🔥TOP 10 BEST VAPE KIT for 2020 |Pen Kit Mod Kit Review

what's up inside is deuces jacket vaping insider.com today we're gonna go over the best starter kits of 2020 if you're a newbie looking for a starter kit don't buy one until you see this video coming in at number 10 we have the punic in a depth slide kick this may be the best kit on the market for people transitioning over from cigarettes it has a legitimate mouth too long draw it's super simple to use and very flavorful it even has a smart feature where it can tell which coil you actually have installed then again what would you expect from fill basado and demetria vaping Greek fill and Dimitri basically made an idiot-proof setup for the newbie just getting into vaping the Adept has a 3000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery 2 amp internal charging is on deck it is ip67 rated shockproof waterproof and dustproof it has a 17 watt maximum output the tank is 22 millimeters in diameter it has a 2 ml juice capacity the kit is available in black purple sky camel white and ocean coming in at number nine we have the vapor s o target Mini 2 kit I have to admit I own the original target and I really wasn't a big fan of it it just seemed to me pretty useless to have a mod at that size at the point in time that I actually reviewed it then again when that mod came out a few years ago Nick salts really were in a thing now with people getting into the higher nicotine juices and more of a mouth to longmate I had to rethink my position on the target line of mods I have to say I'm impressed with the power to size ratio on this kit and I'm also impressed with the flavor that I get off of this VM it's a nice compact kit that is super easy to carry if you're a beginner just starting out this is a pretty easy system to get to know the nice thing about this kit is it comes with a quality chipset that really packs a lot of tech into a small package you have the Omni 4.2 chipset onboard this kit measures in at 107 point one by thirty seven point two by twenty five point seven millimeters it has a 2000 milliamp hour internal rechargeable battery the kit has a 50 watt maximum output and it will fire down to point zero 3 ohms the VM 22 tank measures in at 22 millimeters in diameter it has a 2 ml capacity in the kit you get a 1 ohm C cell coil and a point 6 ohm mesh coil at the 8 spot we have the Innokin go max kit this mod made the list just because of its simplicity all you really have to do is add juice push the button and you're vaping no settings no nothing and the tank that is included is probably the best disposable tank on the market you just get a really high quality vape of a very affordable throw away kit please remember this is not a Malka lung setup this is for somebody that likes direct lung vaping it's also a pretty affordable kit for those who have never DL vape but would like to try it you can get a DL vaping experience with this kit without coming out of pocket a lot of money in order to try out something you're not really sure you're gonna like or not it's also perfect for the vapor that needs a knock around mod that they just don't care about the imaging go max kit has a 3000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery maximum wattage output is 80 watts tank itself is 29 millimeters in diameter it has a 5.5 ml capacity and it's made out of plastic construction that is fully disposable coming in at number seven we got the blue Pooh Vincey funny thing is first time I got a hold of this mod was in ECC in California I got it right around the same time I got the smoke rpm for tea both are really nice kits but I definitely like the build quality and the flavor on the Vincey over the RPM 40 I actually did a shootout between the two and while I did like the RPM 40 the Vincey just seemed to edge it out in every category the nice thing about da Vinci is its draw activated or button activated you have a point nine six inch color TFT display it measures in at 104 by twenty five point three by twenty five point three millimeters it has a 1500 milliamp hour rechargeable battery and it will do a maximum of 40 watts in the kit you will get a point 3 ohm mesh coil good for 32 to 40 watts you'll also get a point 8 ohm dual coil that's the mouth 2 long coil good for 12 to 18 watts coming in at number 6 we have the vapor sop m80 you saw the target Mini 2 on the list so you know the target PMAT had to be on the listed as well I think this is a more compact setup you get higher wattage and it's also a better chipset when compared to the target mini tube I like everything about this mod from the way it vapes to the awesome power to size ratio on I love the coils on this mod and the longevity of the coils as well as the flavor I get off of them this is just a fantastic little kit for somebody who is just getting started it's also a great kit for the experienced vapor that needs something small and compact to carry around the PM 80 is powered by the vapor s o axon chipset it measures in at 102 by twenty four point eight by thirty three point four millimeters it's what I consider an all-in-one