🔥INNOKIN Sceptre Vape Pod System Review


for review today the scepter by innokin the button turns the device on and off and it also adjusts the wattage one two three clicks turns it on one two three clicks turns it off with this button i can also adjust wattage but only when the device is off so when it's off i can push this button and you'll see the other two lights come on once i have it on the wattage i want it at i can just stop and then turn it on one two three and you'll see the light will still be in the same spot so what is the wattage with those two little lights well it depends depends on which coil i stick in there the kit came with two coils here they are one is a 1.2 ohm it's more for mtl which means mouth to lung vaping it produces less vapor the other one is a 0.5 ohm coil and this one's for dtl direct to lung which means more vapor it is a sub ohm coil anything that's resistance of one ohm or less is a sub ohm coil so more vapor so once again here are the wattage lights you may notice there's a white one it's actually more of a purple in real life and a green one the purple one is the higher wattage with the 1.2 ohm coil purple means 10 watts and green means 9 watts if i had the 0.5 ohm coil in there the purple would be 20 watts and the green 18 watts so once i select my wattage i can turn the device back on and you'll see that little light come on again while i'm holding the button down that light is also the battery life indicator light so a green light indicates that i'm at 50 or higher power a blue light would mean ten to fifty percent somewhere in there and red under ten percent and at that point it has to be recharged this thing has a fourteen hundred milliamp hour rechargeable battery and it recharges to the port right here the only way you're gonna find out that the battery is 1400 milliamp hours it's it's not the manual and it's not the box it's actually on the bottom of here and also on the website as well so once it's time to recharge it i'm just gonna ever so gently stick my cable into here yeah the manual actually says do this gently and then a light will turn on when the battery is between 10 and 90 percent the light will be red once it gets to above 90 it'll turn green and once it's at a full charge the light will just turn off oh and if you're wondering what this is it's my anker battery it's a 26 800 milliamp hour power bank it's the perfect size to bring with you on a plane but if you do put in a separate bin by itself for the tsa checkpoint because you're gonna get stopped they're gonna search your bag for for this thing so there's the tank and it just comes out like this it holds three milliliters of e-liquid in some countries too countries that have like tpd regulations two milliliters it opens right here this little black stopper doodad that just lifts up and there's the fill hole so we're here you can barely see it there's like a little slider this is for air flow depending on which coil you have in there you're going to want to adjust this so mtl this one is for the 1.2 ohm coil and then rdl is for the 0.5 ohm coil and the tank does have a min line so try to keep the liquid at or above that line keeping that coil saturated extends the life of the coil on the bottom you'll see a little unlock and lock symbol this is how you remove the coil twist pull so let's just twist it a little bit it'll look like that and then pull and then the coils just twist into this base right here so really the only waste this produces are the little tiny coils so once i got a coil on here to stuff this back and i did struggle with this a little bit at first cause i'm struggling again to stuff this back it kind of has to go in at an angle again and like so so again in push it leave it a little bit at an angle twist so here's how they come brand new in box and a lot of times you're gonna see this warning this is an open pod system you put whatever e-liquid you want into it so no there is no nicotine and it's on the back too there's none of that stuff well we can all see what's over here but on this side there's a warning and safety booklet a user manual i like that it's in color and that they have pictures the manual also shows all the different color options they didn't send me all the colors but they did send it to me in these two i'm thinking this might be like their newest color because i don't see it on there it didn't come in a box this one just came in bubble wrap and here is the extra coil the other one's already inside of the tank and lastly there's a usb cable for charging it's a pretty decent length but it's just standard i think it's time for type c it's not type c all right that's enough blabbing let's get to the vaping to activate this i could push the button but i don't have to as long as it's on it's draw activated so here it is with the 1.2 ohm coil check this out this is actually pretty neat when i go to replace the coil with the other coil normally if i left a bunch of liquid in there it would all come out the mouthpiece nothing i can replace my coils and not have to worry about the liquid that's in the tank i keep losing the coils are so small that i keep losing them i already had one ready to go that i was using but i'm gonna have to pull out a brand new one because like i can't find it they're really itty bitty and small if you drop it you might not be able to find it with a brand new coil the manual says give it five minutes but honestly give it like two three minutes so that cotton can saturate because if you stuff it in there and you hit it too quick you're going to fry the coil you want to avoid that i mean eventually that coil is going to start tasting nasty and that's when you know to replace it i keep forgetting to switch my airflow on the tank i gotta push it over to rdl for the 0.5 ohm coil that is a lot more vapor when it comes to flavor i think the 1.2 ohm coil is just a little bit more flavorful than this one but i kind of like this one more because i like to produce more vapor pros it's a vaporizer and vaporizers are always better than cigarettes if you don't vape and you don't smoke don't do this it's not too heavy and it's not too light it doesn't have that like chintzy feel in my hands and as much as i like this little tank one thing i really don't like about it the stopper the little fill hole cover it's just it's dinky it's too dinky maybe if they had it on top somewhere with like a little slide system or even a latch on the side it would have been better because as soon as i see one of these little dinky stoppers to me it just screams not reusable with something like this where i'm expected to replace the coils and keep it for a while i'd like a more substantial fill hole cover so that's it that's everything i have to say about innokin's scepter if you saw my previous video and you're thinking like what the don't worry this is still predominantly a vape channel but i'm being honest i can't vape forever it's not why i went into it i went into it to quit and i have for the most part now i only vape when i have to test a product do these videos and once in a while on the weekends when i drink so so i'm a quitter and i'm proud of it and i'll be proud of you too if you quit even if it's just quitting cigarettes and going to vaping but if you go to vaping and then quit nicotine through vaping i'm going to give you a double double high five that was a really bad i'm sorry all right all right that's it i'm gonna go now i don't know where this came from this next part but it's it's staying i'm sorry if you don't like it it's kind of cheesy

today the scepter by innokin the button turns the device on and off and it also adjusts the wattage one two three clicks turns it on one two three clicks turns it off with
this button i can also adjust wattage