🔥Tips on How to Make Cheap Vape Coils|Coil Building 101

no I don't wanna do a pod today is not

sponsored and today is not a pod kit

video it's not but whether it's a pod

kit or an r/t like this one over here

both of them use the same thing coils

and replacement coils the pre-made ones

can get pretty expensive now keep an

open mind don't think like oh no there's

no way I can build a coil you can can

it's so freakin a simple let me show you

I'm gonna show you two different ways

the easy way in the easier way either

way it's gonna be dirt cheap pennies

pennies for a coil trust me everything

will be okay it's all good it's all good


it's the last one let me treat it with

care here we go again one more time

three years later


tiny pliers tiny wire cutters these

aren't like super necessary but just

like to use them

is there a little screwdriver and

organic has to mean it has to be organic


I'm keeping things cheap I'm keeping it

real cheap and this is as cheap as I can

find it


so this is a spaced oil it doesn't have

to be perfect just spaced

no batteries I don't want to risk

turning stand on while I'm working on it

wanted to positive 1 and negative

tighten it down


and clip off the ends be careful this

stuff can go flying batteries in I don't

need to fire a gun out just for show

space quails don't hit to be fried dry

fired but I'd do it just to get rid of

some of the schmutz is better on the

wire this RT is actually pretty good

forgiving it so I haven't had too many

issues with the amount of cotton I stuff

into this this amount did work out very

well for me I like to thin out the

cotton this is how I do it not a

necessary step just something I like to

do so here I put on the e-liquid first

and then I'm gonna stuff it into this

little tiny holes that are on the deck

with this I do find it easier to wet the

cotton with the liquid first before

stuffing it in so this next coil this

one this is just a standard coil and

it's not spaced I'm trying to get these

as close as possible it's not gonna be


this one will need to be fixed later

once I put it on the mod I'm gonna need

heat to fix this one



it's not gonna fire evenly these never

do not a big deal

I just lately strum it yeah that's the

word I lightly strum it squeeze it fire

it until it's heating perfectly from the

inside out and these are ceramic

tweezers don't use metal see this time I

put in the dry cotton into the holes and

then I got it wet either way either way

it works so that's yet I hope this

helped in some way if you're not

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next I'm gonna be a pot kid I bet you

can't wait