🔥 Vaporesso Target PM30 Vape Pod Mod Review

[Music] [Music] [Music] what's happening everybody i'm digital speakers and welcome back to the channel vaporesso really surprised a lot of us to say the least with their great target pm80 series of aio devices lots of options great coil heads compatible all across just an overall great platform system yet they still released another one focused on mouth-to-lung and simplicity the vaporesso target pm30 it's a lot more simple of a device so this video will be more focused in the entire pm family and the differences between each one of them with the pm30 kit you receive the target pm30 device with the pod and coil head already pre-installed this is the flashy rainbow colored one by the way you receive an extra pod you receive two extra coil heads so a total of three coil hands here how great is that you receive an authenticity verification paper a coil head installation warning card a warranty card the user manual also a little bottle for you to carry your liquid with you for refills on the go last but not least a nicely braided type a to type c usb charging cable so here we have the target pm80 the full review of which can be found on the channel it's a small little 80 watt aio with a nice color screen removable tank that uses gtx style coil heads adjustable airflow via rubber plugs you plug into the airflow intake holes a nice form factor yet with a built-in battery and still a micro usb charging port then we have the target pm80se which uses a single replaceable 18650 battery instead of an internal battery and it reverted back to a boring black and white screen interface though using the same pods or tanks if you will using the same plug-and-play gtx style coil heads yet with the same adjustable airflow adjusted via rubber plugs you plug into the airflow ports not an elegant solution but it gets the job done still though with the micro usb charging port too you can also find the review on the channel for this one by the way now we get this little device well by little i mean skinny because it is still rather tall it utilizes an internal and non-serviceable battery also rather than having a screen it now has a single operation button with an led ring around it and constant output i will explain that in just a moment yet even though it uses the same gtx style coil heads which is great it uses a different style tank which is better in some areas even the charging port is now finally a type c usb port instead of type b micro usb thank god the tank section is now different of course as this is a skinnier device it's rather tinted and with an integrated non-removable mouthpiece and attaches magnetically to the mod it uses the same plug-and-play style gtx coil heads that all these devices do but where's the fill part you may ask the fill part is right here at the top slide the mouthpiece area to the side and voila we have a top fill valve much like what we've seen them doing on past devices and even some of their pod systems it's a valve style top fill part where all you have to do is push the bottle tip against it squeeze the bottle and fill the tank up as easy as that to be fair i kind of wish they have done the same style of fill part on the other devices all across the series this is so nice and so convenient as far as coil heads are concerned we get three here amazing isn't it when is the 0.6 ohm mesh coil head i have reviewed before it is the same exact coil head rated to be vaped between 20 and 30 watts using a net style coil inside sadly none of these have the coil material mentioned with chisel con the second coil head is their regular 1.2 ohm coil head which i revealed before too a coil had initially designed for mouth lung but a coil have i said provides more of a tight direct lung or a way to lose mouth and lung vape using just simple round wire and rated to be between 8 and 12 watts finally we have the introduction of a new 1.2 ohm coil head this time a mesh one still rated pretty close between 7 and 11 watts but look inside with a lot tighter airflow especially when i bring back the regular 1.2 ohm coil head and you see them both side by side so i'm really excited to try this new coil head to be honest let me prime this coil head with two or three drops of e-liquid inside then install the coil head paying attention to the flat sides and the lining them before pushing the coil head in now i can simply slide the top section area out of the way and fill it up fill it all the way up then just attach the tank to the mod it is kept in place extremely well with barely any play the operation of this device is a very simple with a single fire button that is both round and clicky with barely any mushiness we have the usual five clicks on five clicks off and an led light around the fire button that will light up in one of the three different colors letting you know how much battery charge you have left additionally you can also adjust the power output from three different available levels by pressing the fire button three times that's right three different constant output power levels that we provide different wattage depending on the coil head attached here in the manual is the chart of the three different wattage output settings for two of their coil heads the 0.6 and the 1.2 ohm coil head and applies to both 1.2 ohm coil heads by the way yet from all the gtx coil heads they have available they didn't list the power output for the lower on coil heads i know why though that's because with a 0.3 ohm coil head you actually get up to 30 watts of power output which is what this device is rated for but not for a long time with low ohm coil heads the performance drops along with the battery last but not least when it comes to charging this device we finally have a type c usb charging cable thankfully you can also vape this one while it's charging remember the target pm80 and the pm80 se have some form of airflow adjustability using rubber plugs that you can plug either inside or outside the pm30 doesn't have airflow control so the coil head you choose to use will dictate the kind and amount of airflow you will receive with that particular coil head that's why i feel like it is really important for me to try this new 1.21 mouthful and mesh coil head so the target pm family now with the addition of a more simplified device the pm30 and it is available in six different colors for thirty dollars this was more of a show-and-tell summary type of video this time going over the entire target pm family because to be honest other than the new 1.20 mesh coil head there's not much else to cover that i haven't already done in reviews for these other devices and oh boy let me tell you do you vape mouth lung if so no matter if you buy this pm30 or you already own any of the other target pm devices this is it so far i can say it's the holy grail of mouthful and coil heads the trophy is perfect with perfect warmth and absolutely amazing flavor i will go as far as saying the best flavor today that you will get from a replaceable mouthful and coil head it doesn't even compare to their regular 1.2 ohm coil head they nailed this one though it's not the tightest mouth-lung vape you will have it's a little on the loose side which for me is fine but i would like it to be just a smidge tighter as it stands and as of today the gtx 1.2 mesh coil head is my favorite replaceable coil head in the market for mouth lung vaping they nailed it it would be nice to see the same kind of tank for the pm80 and the pm80se though i mean this top fuel system is just so much more convenient than a plug at the bottom of the tank and doesn't even require you to pull out the tank to refill the top fill section actually clicks in place both closed and open the pm30 is the simplest device out of the three there's no doubt yet they still went above and beyond and build three constant power output modes depending on the coil head attached just don't go with any lower than 0.6 ohms this is not the device for that it can't keep up and the performance drops significantly not really that much to fault this device for as a simple device perhaps other than the fact that they could have built in an automatic draw switch battery wise it has a 1263 milliamp hour capacity battery and recharges averaging at 0.74 amps and that is the reason it takes about two hours to do so if i was to rate this pm30 i would rate it a b it's good enough now the 1.20 mesh mouth along coil head though i would rate it out of this world for flavor warmth and 12th heat want a special opportunity to score a pm80 and a pm 30. as you may already know youtube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my website's newsletter which you have to be already signed for or sign for right now with the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add vaporesso to your comment just to let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter is sent every sunday with the winners for the previous week all right i'm done stay sexy and vape on [Music] you