device it has a built in 2000 milliamp our rechargeable battery it has a maximum wattage output of 80 watts it will fire down 2.1 ohms and the e-liquid capacity is 4m ELLs it also features a color 0.96 inch TFT display in the kit you get a point to own mesh coil good for 45 to 60 watts and a point 3 ohm mesh coil good for 32 to 45 minutes coming in at number 5 we have the smoke rpm 80 kit I picked the smoke rpm 80 to crack the top 5 because I felt like smoke really went back to the drawing board on this one and came up with a winner I love the power to size ratio on this and the color screen on this one is just gorgeous it's bright it's vivid it's easy to read and all lighting conditions this little kick does 80 watts and it actually comes with two pods one pod actually has adjustable airflow and it takes the all new are GC coils which are the higher wattage coils available for this kit the other pod has no adjustable airflow yet it takes all the existing smoke rpm 40 coils there is also an existing optional RBA head available for the kit that I have not tried yet so you have three options you have the new coils the RPM coils and an RBA option the smoke rpm AE measures in at 109 by 30 1.5 v by 26 millimeters it has a 3000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery maximum wattage output is 80 watts it has a point nine six inch color LED display 5 ml juice capacity it's available in blacks tabloid Rebs tabloid gold blue black and white resin green boat and black carbon fiber coming in at number four we got the lost Orion Loess lost they had a tough act to follow on their old G Orion line one of the biggest complaints on the og was that the coils were not replaceable and you were forced to throw the whole pod out well lost VAP heard you and Boyd De Anza they took everything great about the og and incorporated a swappable coil system oh yeah did I mention that this one has the evolved DNA go board in it that's right you get all the performance and accuracy you expect from an involved tip set in a small little package not to mention that it's fully customizable via evolves proprietary software Easter Egg the Orion Plus measures in at 93 by 37 by 13.5 millimeters it does have a 950 milliamp hour rechargeable battery maximum wattage output is 22 watts out of the box there are five power levels included you get white red blue yellow and purple in the kit there's a point 2 5 ohm Orion plus mesh coil and a point 5 on Orion plus regular coil coming in at the three spot we got lucky King Aegeus mini kit when I first got this kid I was like really do we need another Aegis but I got to admit man this kid grew on me I love the Aegis form factor I love the look add to that it's the immunity of size and you've got yourself a winner the power to size ratio on this one is really nice I haven't even mentioned the fact that the mod itself is bulletproof it's ip67 rated to be dust water and shockproof it also includes what I consider one of the best mid-range mesh tanks on the market right now the Cerberus tank is very flavorful and it has the perfect coil parameters for a mod with this type of power this kit is a nice easy carry that will give you a high quality bait it has a 2200 milliamp hour rechargeable battery maximum wattage output is 80 watts the tank is 25 millimeters in diameter you get four MLS with the straight glass 5.5 M ELLs width of bubble coming in at the number 2 spot we have the Innokin proton mini I love this mod strictly for its power to size ratio I mean this little thing does a hundred and twenty watts just phenomenal it has a nice vivid bright color screen as well as an easy menu system a big bonus with this system is the tank it comes with in my opinion the Ajax is one of the best mid-range tanks for flavor on the market right now I love the coil system for the Ajax tanks the flavor is fantastic and the coil life on this tank is exceptional the proton mini measures in at 120 by 45 by 30 millimeters it has a 3400 milliamp hour rechargeable battery it has a 120 watt maximum output the tank itself is 24 millimeters in diameter you get five ml's with the bubble two MLS with the straight glass coming in at the one spot we have the Innokin MVP 5 the thing that put this kit in the number one spot is the battery you will get an all day vape no matter what why did you vape that it's got so much battery capacity it even doubles as an external charger employing the included wrist strap as your charge cable the MVP 5 measures in at 141 by 53 by 27 millimeters it has a 5200 milliamp hour battery with a maximum wattage output of a hundred when he Watts of course you also get the awesome Ajax tank in this kit that I already went over in the number two spot be sure to click the link down below in the top comment in order to join our Facebook group for more exclusive behind-the-scenes content don't forget insiders click the thumbnail right here to watch our best vape mods of 2020 video and that's it inside us that's all I got for you today you keep living that vape life we're out of here deuces


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