šŸ”„Vaporesso Target PM80 Vpae System Review

what's up inside is how you guys doing today deuces jacket vaping insider today we're going over another vapor wrestle pod /a i/o kit check it out I'm talking about the vapor rƩseau PM 80 se I know I know you're probably saying medusa's you already reviewed the PM 80 that's right I reviewed the PM 80 I never reviewed the PM 80s baby this one takes a single 18 650 before we get into the video click the link down below in the top comment in order to join our Facebook group let's check out the vapor rƩseau PM 80s edition check that bad boy out huh it's kind of neat looking right look at that loving that blue man that blue and the material on there it's so nice and smooth and it goes great with that I don't know gunmetal kind of look right that's where you get your airflow that there is your micro USB port right there okay nice nice clicky fire button up and down button a little bit of vapor Esso branding you can see that the metal part is a bit of a fingerprint magnet I don't mind it though because I just love the sleek look of this thing alright on the bottom you got some venting right there you can see battery door right there like that alright gold-plated contacts black-on-black battery markings that's a bad job okay there's your gold-plated battery contact down the tube there's a spring-loaded gold-plated one as well and I don't know if you can see it but there is a red plus sign down there so good job on that alright now if you take the pot out just like that you can see you got two gold-plated contacts two very strong magnets listen to that man huh wow that's a nice strong magnet I like that and that pod don't move there's no wiggle there's no nothing to it alright fixed drip tip on the pie but with a 5-10 type of bore to it I wish it was a real 510 driptip that would have been nice now when you get your pod you're gonna have this little sticker right here okay peel that off all right and don't forget you get two of these pots so that's a nice job by vapor wrestle because what I like about getting two is the fact that you could run the RBA in one you could run them out too long in one you can run a different coil in another one keep it in your pocket right and when that tank is low you can just swap out I like that or if you just want to change the type of vape you're doing you can swap that out I like that a lot - nice strong magnets over here there's your fill port right there this is where your coil goes also included in the kit you get a vapor Esso target PMA TSE user manual you get a warranty card some air flow restrictors a spare pod tank two coils are in the kit micro USB cable a rather nice one you get an anti-counterfeiting card and you get this vapor rƩseau coil card now before we go over the coils look at the card right here you can see it says the 0.2 own quill is good for 45 to 60 watts best at 55 the point 3 ohm coil is good for 32 to 45 watts best at 40 okay both of them are mesh coils check that out alright you can see it's a little small for a mesh coil it's not a bad coil I've tried it it's okay honestly my favorite coil in the kid is this one the point to old mesh look at that bad boy man it vapes very similar to the 0.15 ohm mesh coil and the drag X kit that I really like okay this one is very similar in flavor and cloud production they are also compatible with each other kind of cool man I like that I like the versatility these are how your coils will come packaged in the aftermarket these are all of them you have the 0.6 on good for 20 to 30 watts you have the 1.2 ohm good for 8 to 12 watts that's your mouth the Leung coil you have your point to own good for forty five to six my personal favorite and you have your point a dome mesh coil good for 12 to 20 watts okay you get five coils in a box I have vaped on all of them this is definitely my favorite one also available as an option is the GTX RB a coil section check this thing out all right pop it open just like so you get some cotton in a bag just like that there is your RBA section we're gonna go over that in a second you get a blue screwdriver with some tiny I mean tiny single wire quails not my jam man the whole RV a base is very small let me show you the RBA base I had two of these I am running one right now all right but let me show you what it looks like nothing crazy here just tiny tiny big pain in the neck to build on really round wire builds need only apply it would be very tough to get a Clapton in that dairy you juice ports right there all right bottom airflow very very tough to build on I know some people like these things I'll be honest with you I'm not gonna build on this thing because it's just it's just way too tiny man I don't feel like messing with it I really don't i think the coils that they made for this are so good that I wouldn't even if I owned this thing I wouldn't even mess with the RBA you get these little air flow restrictors right here okay and what you do is these things plug in to the airflow slots over here and cut down the airflow you know you kind of gotta play around with them see what you like I mean if you want you can take these and cut pieces off of them if you want to if you only want to block like two out of three holes or something like that you can you can only block off one side if you want to I mean there's a lot of variations but it's a pain in the neck to mess with as opposed to just putting like a like something here where I could slide it back and forth and adjust the airflow I would have rather have seen that let me show you how to install the coil will use my favorite one the point two ohm coil what you want to do is you see that little flat side on the coil right there it's hard to see it's not as distinguishable as say a smoke coil but there is a flat side there you want to line up that flat side like that so your airflow is facing outwards so you're getting maximum airflow right then you actually fill it up you plug this thing back in just like so and now you're ready to vape alright and I have to say this has been pretty dry I haven't gotten a lot of condensation I haven't gotten a lot of leaking let me show you the color I've been rocking I'm kind of digging that really really nice alright let's go over the menu system now all right up and down buttons right here all right you can see it Scrolls in half watt increments all the way up to 80 watts alright you do have a battery bar here with a numerical percentage inside the numerical percentage isn't the easiest to see there's your resistance there's your puff counter your wattage now you can see mine says I'm in smart mode I'll go over that in a minute and on the screen it says best from 45 to 60 and I really like that feature about the smart mode because let me show you something right see it's at 80 watts right watch so you pop back down to 55 so I don't accidentally burn my coil that's awesome now you see it's at 55 right I'm gonna put the mouth to lung coil in it right now check this out see it dropped down the 10 awesome right isn't that awesome I love that feature I actually keep it in smart mode all the time man fantastic feature so now in order to get into the menu system you hit the plus and minus button together alright now you can see the different modes you got smart variable wattage variable voltage default