Review of VooPoo DRAG X & DRAG S

boo boo is one of those companies who did not always do things right and not always advertised things right either however they are one of those companies that still made it for example the earlier versions of the gene chipset and advertising not so true aspects to compete with the DNA that's the reason why they call it gene get it genes in DNA anyway it's one of those cases of fake it till you make it and they certainly did today being one of the biggest companies in the industry with reliability levels rapidly increasing as well in part why because they listen take notes and improve today we are taking a look at the drag x as well as the drag s that i will compare later as both work the same yet one uses in 1863 berry and the other an internal one inside the box we find the user manual that applies to both the drag acts and the drag s we received the drag acts this one with the chestnut colored and stitched leather grip we also received two PNP coil heads yes you heard right same coil heads comparable with the Vinci series of devices which is great plus but not least a rather short type a to type-c USB charging cable here is the drag x and oh boy this one is the looker it's rounded this time specially compared to the Vinci series of devices with the zinc alloy frame in the very large portion of the handle in letter the letter which can be selected in different colors even a carbon looking style - as you probably already noticed that's right we finally have a really nice airflow control we will look at that in more detail in a few seconds but oh boy these round shape is so much more comfortable than the Vinci series of devices in part because of the padded leather handle that is actually very much padded very squishy indeed the pod is also much different from the Vinci as well with the built-in mouthpiece and it's clear so easily displaying the liquid inside takes pnp coils in the same plug-and-play fashion and attaches to the mod so damn well do two very strong magnets some of the strongest I've seen in IR devices so it won't fall off for sure the coil heads included here are the vm6 a 0.15 ohm coil had rated to be vibe between 60 and 80 watts using real mesh inside and the vm1 0.3 ohm coil have I reviewed before which is ready to be used between 32 and 40 watts but using a net style mesh coil inside instead it's kind of interesting how the wicking holes on the vm6 coil had appeared to be blocked or sort of offset but it's been vaping great so far as always prime the coil head with a few drops of liquid and simply plug it in open the fill plug at the bottom and fill it up the plug and fill port are at the bottom but actually done right since the fill part is wide enough it's been super easy to fill in refill inside the device we have the spring-loaded contacts one positive and two negative as well as a very wide ring where the magnets attached to these configuration is nice because it allows the tank section to make connection no matter the orientation we also have two Air Flow Intake slots one on each side the air flow goes in from under the metallic ring and they are both adjusted with this lever both adjusted the same which is really nice and the air flow control lever has quite a bit of restriction yet it still sticks a lot so it may come off of its setting inside of your pocket on the front side of the mod we have the control buttons the control screen in the type-c USB charging port at the bottom thank God the buttons are made of metal and they feel nice they all protrude about the same and while they are all clicky the fire button is larger of course and a little more mushy with a really nice tactile feedback I gotta say of course this is the Model X so we have a battery door at the bottom which closes rather firmly way to firmly when it's new then it gets a little more loose we'd use the battery compartment does have the positive side marked really well on the inside and vibrant and of course you are going to need an 18 650 battery to use these device which is not included come on boo boo mark the negative side of the battery to please I get it's marked well inside but mark the battery door to from here you have the same features and modes as we do with the Vinci so five clicks off the fire button to turn it on but the first time it requires you to set the time in a 24 hour format for the puffs statistics chart we have pretty much what we did on the Vinci devices like the mode now called smart because just like before it limits you to what the installed coil can handle very bar wattage locked or unlocked attached resistance applied voltage total vape in time and score puff counter in the new score system that is supposed to reward you with points in different level badges what separate I can't quite figure a reason for these to even exist but yes looks like you will be rewarded with points and badges there's eight different badges and apparently you also scored different depending on the world you are vaping it so it seems anyway let me stay very open minded through this review and try to think of possible benefits of a score system and a vape device three clicks of the fire button allows you to pick the mode and there's only two the normal mode which they call smart and the RBA mode for an upcoming RBA that's really good news knowing they will release an RBA for these key to holding both firing up lock the entire device not just the up in down buttons which is kind of redundant when I can just turn the device off with five clicks of the fire button holding both again unlocks it of course holding both firing down clears the path counter but even though it clears the path counter it doesn't clear these points base reward system if you are wondering about that holding both the up ended down just like with the Vinci brings these fourteen type of chart impressing the fire button the chipset ID as well as a global score so kind of level code that updates at every puff anyway to go back to the main working screen just hold the fire button for a few seconds if you want to recharge the battery inside over us we just plug a USB type-c cable into the port though the battery I have inside is pretty much fully charged still I would like a better visual feedback of the charging status with percentage and estimated time by the way you can't vibe this one while it's charging you will have to wait till it's fully charged charging the battery inside on these Model X is optional while on the model as it's the only option with the proprietary built in battery inside and again with this one you can't wipe it while it's charging either there's another difference here that's right the Model S comes with the older 0.2 ohm rather than the new 0.15 on mesh coil head why well that's because even though compatible with the Model S those low ohm coils the Model S has a maximum wattage of 60 watts compared to the Model X and the 0.15 ohm coil head is rated between 60 and 80 watts there's another difference with the Model S see that P and a on the screen that means we can fire by press and fire by inhalation since the Model S has a built-in automatic draw switch inside the connector as opposed to the Model X press the fire button three times and it will now only fire by pressing the fire button press the button three times again and you also have the RBA mode just like the Model X they are calling the normal mode smart because with both of these devices you still have the same smart recognition of which quad you have you attached and limiting you to the power range it can handle only unlocked in RBA mode here are both of them side by side where you can see also a slight difference in size of course between the Model S and the Model X everything else remains the same as far as