Pillar Vape Mignon Vape Review|Most Simple Open Pod System


today the mignon since i'm a classy girl i know what a philip mignon is i'm guessing they named it after that that or it's pronounced mignon it could be the mignon wait a minute isn't the filet mignon like the least flavorful of the bunch and like really expensive for some reason yeah yeah i know i'm a little bit of a mess right now it's because i just got done filming for my other channel so i should probably take this off i've been dragging this shirt all over the floor and i'm pretty sure i dragged this one across the floor as well so if you want to see that really short video go check out my other channel it's called just sophie plus styling hair is bad for it so i'm just going to let it look like crap so here's the box up close there's no nicotine but a lot of companies put this on there anyways and there's the back of the box here's all the stuff that came in the box this is a lanyard so i'm guessing that just squeezes onto the device like so there's a little dinky usb cable and it's not type c this is the user manual oh my goodness it's so small finally here is the device well it's in this bag kind of neat how they have a package like this and every color says a different thing so here it is the minion it has a 280 milli amp hour rechargeable battery and it recharges right through here to fill this the manual says to remove the drip tip i bet you'll never guess which one the drip tip is there it is this is it this is the drip top i like to call it a stopper that's pretty much what it is it's a little rubber stopper that covers the fill hole oh yeah at first i sat here like it's not coming apart the button's not working i thought this was a button like a release button no the tank is like permanently attached to this looks like disposable but it can be refillable and rechargeable to use all in one device so pillarvape claims this is not a disposable device but but isn't it normally the mouthpiece would have a hole right here but look where the hole is right there oh i lost a little drip tip ah there it is the hole's a little small the fill hole could be a little bit bigger with a brand new device i i like to give it a couple minutes so whatever is in there can saturate it's the most simple device i've ever used because nothing comes apart there's just a hole there's a hole and a charged port and then all i do that's it no buttons so weird you can feel it going around out of the hole and kind of around everything with most vaporizers you can feel it going like directly in your mouth i'm kind of spit up a little bit and it gets hot but this prevents that so it's got a spit back guard that's what i'm gonna call it's a spit back guard that's a battery life indicator light so once it goes red you got to recharge it and that's it that's it with this device how is flavor it's about average it's not the best it's also not the worst out there so that's the minion and honestly i haven't seen anything quite like it there's many things that look like it but they're not it i have no idea how much this is going to cost they did send it to me in every single color that they're going to be making it in this is really really new there's no price yet it comes in yellow red pink blue black gray white and then the color i was using green it's more like a mint green so there we have it all the minions that's up to you if you like it or not eventually it's going to come to a search engine near you or you can check out pillarvape.com as well and if you're wondering why i'm not doing a whole bunch of videos on this channel it's because i'm focusing on my house i bought a fixer-upper there's been a lot of fixing and also i'm working on my other channel the videos on that channel can take a long time to make like the one that just posted so i gotta go bye to loot

today the mignon since i'm a classy girl i know what a philip mignon is i'm guessing they named it after that that or it's pronounced mignon it could be the mignon