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what's up inside is deuces jacket vaping insider today we're going to be going over a little cloud chukka oh yeah baby i'm talking about the druga v2 before we get into the video click the link down below in the top comment in order to join our facebook group check this out you can see i got the stainless steel one you got this clamp snap system 18 carat gold you got a little card here talking about it all right on the other side you got some of the specs so here you got some spare o-rings you got a squonk pin and a spare negative post screw here is the drug two right here you can see nice airflow on top you got this nice strip tip definitely shorty style look at that man i mean that's really really really thin i'm not sure i'm too crazy about that i'm not even sure i'm so crazy about how close that comes to those posts right there i mean look at that not a lot of room right there at all for that drip tip not crazy about that you can see your other eight tens will fit in there fine just make sure you get something that doesn't look stupid because it overhangs on the platform there i hate platforms like that as well not a fan not a fan of it let's put the original drip tip back all right here's your air flow see it right there cutting down you can cut it down one at a time one row at a time right second row now you can spin it all the way around and cut it down two at a time right there's six airflow holes and then back to one at a time go back that way and it's wide open does have a locking barrel system so that's kind of cool i like that all right over here you can see gold-plated 510 insulator ring around it stainless steel threading around that it is serialized okay and you can also see by vape house and org vape all right and there is your negative post screw right there i am kind of digging the barrel i'm not gonna lie i wish there was a little knurling on top here you can see they still went with their daredevil type logo all right but you know the barrel is nice and clean branding is not loud i like that all right pop the top cap off you can see you got two o-rings holding everything in place now those screws see these clamps here you can hand finger tighten them probably why they look so close when i showed you before let me pop them down and see what they look like now yeah now at least there's some space okay so my bad for having the screws up when i showed you that all right pop it off you can see you got like some wide phillips heads right there you could probably get a good flat head in there right but gold plated open it up huge post holes you open it up with your fingers just like that okay they do have stoppers on them and you can see massive massive post holes nice deep juice well very very deep i'm kind of digging that i'm going to use it as a dripper i'm not going to install the squonk pan all right i'm going to use this as a dripper because i think i'm going to enjoy it more as a dripper all right let's put this thing on a mod and let's slap a build in it i put it on my centaurus because i'm going to be running a low build in here we're going to be using these jb coils right here let me show you what they look like those are some pretty coils let's slap them in there and see how this thing vapes now when i'm building on a deck like this i hate building on decks where i have to share lead space it's not one of my favorite ways to build definitely want to get your coiling rod in there right you kind of want to approximate where you want to put your coil right so what i like to do is i get the coiling rod in there the whole thing's in place right then i get my flush cutters in there and i just give it a snip okay just to get the excess out of the way all right same thing on the other side get them up as close as possible give it a snip okay make sure that lead doesn't fall in there all right now the other thing now you can take this out okay because you got an approximate measurement right and now you can go from the other side here and just repeat the process right take your coiling rod shove it in there get the coil kind of way you want to have it all right and now take your flush cutters get them up as close as you can and give it a snip same thing on the other side repeat the process get those leads out of there see how that lead fell in there you don't want that in there get it out all right and now what you can do is now that you're kind of pre-cut you can put your coils in there right like this and like this right and now just kind of gently hold them in place and tighten those leads down finger tighten them all right just finger tighten them a little bit because you still want to be able to get your coiling rod in there and move them around a little bit right you want to be able to get them as close to that airflow as you can okay same thing on the other side just move them around a little bit till you get them where you want them like so okay and now you can take your flat head screwdriver and you can give a real tightening all right make sure you make them nice and snug okay that's how i like to build this type of deck all right again you don't gotta monkey it around but you got to make sure that your coils kinda look even this one looks a little low so we're going to raise it a little bit just a little bit all right and now that looks just about perfect right and now you want to you want to make sure you're in good shape here so put your cap on and now you can see that airflow is just slamming into that coil that's exactly where you want it they probably both could come up a little bit okay maybe a little bit up on both of them get it in there and pop those coils up a little bit something like that is where you want to be and now you can see if i put the top cap on right you can see you're getting full on airflow now all right that's how you want to run this thing okay so now that you got them situated properly what you want to do is you want to glow these coils make sure there are no hot spots okay just give it a gentle pulse all right this is a low build so i'm pulsing it at about 40. okay give it a little scrape make sure there are no hot spots all right same thing on the other side here just give it a little scrape and you can see we're glowing evenly see that we're glowing evenly from the inside out that's exactly how you want it cotton we're going to be using today is cloud 9 cotton check this cotton out man it is good stuff best cotton i ever used you want to take your cloud9 cotton make it nice and pointy on one end okay make sure your fingers are clean all right make it nice and pointy and just send it right through just like so see how nice and tight that is you hear that that's how you want it i like wicking nice and tight you want to cut right along the base here just like so okay repeat the process on the other side run that scissor right along the base boom okay now take your cotton make it pointy again on another side nice and pointy that's how we want it alright don't be afraid to give it a twist once it's nice and pointy put it right through there just like so okay now you can use your other cotton as a guide give it a clip same thing over here clip and now we're ready to tuck our wicks in just do a quick tuck and roll this is how i like to