the tanks they are both the same tanks and interchangeable as well as the air flow control it's also the same on both and great finally here is the Vinci for comparison almost the same size as the drag Model S but a lot more square of course and with a more uncomfortable flat style mouthpiece on the pot as well as pretty much non adjustable air flow to only two settings depending on how you attach the part to the mark [Music] so the drag acts in the drag s are available in a multitude of different colors 7 to be precise the frame the same code on all but the latter grid they have some astonishing colors going on the model acts for 50 dollars in the Model S for 40 dollars yet due to YouTube's policies I can tell you where so you will have to use some Google food to find places selling these as far as the coil heads well they all remain the same like the 0.3 ohm coil head I have in my model ass except the 0.15 on mesh coil I don't know if it was released before but this is my first time vaping it and I have to say so far my favorite these 0.15 old mesh coil have even at the lowest recommended wattage of 60 watts and even at 50 watts with the airflow close down to a tight direct long draw it works amazingly well with great warmth an amazing flavor without a doubt amongst some of the best restricted direct length vibes I've had with a replaceable coil head but if more wattage and more airflow is your thing open up the airflow bump up the wattage because this coil head performs amazingly well throughout its entire range as a matter of fact airflow wide open right now at the maximum wattage 80 watts really dense flavorful and saturated vapor amazing the most amazing aspect to be honest is how it still uses the PNP coil has introduced twin DaVinci that's awesome especially if you already have a bunch of those coil heads and you want to upgrade to be honest I would upgrade comparing both the drag X and the drag s for that matter are both much better devices from an ergonomic standpoint the build quality the leather handles the tanks section and its mouthpiece are so much better than the Vinci performance-wise and controls remain the same though saying the same I mean still a regulated device that trickles down the battery voltage available especially with the Model S which has an internal battery if you are using a very low ohm coil head attached at 60 watts its maximum wattage you still feel the power drop along with the battery so if that's the case by the Model X instead if you vape at higher wattages and by the Model X with again use it with a good battery even at 80 watts the performance drop is a lot less noticeable in comparison to the model has but if you prefer the automatic draw switch then you can only go with the Model S and fortunately yet I would not rely on it why well compared to past devices this automatic draw switch is horrible while pressing the fire button it fires almost with no delay both of these devices the automatic draws switch on the Model S has pretty much half a second delay when you start inhaling and it fails a lot it's very hard to get consistency with this one and depending on the airflow setting too it may fail more or less or easier or harder to activate depending on the air flow settings especially wide open is when I notice that it fails a lot more times with regard to air flow how nice it is to have such a versatile air flow control on an a IO device like this one however the little lever protruding this much means that sometimes it's cut it comes off of its setting inside of my pocket [Music] what about the score system I do understand the reason for a perf canter but a score system where you get more points in badges the more you vape shouldn't have vaping be more about harm reduction and eventually reducing vaping - I don't know this one is kind of hard for me to understand so I really want to hear from you tell me what you think about this core system in the comment section down below I've been thinking about this day after day while I test these devices and me personally I can't come across a valid reason for such feature to exist in my device on a different note though I'm so glad to see our be a mode built-in for an RBA section apparently to be released soon incompatible with compatible with both of these devices as well as a smart recognition of the coil head they were the first introducing with the Vinci if I'm not mistaken and mistaken where the device knows the coil head you have attached and locks you to the wattage range supported by that coil preventing you from going over and potentially burning the coil head in terms of battery and charging capabilities I was able to recharge 10.3 watts our back to the battery so considering it's being used based on a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts it comes up at around two thousand seven hundred and eighty-three milliamps our charges and recharges averaging 1.25 amps and in about two hours I wished it could charge a little faster using a fast charging protocol over the type-c USB port they built onto these devices I also took apart the model as confirming both a nice component assembly nice and clean with a rubber plate on top protecting the board and components as well as the the buttons as well as the presence of a single battery cell furthermore looking at the top section we see they made use of a tiny little microphone that picks the pitch of air passing through then firing the device that's how they built the automatic draw activation on this one so indeed the delay and inconsistent firing with the automatic switch could and should be perfected with a firmware upgrade let's hope so so I love absolutely love the farm factor in the letter reps type-c USB is awesome to the tank section is beautifully designed to clear enough to display the liquid inside and with super-strong magnets it's amazing to see an RBA section mode built in for an upcoming RBA I like how the Model S has the battery capacity in what's our engraved on the bottom the airflow control is amazing the screen is bright yet busy with unnecessary things like the score making the necessary things like resistance and applied voltage extra small and hard to read well I guess we are going over the cons already so be it the score system is in my opinion useless and unnecessary even though I would like to hear your opinion in the comment section down below the screen on my Model S is a little crooked inside not not a big deal but a little so worth to be mentioned the automatic draw switch is the worst they've ever built and needs tweaking finally and once again the material these coil heads are made with isn't stated anywhere [Music] if I was to rate these devices I would still write them a B+ just because they are so much better than the Vinci and with a real adjustable airflow control this time around the only things preventing me from giving it a solid a are the score system wasting space on the screen the inconsistent draw switch the crooked screen on my Model S and well that's that's pretty much it I would still like these devices to boost and over a little more though but so far even if they just tweak things like the automatic draw switch and remove the score system from the screen with the firmware upgrade I'll still give these devices a solid a1 a special opportunity to score a drag X and another special opportunity to score a drag s YouTube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my websites newsletter which you have to be already signed for our sign for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag boo-boo to your comment just to let me know you want to enter and the send newsletter you send every Sunday with the winners for the previous week alright I'm done stay sexy and very porn [Music] you