels coming underneath serving airflow to the coil head this design top airflow that is makes this tank very much leak resistant though having those airflow channels inside the tank also reduced the total liquid capacity in comparison to the rebuildable tank option the coil had unscrews from the base to be replaced both coil ends included here are the same 0.3 ohm mesh coil heads with a net style coil inside haven't seen its material mentioned anywhere by the way of course as always i recommend that you drop a few drops of liquid inside two or three to get it primed before you install the coil these coil heads install in a plug and play fashion by the way yet you have to align the flat sides of the base as i said previously the fill part is on the side just open the plug and fill it up but the beautiful thing about this system is the fact that the tank can be in place inside the mod and you can still refill it just fine the rebuildable tank though looks almost the same as expected though it holds a little more liquid the two gold-plated posts inside are the contact posts coming from the contacts down at the bottom up top we also have the drip tip and still compatible with other 510 drip tips we also have the cap with adjustable airflow with less airflow holes but each one wider the cap also comes apart and here you can see the airflow the airflow channels are angled down towards the coil inside the chamber is pretty small which makes it suitable for mesh or single coil assembly however definitely not suitable for dual coil setup how do you access the build deck to build it well this top cap section comes out like so but to put it back into place be aware that it only goes in one way and one way only there's a corner that was slightly slanted to fit inside the mod and give clearance to the battery door because the battery door is slightly curved instead of completely flat if you are the kind of person that likes to clean their tanks from time to time you are lucky just unscrew both contact posts and pull out the base you can even release the build deck if you want by unscrewing those two screws inside the tank that's also how you would replace the spring end of the ceramic block the other tank bottom section comes apart too i've done it before you have to open those tabs on the sides i was a little more lucky using an x-acto knife but if you do be very careful not to hurt yourself the build deck is a profile style mesh build deck first with a rather stiff spring-loaded ceramic block between the posts to help push the cotton against the mesh the posts are clamp style posts and also spring-loaded which is nice they open by themselves when you unscrew the post screws however you may have noticed they added two little slots on each side of the clamps and that's because they designed this build deck to fit a regular or even exotic coil which i may also try actually they actually provide a lot of goodies with this kit including four different types of mesh strips one is actually a stainless steel mesh strip that you can use in temperature control too can you distinguish the nichrome strip from the stainless steel strip yeah that's right they are virtually the same as far as looks so if you are interested in temperature control it's a matter of luck when picking the stainless steel one you may end up having to pull the nikron strip after building it and rebuild it again with a stainless steel one and this is unfortunate to build with mesh it's the same way as with the profile rda this is a profile style build deck anyway you bend the mesh into shape around the provided rod place it inside the clamps clamp it down and wick it either with the provided cotton or any other of your own however you see that there are four wicking holes in total and you may be asking how does that work well by way of capillary action with the cotton sitting on top of the supplied four stainless steel rods or ropes if you will just install all of them into each one of those wicking holes though i found it to be a little easier if you spin them counterclockwise while you insert them into each one of those little holes today i will be installing my own stainless steel exotic coil a spaced alien coil i'm using a stainless steel coil because i want to test temperature control capabilities of this device to trim the leads to the perfect length though you can use the two provided or even the original coily tool if you have or buy one instead installing the coil is actually easy just fit the lids inside of each one of those posts clamp them down and use a coil rod to adjust it in the end just make sure it's centered and horizontal pretty much like this now comes this little weird yet handy adapter you see if you place the tank section without its cap back into the mod it will be too loose plus you would have to pull it out by grabbing the coil so they included this little handy tool that goes on to the top of the tank and allows you to place the tank inside of the mod without its cap this allows you to test the coil and work out any visible hotspots as well as allowing you to pull the tank out in the end pretty ingenious right i have a space coil so i shouldn't have any hot spots here you can see i don't i used shoelace style cotton threads cotton by get cotton to weak my coil i did cut the wicks protruding from the tank this much as you can see in this instance i don't even recommend that you fluff them here because you will need plenty of cotton sitting inside of those huge wicking channels covering the whole area and sitting on top of the stainless steel ropes that's why i wouldn't even recommend you to build smaller than three millimeters in diameter or you won't have enough cotton to fill that space then leaking may happen if you laid the device on its side after it is all installed i primed both coil and wick with the tank section installed inside the mod to be able to fire the coil now it's time to pull out the tank remove the adapter tool install the top cap and fit the tank back into the mod with the coil