Review of GeekVape Aegis Hero AIO


[Music] what's up peeps madness here today we got a new one from geekbeat another aegis and i know these people oh my god another agent how many are they gonna make well it's the same thing like apple makes so many products like the iphones they're all named iphone change the name up too right same situation going on there why is chevy calling the camaro a camaro every year god damn they using that name all the time but anyway who cares it's not about the name it's about what the product does that's what it should be cares about the name it's the aegis hero it's tiny little aio so and it uses the boost coils in here the boost coil so no new coils necessary let's dive down let me show you guys everything about this we'll come back vape on it and then i'll give you guys all my thoughts on the aegis hero and here's the sample packaging the aegis hero by geek vape came in inside the packaging you will get a user manual warranty card micro usb charging cable a 510 drip tip which will be a spare it's a smaller drip tip than one that's pre-installed you'll also get this tool to help you remove the coil from the pod you'll also get two coils first coil we'll look at is the gboost mesh tech coil you can see it's a mesh coil stats will be on the bottom you can see this one here is a kanthal 0.6 resistance 15 to 25 watts it's the same coils that the boost comes with and here's that second coil boost coil as you can see 0.4 kanthal 25 to 33 watt mesh coil and here is the boost hero the pot holds 4 mls of e-liquid we have a built-in 1200 milliamp hour battery some branding there aegis we got that familiar leather padding going on there ip67 rated over here we have our charge port it is a micro usb charge port lift it up like that and there it is then just press it firmly you have your fire button your up and down button the other side it says aegis and then there's an s there i'm not sure what this stands for here this is the hero it's not an h right no okay there's the bottom all right your pod drip tip like i was saying it is a 510 drip tip you do have airflow controller on the side and you can see it is double-sided airflow pod pops out just like that there's your contacts on the inside magnets are real nice on this holds very good doesn't shake at all all right it's nice and firm and tight inside there the way i like it alright there is the coil head sticking out your airflow goes in through there you do have that beefy magnet right there this one has liquid in here let's look at the other one i have and we do have top fill on this one you're gonna do one of these like that and that's where you would fill from your coil goes right inside there so we'll grab a coil and you can see you got these two pieces that are sticking up there so you want your coil to go in just like this i'll put it in for you guys you see the way it's lined up push it down all right so this way it doesn't move around so it's going to be in just like that on an angle now let's check out the display that we got here and it is a tiny display this is very tiny i don't know why geek vape hasn't updated this you have so much room put a nice color display there so this tiny thing not sure what they're thinking resistance battery indicator which you could barely see puff counter wattage and p for power mode one two three four five power off one two three four five powers it on it says geek vape there while you're firing the bind it does say vaping on it one two three quickly you have power mode or bypass mode just by doing that and we're gonna keep it in power mode and you have to hard press it there we go now if you press the up and down buttons at the same time all right locked all right so you don't have to worry about changing the wattage press the fire button you could still vape it and obviously when you press them down again you'll unlock it now if i press the down button and fire button at the same time keep it pressed you can see right there puff counter you see that and just deleted the puff counter give it a hard press and there we go now it's reset all right so that's the way you reset the puff counter now if you press the up button and fire button at the same time i don't think it does anything to tell you truth nope it doesn't do anything so those are the features for this chipset and for a size comparison i'll put it next to the original boost so you get a basic idea between the two and for scrolling it as you could see it does it in point five increments it's down there that little five see it point five increments keep it pressed device goes up to 45 watts and it does round robin and there you go that was the aegis hero aio by geek vape let's go back up on top let's vape on it and i'll give you guys my thoughts and there you have it the up close aegis hero by g vape mike your thoughts on this one pros and cons we'll start off with cons i really only have one no two right yeah two complaints with this that's it the only two complaints i have number one is the obvious i talk about it all the time micro usb connection on this no no no we want type c that's where it should be this should have and all their other products with these batteries that are inside the mods should have type c charging that will get a con and another con it's going to have to be ah geek vape this display is too tiny i mean you're competing against all these other companies making small devices and they're throwing these flashy color screens on them on these little aios color screens type c and you guys are using this thing i have no clue what i'm vaping it at right now i can't see it yeah i do have bad ice i have to put glasses on to see that it shouldn't be that way i've given this to my wife for example doesn't wear glasses and she's like oh god why is it so tiny there like i can't see it yeah so you definitely need you have the real estate there's like all this dead space in between the fire button and the up and down ones you have plenty of room make a nice little chipset that's got a color screen all right so yeah i this is going on too long about that but it's it's something that i've noticed with geek vape and it's only that i've i've noticed it i've noticed it from reading comments and i do read the comments and a lot of people complain about the display and they do have a point they do have a point so the display will have been definitely a con but the actual chip set in here it works it works great it fires right away i have no issues at all it's a simple easy to use menu system but really you don't need a menu system with this you just need to be able to lock these two who cares about deleting your puff counter all these people that puff counters but you could delete the puff counter and all that it's a simple easy to use device now it's all about aesthetics and how does it vape okay now one thing about this is which is going to get a pro you get two 510 drip tips definitely a pro you get two coils definitely a pro you get that little tool just in case if you have like butter fingers and you can't pull that coil out you could use that tool it's not have to get a pro ip67 rated you drop this you really don't have to worry when you drop something like this so that's definitely have to get a pro air flow adjustment on here i like that definitely have to get a pro if you like to restrict that vape you want to use maybe their 0.6 coil and do a little like mtl action it's not perfect mtl but you could fine-tune that mtl but with the airflow controller so i'm gonna have to give that a pro 4 ml liquid capacity a pro they're top filled i love that right there i like that all right definitely gonna have to get a pro mic vape it okay we have it at 31 watts right now let me put a 33 that's where it's rated at 33 watts let's do it oh for those that always curious about my nicotine i have three milligram in here three okay let's do it nice very nice nice cloud production throat hit on here like heat whatever i like a warmer vape that's pretty obvious by now but the flavor on this coil beautiful the boost coils i'll tell you something there's a lot of people that love these coils the flavor on these are pretty good they're very nice coils definitely going to have to give them a pro on that one more vape you see i'm taking long hits trying to get that coil to like get that dryness happen or that it can't handle it it handles it no problem at all and it's not like i just took it out of the box and started vaping it now as you guys saw i had over 100 hits when i reset the puff counter and while my testing i was resetting the puff counter on here checking to make sure everything worked properly on here so i vape these things and i'm taking a nice big hit and it vapes great and those people out there might they leak does it leak then i have no leaking in there it's just i'll show it to you again it's all just bone dry all right no leaking at all with this you know why it will leak on you if you're the type that buys something like this and you let it sit at the desk maybe or your table because you're vaping other stuff and you leave it there for three or four days and it doesn't get used it's gonna leak or if it's rated to go up to 33 watts and you're vaping it at 15 watts it will leak because it can't burn the liquid that you're sucking on because you're vaping it at a low wattage all right so there's all different circumstances when it comes down to leaking all right so that was the aegis hero and my phone just made a ding sound anyway the aegis hero by geek vape it's a nice little device i like it i like it that it's small my wife likes this thing she saw this and she's like that's mine i like that um you could have it it's all yours baby all right the aegis hero by geek vape in the description below no links to these not allowed it's that youtube policy thingy just my links and advocacy links down below as always that's it i'm done thank you and remember [Music] [Applause]

here's the sample packaging the aegis hero by geek vape came in inside the

packaging you will get a user manual warranty card micro usb charging cable