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ah jared is welcome to another video we are here inside of a new video on YouTube okay oh no this is the same one anyways I got a question for you we sell juice here right near Quadra if I had to ask you what our best selling juices work or would they be okay did he just say stay salt he did this thing so we cannot disrespect the brand like that I used to be stay salty all right it didn't stay salty it is now profit premium anyways the reason I brought this up is because today we're talking about the profit premium bars you know what I'm saying these are not okay not the bars these are the pluses these are the plus I've never seen half of these flavors before is it just for them or are they going to come out with a strawberry cake too cuz that's a shit loss I have no idea but these awesome new disposables along with their signature line that we sell a crap ton on they're all on the website now we're getting ready try them out right here on camera give you guys a little heads up a little like this might be what you want this might be what you don't want no I'm saying look here these things hold three point two milliliters juice we got a bunch of different flavors here what we got here we got on apple burst straw melon twist fruity bubblegum tropical blue raspberry strawberry cupcake blueberry lemon drops now this is profit Premium Plus okay this is the plus bars these should be big batteries should be big and everything now there's this trend where everybody and my mom in the vape industry released a puff bar-like device right a a disposable is what we call them now everybody is coming out with a quest bar yeah and I've heard rumors of and I've seen a couple they double Plus bars coming in literally the size of norm not bigger all right is this the future of vaping are we going to see before the end of the year a disposable hundred watt modest so if I came in here and you had well I think of an of an aegis an Aegis boost right yep keep that image in your head if I come in here and you have a disposable with that big thirty bucks uh-huh but it lasted me more than a week we're right at like seven days I would buy the absolute thirty bucks sounds like a lot I'm spending ten almost almost every day in 30 bucks right that's what I'm thinking like seriously I've seen some of these prototypes for the new ones that are come now I mean there's another wave of disposables that will be coming out that are even bigger than the plus there don't look like disposables they look like little pod systems or pod system is having something simple and easy in your bra now being simple and easy right I don't have to change a coil alright to fill this up I don't have to think about what kind of flavor I wanted just walking or shit oh you got strawberry okay I swear the next round they're gonna be as big as soda cans and they're gonna be outer wads with mail tanks it's a sixty Watts you just chuck clouds all week long I don't want to know okay well we're not there yet this right here the plus bars I think are the perfect size because they are a little bit bigger than their initial round it makes more sense financially to use these three three point two millions of juice that's more juice than any disposable I've ever seen that right yeah pretty sure it's a lot it's it's a whole bag online so I offer premium we love these guys stay salty that the proper premium juice it does really really good online in here in the store we've got high hopes for this stuff let's try it out let's go pineapple burst here and straw mail and twist here let's open these up what's the inside this box look like nice nice good quality I like a see-through down here I like how they make the packaging the same colors it / flavor I like yeah such absolutely you use the same into the buck and the actual bucket oh yeah these I love the the profit premium to stay soft eat new design it looks good it looks clean oh yeah these look good looks really good I really like the mouthpiece um and even though they're bigger they don't look like a batteries you know what I mean yeah I like how they're long what's it say we skip too far ahead sorry it's a powerful burst pineapple burst okay I'm gonna get a good close-up pineapple burst ear this is the Plus version if you've ever bought like a can of crushed pineapple yeah it's like baking tops yeah you know my mom would always be making some type of salad with that bolster so I bought this tastes just like fresh fresh pineapple love it gotta love it this is to profit the company right why is this not a normal flavor in that shit that's it neither that is so good give me one more puff here okay I want to see this light look at that that is that is awesome which one you got over here okay I have the strong melon twit strong melon twist now this is one they do have in the regular juice so let's see how it compares straw melon twists profit premium blends puff was good it tastes exactly like the actual G really and I'm amazed at how smooth it is like it's 5% it doesn't feel like I'm saying feels like a like a thirty or something yeah I got off track it and distracted us a lot the airflow and these are awesome is therefore good the mouthpiece is so comfortable and I like how they kept it in like with some of these they get a little fatter than the tip stooping right I just like you somehow nice for driving or anything so that was a very smart decision here this is this is bigger than your average disposable but instead of going super fat like a lot of them have it's almost longer longer which allows them to have that smaller mouthpiece which you can still hold on to so I it's nice so the flavor on that with strong my own twist the theme buddy's ever tried that flavor it tastes just like it just like it it's like really really good yeah let old Jarrett here give it a little Chooch yeah yeah just straw melon - it's just like up next we're gonna do the tropical blue raspberry over here - Jarek and fruity bubblegum - cage get this thing open man I'm excited for this you like bubble gum flutter of bubble gum but I haven't found one I actually really like I then totally totally yeah have you tried a lot