Review of GeekVape Aegis Hero Battery Test & Special Opportunity


what's happening everybody i'm daniel dj speedvipes and welcome back to the channel geekvape sure knows how to exploit a name without a doubt however in the hd's line what is imperative from said device is the shock and water resistancy certainly all their aegis devices have delivered what they promised so far from the older ones to the newer ones so today we take a look at another one it is called the aegis hero again this is a shock and water resistant kind of device although this one is more like an aio or pod mod if you will and keeping a very small very petite size i warned you so don't be shocked mine came in a sample type of packaging but in yours you will find the aegis hero with the pod already attached you will find some warranty information and warnings you will find the user manual you will find two coil heads you will receive a different 510 driptip and the tool that is also present in some of their other devices to help you remove the coil health then last but not least a type a to type b micro usb charging cable i'm also sure the user manual will be included in the retail version too so of course the aegis hero resembles so many of the other aegis devices as far as shape and looks obviously with the same body style fully surrounded with rubber which gives it shock proof and water resistancy capabilities also with the stitched leather handle again very characteristic of all the other aegis devices but man this one with such an overall small size i knew it was coming but i sure did not expect it was going to be this small i didn't imagine the pod sits on top of course and attaches very well to the mod using a giant magnet however you need to insert this side first then push the other side in otherwise it won't fit properly this system is done so the pod sort of locks into the mod instead of falling off too easy in case of an accident the pot still has some tinting although it's not the darkest still has some transparency to it it has top feel too so you don't need to pull it out to refill it has top airflow and is adjustable but also built inside the pot so making the pod leak resistant finally it uses a common 510 drip tip so you can use any of the included ones are any of your own which is great the coil heads included here are both mesh coil heads using a net style coil inside one is a 0.4 ohm mesh coil head rated to operate between 25 and 33 watts the other 0.60 mesh coil head rated to operate between 15 and 25 watts these coil heads are the same as before and i've used them in a few other devices it's great that they are sticking to the same coil heads but not to be confused with the smaller ones made for the smaller pot systems of theirs installing the coil head is as easy as priming it and sliding it in you have to make sure though that you align the flat edges of the coil head with the slots on the side of the hole the tool included however is still a repurposed tool from one of their older devices that used wider coils and still too wide to be helpful when removing the coil heads if you don't have long fingernails then of course to fill and refill this one since we have top fill as mentioned earlier the pod can perfectly be attached to the mod you don't need to pull out the pod to refill which is awesome as far as controlling it we have the same style of buttons that are characteristic of many different aegis devices although a lot less clicky than before with not much travel either the up and down buttons have less tactile feedback on the click too compared to the fire button of course we have the usual five clicks to turn the device on five clicks to turn the device off you can now see we have a super small super tiny display on this one the screen shows your resistance the battery bar puff counter and wattage selected of course you will be using the up and down buttons to adjust the wattage from five watts all the way up to 45 watts in 0.5 watts increments and even though it stops it does round robin if you release and press the same button again if you hold both up and down you lock them but you are still able to find vape which is how it should be hold them again to unlock press the fire button three times and you can switch the mode however there's only two modes the wattage mode and the bypass mode that simulates a mechanical mod giving you the voltage straight from the battery and still tells you the voltage and the load the coil head is receiving if you hold both firing down buttons you have the option to reset the puff counter if you want however if you hold fire and up buttons together it does absolutely nothing since we have an internal battery we need to charge and recharge its battery using this micro usb port on the side unfortunately it's not an up-to-date type-c usb port yet as before with previous aegis devices it's the same here you can still vap it while it's charging in the end just make sure you don't forget to close the ceiling plug to keep the water away from the port this pretty much wraps this close up since this is a very simple very basic type of device although with such a small and lovely footprint as well which to be honest is probably the number one thing that impressed me the most as i generally don't get too impressed with such basic devices anymore i do like that we have top adjustable airflow though i have to point that out many pod systems still don't have airflow adjustability these days so the aegis hero is available in silver blue red gunmetal black and rainbow for around 48 dollars which is pretty in line with the price of other similar aegis devices and in line with other devices that are made to be shock resistant and water resistant and what a cute little device this one is i still wish the screen was a little bigger because as it is it's a little hard to see even for somebody like myself with good eyesight maybe is also attributed to the type of font used here i also see the point of including bypass mode on more advanced mods but i don't necessarily agree with it here i don't see the point i think you should stick to variable wattage mode dialed within the coil head specs of course the coil heads are the same they've already had these coil heads available for past devices and now for the aegis hero and i do appreciate when a company keeps existing coil heads compatible with multiple devices the other must-have aspect is airflow control and we have it here the airflow is a really smooth top airflow all across the board the only thing i would like to see coming out is a mouth lung coil head i mean a real mouthful on coil head because even with the 0.6 ohm coil head and with the airflow close super tight yeah you can get a mouth-to-lung draw but not punching the throat so none of these coil heads were designed for mouth-to-lung but rather direct lung and restricted direct lung actually a really good and flavorful restricted direct lung vape to be honest when you start closing the airflow down again i can't stress enough how much i like its size even if it comes with the price that price being a much smaller display the battery is a 1105 milliamp hour capacity battery charges and recharges averaging 1.15 amps and reason why it takes 1 hour and 4 minutes to recharge which is not too bad so i really really like the size it feels great in the hand either when i trigger fire or even if i thumb fire it's shock resistant and water resistant except the pod of course if submerged in water you will still have to switch the coil head and replace the eliquid they kept the same coil heads compatible and the pot even though dark is still clear enough to display the liquid inside the coil heads are labeled with the material they are made with the top fill part is awesome and even the airflow is great that is adjustable and that is a top airflow making this system a lot more leak resistant on the downside though the screen is very small and the font used makes it even harder to see and finally we still have an outdated type b micro usb port since all the good things and good aspects of this kit way outweigh the bed if i was to rate this one there's no way i can give it any lower than the b plus i would still like to go higher but i would have to see a better display a type c usb port and maybe a coil head design for a real mouth-long draw and if you want a special opportunity to score one of these youtube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my website's newsletter which you have to be already signed for or sign for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag geek vape to your comment just let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter is sent every sunday with the winners for the previous week all right i'm done stay sexy and vape on you

geekvape sure knows how to exploit a name without a doubt however in the hd's line what is imperative from said device is the shock and water resistancy certainly all their aegis devices have delivered what they promised