installed if i pull out the top cap you can actually see how the airflow intake channels are very close to the coil being that it is a very small chamber for a single coil build or mesh by the way i took the two visible screws out to check the internals without going as far as breaking it and i couldn't pull the internals out of the shell so it's either press fit to or also glued in place which is very unfortunate although you shouldn't have a problem with the waterproof pcb as i mentioned you will need an 18650 battery to use this device and it goes in positive up once the battery is in place the device will turn on and here you can see you get a little animation when you attach the tank and also when you remove it we have the usual five clicks on five clicks off of the fire button that is which is a trigger style fire button it's tall super clicky with a little bit of mushiness the screen shows you wattage at that resistance applied voltage as well as battery bar the up and down buttons adjust the wattage of cars in one was increments from 5 watts all the way up to 70 watts and it does not round robin by the way holding both the far and right buttons locks the entire device which is pretty redundant when i can just press the fire button five times and turn it off anyway hold both fire and left buttons and you can flip the screen around though the up and down buttons won't flip to match the screen's orientation pressing the fire button three times allows you to choose the mode from the three available wattage mode temperature control mode and voltage mode in voltage mode you will adjust in volts between 0.5 and 5.5 volts that's the maximum voltage available with this device the other mode is temperature control and you adjust in temperature instead but it's tcr temperature control so you will have to know the abbreviated tcr number from the material you are using i also have that information on my website and place it in the menu you access the menu by holding both up and down buttons at the same time by the way scrolling through the tcr numbers it scrolls way too fast and it's so easy to get past the number all the freaking time it's annoying for sure even though in temperature control mode you adjust in temperature if you press the fire button four times they give you the ability to select the wattage as well if you use it in temperature control make sure you attach the tank with the coil at room temperature so the mod can read and lock the resistance at room temperature inside the menu you also have things like rsd where you can check the puff counter but also clear it too in the menu you can also enable stats and that will display a bar puff counter and time of the puff while you vape then you also have the firmware version since this one is firmware upgradable and that is it by the way to come out of the menu either you wait for the screen to go into standby or you hold the fire button for about two seconds if you want to upgrade the firmware or recharge the battery inside you just have to use the type c usb cable i'm glad we have type c and also glad we can still vape it while it's charging finally the battery door attaches very securely to the device it actually attaches in any orientation just fine with no play up and down but a little bit of play side to side though however i don't really feel it while i'm holding and using it to be honest well i guess we can compare it to the small end knight 80 which is a little bigger and a lot thicker too yet went up against the joytech exit grip plus which i just reviewed a few days ago they are both almost the same size to be honest in about the same way too both rather heavy honestly so the vending vape kylian maio which is available in two different colors and four astonishing finishes for around 70 but as you know due to youtube's policies i'm not allowed to tell you where so you will have to search yourself to find places selling it this is clearly the most exciting product i've reviewed in a very long time and spoiler alert it is really good really good and versatile i mean did you see how many things options and goodies you get with this one the only thing that i can actually think of that they didn't include was cotton for the diameter of the exotic coil provided it still baffles me how two strips that are made of different materials mesh strips that is one being nichrome and the other stainless steel look like the same exact mesh strip that makes it hard to differentiate which one is which that's one of my gripes with this whole setup one important thing i forgot to mention on the close-ups is how to use the temperature control mode your atomizer and coil especially the coils should be at room temperature and then all you got to do is actually press both the left and right buttons at the same time not hold them but press them and you may be asked whether or not it is a new coil or an old coil with regard to everything else i mean there's not really that much to complain here to be honest the coil heads are a nice option don't expect them to give a falcon type of vape but they are good low wattage mesh coil heads with good flavor also perfect warmth more towards the highest recommended wattage to operate within it's nice that the tank that retakes replacement coil heads has top airflow it takes away liquid capacity yes but that makes it very much leak resistant the airflow is also very customizable as it is a honeycomb style airflow you will definitely find the setting you enjoyed the most for sure with this one i actually like to run these coil heads at lower wattages with the airflow closed more than half they vape nice that way too the thing is i really only care much about the rebuildable tank and oh boy it is versatile it operates very well with mesh it wipes incredibly well and very much what you would expect from a profile style atomizer it flips very similar i just don't trust mesh in a setup where i don't see the liquid clearly i mean you do on the side but it's just so small most of the times i can't really see