of bubble gum disposables no this is the first one so exactly right so I don't think I've heard one I respect that they want a pink right yeah no pain all right let's give it a go is the smell like was it smell like I was like up above no no I like what's the what's the yellow one with the blue means double Buffy thought that was a now hubba bubba is not that double bubble is the traditional what comes in the thing it's like alright rounder than mine you like tape it off I could tape dispensers is that that's how about yeah okay okay [Music] this tastes like man is this good bubble gum is it a sugary bubble gum or is it just how it is nice that's the best only thing I want to know is it chalky it is but in a really really good way that's like I'm sure yeah it's like a sugar you talking right holy shit I can tell you're like legitimately impressed by that it's so good what what flavor is bubble gum supposed to be it's like its own thing man sweet I've never seen anybody react that way to a bubble gum flavor usually it's like man how about better no that's good is that good that's really freaky good nice I'm surprised I still I can't get over the light that's that's one of the coolest looking like something on the end or which one you open it up around Trump allure is tropical blue raspberry oh why is the brown but like beds I mean it's kind of orange but it's also kind of brown by the way I don't think we're done this year there's a real up-close look at the device here so profit premium plus 5% nicotine these things look good they look clean I just wanted to make sure as you well yeah I just want to make sure I showed every angle of this because a lot of times when we do the disposables we just we just start sucking on them and we don't really talk about them so and the tip look at that tip geez that too all right give us a puff on tropical blue raspberry now that chase Bob on the regular juice tastes like a peach and raspberry right now this getting a little bit of pineapple Oh which one's better which one you are you liking more which one you lean in towards bub oh man towards this one really I think it has pineapple blue raspberry it's a smoother in the peach it's a little bit more sugary really yeah dude all right got two left we got strawberry cupcake and blueberry lemon drops cave what do you make new berry lemon drops it's gonna taste like can you buy new drops yeah lip drops are think I've never had a lemon drop I don't think really yeah what is it it's a candy it's like a lemon candy though oh no joke no joke that is I want this as an air freshener in my being oh I'm starving bag Nathan right now it's over if that tastes half as good as it smells that's gonna be the best disposal we ever tried he stopped smelling me everybody just sniffing smells so good okay I'm so excited all right here we go what does taste like whistles you trap here we go oh you found a new favorite disposable oh my goodness the smell dish I don't think you'd think of like a suit like I'm talking fresh out of strawberry shortcake I wish you are smell is not far the best water mister suppose well we were tried to notice it gen Alexander G holy shit he's not gonna let go though [Laughter] okay he usually doesn't like the cake he kind of flavors but this disposable that's okay I've been in prison for entire lives there he went to prison and you're now 35 uh-huh you've never tried a strawberry shortcake brother it's fresh warm out of the made by Grandma but the best that's out what that is holy shit out of th that was a pleasant surprise strawberry cupcake yes yeah we actually between the last take by she had a customer come in never had a disposable for actually they don't like disposables we got them to try that and they bought try this holy Sh what we got going on here man is it good well you seem confused I don't get no blueberry out of it what are you get lemon is lemon do you get drops what do you get man just just lame it's a lemon they should have just call it lemon drop only lemon I do get a little bit of something for any blue berry it's a yeah gotcha okay so these things recommend my beautician whatever you do if you've got you know like a spear I don't know what these are gonna be product 15 bucks or something going on Barbara actually TM TM t be holy shit here we go my ok twin ball you money are you got any more yeah I'm on about another why not I've got all these disposables but why it's good night this is the best in the bunch awesome well there you go guys the strawberry cupcake is according to these guys the best disposables they've tried at least in a while is there ever or in a water means favorite really and you guys have tried like all but there's been like a cotton candy here in there that I really really enjoyed nothing the top step no look like candy shit and green apple and stuff oh this this is so good man right if you're missing out people you want well there you go they're on the website right yes yeah okay there you go profit premium plus we got a whole big disposable section on the website now go check it out these are gonna sell out fast you guys know when everything's you guys react like that this sells out that so if you want one don't get one yeah stay salty proper premium keep it up that's the good stuff if you bother you message me Antonio yeah let me know and we'll talk about this shit right because I'm that excited here we go star little community about strawberry cupcake lovers Facebook group alright guys make sure you go snag one of these they're really good all the other flavors are good too make sure you check out yonder look Kade he is still ripping up in the clouds shirt yonder shop calm we've got all kinds of good stuff on there but we also have clouds by yonder which is it's supposed to act as like our merch here on the on the channel so go check that out support us you can use the discount code jerk 11 or Caleb to get 11 percent off and yeah I think that's all we got pretty anything you always like if you had to pick a favorite that's not your favorite - you had to pick a new favorite color what would it be all right like comment subscribe all that good stuff we'll see you the next goodbye [Music] [Music]