do it right roll it over tuck it in just like that same thing on the other side roll and tuck make sure you leave some space in there roll it around same thing on the other side give it a little tuck and roll get it right in there repeat the process on this side as well get some of those fuzzies out of there okay and make sure you leave some space in the middle so that juice can flow freely between the post all right juice we're going to be using today is johnny's juice strawberry custard all right what i like to do get a little juice in the middle there so that cotton can start soaking it up right definitely wet those coils up get that cotton nice and saturated okay just paint it up man nice and easy okay get it nice and saturated that's how you want it get all that juice in there work it in there put a few drops down the middle like i said fill up that nice deep juice well let's see if we have vape now oh yeah we got vape check it out and it smells delicious put a little bit more juice on there and now it's time for the top cap pop that top cap right on there make sure it seats okay and now we're ready to vape one last look at it on the centaurus okay looks pretty sexy the stainless steel and stainless steel all right insiders you saw everything up close and personal let's get into those cons and pros we're gonna start off with cons as usual first con is gonna be i'm not a fan of this deck i hate sharing lead space i hate having to pre-cut my leads it's a huge pain in the neck i don't like it i just think there are much simpler dual coil build decks available that don't take as much time to build for me it's a con that drip tip you saw that drip tip man that drip tip is skinny you need some chicken lips for that drip tip and you are definitely gonna get bacon lips if you run a hot build in here and you chain vape it's all cons that drip tip platform i hate it i hate it because not every 810 drip tip that you want to change to is gonna look good on it because of that stupid platform i can't stand it when they put platforms on the drip tip part of the atomizer it's a con because it doesn't let me swap out the drip tip to something i might really like and on a skinny drip tip like this i want to swap it out no coils no extra drip tip no bigger drip tip the contents of this was very sparse oh vape come on man you got to get with the program this is not the way atomizers are being sent most atomizers are being sent with lots of extras you guys cheaped out it's a con but that's it on the cons let's move on to the pros we definitely got some pros here first pros gonna be i love the looks on it it's a sexy looking rda there's no doubt about it the branding is subtle i like those six holes for the honeycomb airflow those six big holes it's just very sleek sexy and classy looking big pro on that it's nice as a squonker or a dripper i got it on my centaurus now i'm using it as a dripper i like dripping on this one because it's got that nice wide drip tip and you can just you can just blur your juice down the middle smooth air flow on this one and lots of it here it is wide open got that little bit of swooshiness that i like you know what i mean but there's plenty of airflow on this one this one's for you airflow hog it's got really nice clouds and flavor let me show you what i'm working with here i got a .09 building here at 120 watts check it out any questions there's nothing wrong with that baby let's do it from the other side this thing puts out like a high school cheerleader on prom night it's got nice clouds that's for sure and the flavor is very good now the flavor gets better when you cut down the airflow here it is same wattage with the top row cut down check it out definitely more heat the cloud was definitely thicker i'm getting more flavor the flavor on this and the clouds are very very good i like the juice well it's got a decent sized juice well while i'm not crazy about the deck i like the huge post holes you can get some monster coils in here i like that that's definitely a pro and i like the overall build quality on this aug vape did a nice job on the build quality it doesn't feel cheap the machining seems to be nice it's just a nice solid rda as far as the build quality goes let's move on to our five star rating system first category is going to be the looks it's got a very minimalist type of look it's very sexy very classy looking i just like the way they did the clean lines on it i like that the branding is subtle really really nice job on the looks of this one i think it looks really sexy on the centaurus with the stainless steel frame i like it a lot it's been living on here for the past two weeks in the looks category i'm gonna give it a solid four stars in the building and wicking category it's not the easiest deck to build on because you do have to share lead space i would highly recommend that you pre-cut your leads the way i did in the build part of this video for that reason i gotta say that the deck is more of an intermediate style deck it's really not for beginners it's not that they're going to have a really tough time for it but they're going to have to stop and kind of figure out the way they want to place their coils and how they want to get them in there for that reason i'm giving it three and a half stars as far as building and wicking goes as far as the performance goes you saw the clouds man this thing's a little cloud beast this thing can chuck it's got some beautiful airflow to it i really like the performance on this thing the flavor is very good the clouds are plentiful in the performance category i'm giving it another solid four stars now as far as the price point goes i've been seeing this thing anywhere from 19 to 29 on a 30 item that's a pretty big price disparity 10 it's almost 30 percent so make sure you shop around i think for the vape quality and the build quality that you get it's a pretty pretty good value i'd say it's a very good value in the value category i'm gonna give it another four stars we're going to add all these stars up we're going to come up with a total star count of 15 and a half stars this thing did pretty well across the board we're going to take these 15 and a half stars we're going to divide them by four we're going to come up with an average star count of 3.875 which puts it just shy of four just shy of being deuces jack approved i think if the deck on this one doesn't intimidate you if you're okay with sharing lead space and you want big clouds and really nice flavor this one is probably worth taking a look at let's go over some of the specs on the org vape kruger v2 it measures in at 24 millimeters in diameter it's made primarily at a 304 stainless steel it has a clamp style deck system that is gold plated it's available in stainless steel red gunmetal and black don't forget insiders head on over to our facebook group vaping insider community for more exclusive behind the scenes content i'm in the middle of developing my own rda right now i've been giving the group updates in my lives there very newbie friendly very civil we're almost 13 000 strong i would love to see you there and that's it insiders that's all i got for you guys today you keep living that vape life we're out of here juices

today we're going to be going over a little cloud chukka i'm talking about the druga v2