the liquid level when i'm indoors so either i keep removing the panel or i get a dry hit from mesh and oh boy a dry hit from mesh really hurts deep and that's the reason why i do not recommend mesh rebuildables to beginners unless you find which one is the stainless steel mesh strip and run it in temperature control which by the way is very weird here you would assume if the tcr is abbreviated being the stainless steel tcr 0.000920 abbreviated would be 920 right but it is not 920 it's too hot even with 450 degrees fahrenheit set on the screen yet for 150 degrees fahrenheit feel like for 150 degrees fahrenheit when i set the tcr for what comes stock which is 800 weird right i don't know what kind of tcr this is but i wouldn't call it tcr it doesn't make sense the way they've done it the thing is it actually works well and consistent with higher wattage vaping coils just a little wavy with lower wattage vaping and smaller coils however to be fair the build deck wasn't really designed for coils smaller than three millimeters in diameter as you already know without a 510 connection is rather than hard for me to consistently measure temperature control and provide an accurate signal there's not enough variables i can replicate and be comparable with proven results when i use my already built setup to test temperature control which again requires a 510 connector so i have i really have to come up with the solution when i don't have a 510 connector on a device like this as a matter of fact regarding not building smaller than three millimeter diameter coils building a regular coil like i did i have had success trimming the wick to the length you've seen however if yours leak when you lay it on the side i would suggest the next time you re-wick it you trim your wick a little longer to cover all that wicking area a lot better unless you build coils that are like four millimeters in diameter then yes you will end up with plenty of cotton to fit in those wicking channels so indeed rebuildable tank all the way because it is versatile as to which kind of car you can build and because it holds 5.4 ml of eliquid well 5 with the ropes in stealth [Music] stainless steel rods or stainless steel ropes have been used in very old rdta style or genesis style rebuildable tanks because they have rather good capillary action when you tilt it you have to tilt it but you will every time you vape it anyway i also prefer to vape it with an exotic coil as opposed to mesh because i can get a warmer vape to be fair though there's not really that much difference in flavor between the mesh and this little exotic coil which goes to prove that when done right especially the chamber a simple coil can give you the same flavor as mesh and a little warmer as well the airflow on the reveal wall tank does look visually less than the tank with the replaceable coil heads but the replaceable coil heads restrict the airflow too the airflow on the rebuild level tank is very versatile smooth all across the board and closed down to four little holes on each side restricted just the way i like my cloudy direct lung vapes to be and i'm actually vaping the coil installed in temperature control right now at 450 degrees fahrenheit 70 watts if i had to ask for something else it would be a tank with a mouth lung build deck a small little reduced chamber build deck for mouth lung that would make this thing even more of a killer setup please vendi vape because of the options offered here none of them will provide a good mouth-long vibe if that's what you're looking for this thing is just overall amazing to be honest in terms of battery usage and charging it uses the battery down to 3.23 volts recharging it inside recharges it back to 4.18 volts averaging 1.24 amps so i love the build quality yet it's quite heavy it looks nice mostly on the side and i wish the other side looked the same the pcb is water resistant just like the swell vapes so well all across the different options talking about options we almost have infinite options here tons of options included lots of goodies and building supplies you can use replaceable coil heads mesh or regular coils the fill part is accessible when you open the panel the fire button on the side is very very convenient the tanks especially the rebuildable are built very well and perfect fit of every part overall and versatile adjustable airflow i mean even usb type-c we have here vending vape literally took over the aio market and to be honest it's going to be very hard to another for another company to overtake this this is going to be a success for sure on the downside and there's really not much i've been struggling to find cons as always the material the replaceable coil heads are made with isn't stated anywhere distinguishing the nichrome from the stainless steel mesh strip is very hard and finally aha there's another one the battery orientation hard to see vendi vape paint the battery orientation white to contrast with the background please not so much of a con but since this device is still quite heavy and knowing the swell mod was made with a very nice and tough plastic material i would like to see a lighter version of the kylin maio made with that material that would be really nice i would buy myself one in a heartbeat make it happen vandy vape if i was to rate this one it should come with no surprise that i would only rate this little device an a hesitant but still an a there's no way i can rate it any less than that yet i would like to see a perfect multiling option available and no side to side movement on the battery door want a special opportunity youtube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my website's newsletter which you have to be already signed for or sign for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag kylin to your comment just let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter is sent every sunday with the winners for the previous week all right i'm done stay sexy and vape on [Music] you


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