is basically a factory reset and exit okay if you put it in smart mode you hit the power button it acts as you smart mode on or off hit the power button to confirm and you're in smart mode do the same thing with all the other menu choices okay if you hit the if you hit the - and the fire button together it'll give you all your chipset information if you hit the + and the fire button together it flips the screen hit it again to flip it back okay and that's it that's the whole menu system baby let me give you one last look at both of them all put together pretty nice man definitely definitely diggin it I like this one but the blue is beautiful as well just wanted to give you a quick size comparison and I thought that the drag axe is perfect to compare it to because the coils are compatible alright I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna lie I like I dig the looks of the drag acts better I think it looks a little bit more masculine okay I'm not saying that I don't like the looks of the PMAT I do I just this is just more my jam but they both perform extremely similar to each other alright they're very similar and form factor if you want drag X performance and you like this rapper better definitely get yourself a vapor sop m-80s ii they are extremely similar let's get after those cons and pros we're gonna start off with x as usual first kind is gonna be that fixed drip tip it's a 5-10 type bore but it's fixed I don't mind it it's comfortable but I know some people like to rock their own drip tips I don't know why they couldn't make it a 510 it's a nitpicky con but it's a con that adjustable airflow I showed you that adjustable airflow down low it's kind of weak kind of weak man I mean I would have rather have seen a vu pƔdraig X kind of adjustable airflow vapor s oh you're definitely capable of that why do I gotta mess around with these little plastic tabs and everything like that no no no vapor s oh you should have thought that out a little better it's a con black battery markings black on black battery markings gonna start doing cons for that again it's a con you guys got to make that more distinguishable and the last kind is gonna be no type-c charging yes it has quick charging at two amps but it's not Type C all my stuff all my wires around my house are type C I want type C charging going forward so that's it on the Khans nothing crazy no deal breakers let's move on to the pros cuz this one's got a ton and I mean a ton of pros I'm diggin this little kid first pro is gonna be nice nice bright display well laid out fonts a little too small for me but I can see it I got to give him a pro for it it scrolls fast and it Scrolls in half watt increments it takes a single 18 650 enough said I love I love the power to size ratio on this thing man it's slim I love it it's a beauty love carrying this mod all pros it's got a nice capacity you get two pods in the kit nice job vapor s oh I like those clicky buttons on it too amp charging yes I got to give them credit for having adjustable airflow even though I don't like the way they did it I'm glad there's some form of adjustment we got to give them a pro for that it's got some nice build quality that pod the way that pod sticks in there man that those magnets big big Pro I like it it feels solid in there no pod wobble no nothing beautiful job vapor s oh it fires fast you can put a little inside jacket pocket front jeans pocket bag pocket you're good to go it's pocketable I got to say man I love this coil system it's compatible with vu poopy NP coils you guys know how I feel about that point one five coil I got the point two ohm vapor wrestle coil in here right now at 55 watts and smart mode check it out oh yeah man the flavor on this thing is just bangin now I got the 1.2 ohm coil in here at 10 watts check it out no air flow restrictors i'm not running any it's a very loose mouth to lung you put the air flow restrictors in there you can get a decent mouth to lung but the flavor for 10 watts is on point these coils are fantastic that's the point that's the pro baby let's run this thing through our five-star rating system in the looks category it's slim it's sleek it's sexy I love the power to size ratio on it it's pocketable I'm giving them a solid 4 stars in the next category we're talking about quail performance I told you already I love the coil system for this pod it's compatible with vu pou P and P coils so you got lots of choices on where you can get coils it's got an RBA section what the hell else do you want it's a great job by vapery so they're getting four and a half stars in this category as far as the air flow goes very very smooth airflow I like it I don't like the adjustment design that they went with I wish they would have done something similar to the drag X with that metal piece I think they had the room to do something like that I don't like those little plastic pieces as far as the air flow range goes without those plastic pieces you can get anywhere depending on the coil that you're using from a very loose mouth to lung to a loose direct lung hit once you stop playing around with those air flow restrictor pieces you can definitely dial it in but who wants to bother with that nonsense in the airflow category I'm just giving them a point above average I'm giving them 3.5 in the value category I've been seeing this thing anywhere from 29 to 39 make sure you shop around you get it under 30 bucks I think it's a really good value for the price that you're paying for it if you're in the under $50 range like the 45 $48 range it gets a little iffy as far as the price goes we're gonna give them three and a half stars in the value category we're gonna add all these stars up we're going to come up with a total star count of fifteen and a half stars we're gonna take those fifteen and a half stars we're gonna divide them by four to come up with a total star score of 3.875 and I gotta tell you I love this thing okay it vapes very similar to the vu Padraig X the only reason I like the drag X a little better is I think it it feels a little bit more premium I like the look of the drag X a little better not saying this looks bad I just think when you put them side-by-side looks-wise the drag X kind of edges it out but they VAP very very similar to each other make no mistake about it no matter which one you pick you cannot go wrong with either one let's get into some of the specs on the vapor sop m-80s e-edition it measures in at 1 21 point 3 by twenty four point eight by thirty three point eight millimeters it has a point nine one inch o LED display 80 watt maximum output 4 ml capacity and it takes a single 18 650 battery in the kit you will get two pods a point to own mesh coil good for 45 to 60 watts and a point six own mesh coil good for 20 to 30 watts there is a point 3 ohm a point 8 ohm and a 1.2 ohm coil that is optional there's also an optional RBA base don't forget inside is head on over to our vaping inside a community over on Facebook where 11,000 strong it's very civil very newbie friendly and very active the feed over there flies I'm there all the time I'd love to see you there we also started a brand new vaping inside a reddit sub forum I'd like to see you there as well and that's it inside is that's all I got for you guys today you keep living at vape life we're out of here deuces