Review of Wismec R40 AIO Vape Pod Mod

[Music] [Music] what's happening everybody in details beef ups and welcome back to the channel I don't know if with Mack have just been slow releasing new products or if they took offence on my sometimes harsh reviews when something is wrong but I haven't received any new product from them in a rather long time even there are ad a yo-yo with removable 18 650 berry I never got yet it looks like they are back this time releasing the Wiz Mac are 40 and they sent this one to me for review it is supposed to be a lower wattage a i/o device along the same lines as the Rav made to compete with the ever so famous pod mods like the Valpo Vinci in the smoke rpm 40 which have gotten quite popular over the last couple of months inside the box you will receive the are 40 with the honeycomb styled panels in the quality of chosen and with the pod and its protective cap already installed we receive the Quick Start Guide a warranty card two replaceable coil heads that are supposed to be comparable with the RAB as well the full user manual last but not least a lanyard that you can hook up to the device if you want to carry it like that that way the lanyard also doubles as a ruler on the inside as well as a type-a to type-c USB charging cable sort of what Enoch indeed - how cool is then the r40 is a rather small built-in barrier on your device to compete with other pod mods as I mentioned a little on the heavy side but built solid unlike some other with Mac products then our air flow intake holes around the top honeycomb style panels on two sides and the control area on the other side using a color screen down below thank God we have a type-c USB charging and firmware upgrade port the shape of this device is interesting sort of a curvy triangle resembling the reuleaux shape hence the are in the name laptop we have our pod or tank section if you will which is kept in place using magnets to remove it you have to grab it by the corners otherwise all you do is pull out the protective cap which reveals the rather small mouthpiece which is rounded yet not the most comfortable formal on the same cap when detached from the pod can also be clipped to the bottom of the device so you don't end up beneath the pod we have the place for the coil head in three magnets and on the side the fill part covered by a rubber plug inside the mod three magnets - as well as two gold-plated spring-loaded contacts the - Cal has included here are the same used in Drad although I can't confirm if the pod is the same size as I don't own the RA t the coil heads are actually designed and built differently with different fittings in different positioning of our rings however the tank section was designed to take both with step-down different diameter feelings very clever to say the least one is a 0.3 or mesh coil has ready to be fed between 25 and 40 watts and made with the net style coil inside however the material the mesh is made of is not stated which is a corn the other is a 0.8 ohm regular coil head erected to be used between 12 and 20 watts with a much tighter air flow in just a simple run wire vertical coil inside by now you may have noticed the knurling at the bottom that's right both of these coil heads have airflow control rings built onto them this is the perfect example that tells you there's no reason not to build airflow control in other devices especially when you can do it on the coil heads themselves these coil heads installing the plug-in play fashion by the way as always you should prime a new coil head with a few drops of liquid before the first use and only then install the coil into the tank fill it up and vape these filled party is large enough and I haven't had any problems filling and refilling these tanks to be honest finally all you have to do is insert the tank section back into the mods by the way you can replace the tank into the mod without worrying about orientation it will fit and make connection in any direction if you want to use the lanyard you can attach it right here in the corner closer to the tank section the controls protrude nicely the fire button is very clicky and with barely any Machinist the up and down buttons are the same but with a quieter click here we have the usual five clicks on five clicks off of the fire button that is including the date of the firmware installed when you turn the device off this color screen is not the brightest and the tinted cover is highly reflective we have displayed the attached resistance battery bar very percentage locked or unlocked wattage spinning wheel of some sort around the water in time of the puffs as well as puff counter three clicks of the fire button will lock the up and down buttons but still allow you to fight which is nice then three clicks again two and lock them with the up and down buttons you can adjust the wattage in one Watts increments from one watt up to 40 watts it does not round-robin but it does scroll super fast holding all buttons together will reset the perf counter holding both up and down together will let you access the menu where you can enable and disable the smart mode which is essentially the mode predicting the best recommended wattage for the coil head you just installed though you can still adjust the wattage below or beyond the suggested wattage you also have puffs where you will have a 7-day chart of your puffs as well as the ability to clear the puff counter to call it allows you to choose a different color for some of the items on the screen yet I keep mine blue to match the panels anyway ID check is the device's ID you can use these to verify its authenticity default like the name says is used to reset the device's default settings finally exit which brings you back to the main working screen to charge and recharge this device all you need is a type-c USB cable you can still vape it while it's charging low here is the r40 side-by-side with the valve in qi then here it's right next to the smoke RPM for the pod mod which I do believe started this whole pod mod saga to be honest [Music] so the Wisma cart for the AIO which is available in five different colors for around forty five dollars though due to YouTube's policies you'll have to search yourself and find places selling it it's a cute little kit to be honest with some nice aspects and two different car heads that have adjustable airflow integrated as well there is already an RBA coil head listed on their website to which I would love to try out - the coil heads actually vibe really nice more so does 0.3 or mesh coil head it doesn't stack up against the Vinci or the RPM coil heads but a nice performance under less the 0.3 or mesh coil head still brings the nuances I'm expecting from the liquids I used anyway and the adjustable airflow allows me to close it down as much as I want like for instances 3/4 of the way which is where I feel the flavor is at its best even at the maximum wattage the coil can handle there the draw is a restrictive direct line draw just the way I like the 0.8 ohm coil has ok flavor compared to the mesh but it's a lot more restrictive which makes it almost as flavorful than the mesh coil head when I close the airflow down a little more than half the throat head even with 6 milligram freebase nicotine is perfect for me and almost feels like 9 milligrams to be honest even closing the airflow little more trying to get a tighter mouth along draw out of it it's a very sloppy mouthful and draw honestly I would still direct like this 0.8 ohm regular coil head it would be nice to see an actual mouthful and coil head released for this system perhaps the RBA will allow that depending on the build we throw in there however I don't have the RBI section yet to be able to assess that the construction of this device actually feels nice in the hand it looks like a funky triangular shape but it actually sits very nice nicely in the hand although because the two side panels actually protrude just a little more than the fire button sometimes I feel that is kind of hard to find the fire button without looking at the device having a type-c USB is great the 0.96 inch color screen is nice and it has all the information we need yet it's very deemed to the tinted panels and almost impossible to see anything on the screen outside in daylight I'm still most fascinated about the coil heads and how they've built adjustable air flow on them it just goes to prove when they really want they can find a way to do it instead of releasing something like the RPM 40 and the Vinci with none - barely no adjustable air flow as far as its internal battery it's a 1610 million power capacity battery recharges averaging 1.5 amps and reason why it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to recharge not bad for this size of Barry [Music] so I'm fascinated about the air flow built onto the coil heads themselves and how great it works even the RBA looks like it has adjustable air flow to the size and form factor are great too the build quality is solid and feels substantial though a little on the slippery side having type-c USB is a must these days and we have it here it fires with barely any delay there is a color screen and the ability to disable the smart model if we want a cap to protect the pot that we can even attach to the bottom to prevent us from losing it overall a well-thought-out device on the downside though this screen is way too dim the mouthpiece while nice and comfortable because it's so curvy feels a little odd still due to its curvature when I try to mouth along because it's probably too wide sometimes when the screen is off the firing delay is about half a second Leslie the positioning at the USB charging port down at the bottom and this may be a subjective one but I mostly like to keep my devices upright even when they are recharging if I had to rate this one I'm still ready to be plus they did well on this pod mod if you want to call it that it had it had a brighter screen and maybe some real mouth long coil has available it would have been a solid a perhaps if the RBA is really good I could go that high yet again I haven't experienced the RBA yet one a special opportunity to score one of these YouTube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platforms of it will be conducted externally through my websites newsletter which you have to be already signed for or signed for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag quiz back to your comment just to let me know you want to enter and this a newsletter you send every Sunday with the winners for the previous week all right I'm done stay sexy and very pond [Music] you