🔥Review of GeekVape Zeus Nano Tank|How to Boost Coils In A Leak Free Tank


so you're a fan of the zeus tank because it's a top airflow tank but you also like to use boost coils well check this out this is the zeus nano from geek vape [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail channel i'm tony yeah today we're going to be looking at another tank from geek vape now this one is the zeus nano basically what they've done is they've taken elements from the previous zeus's they've done the top to bottom airflow so basically your air is going to go in there it's going to go all the way down and travel back up underneath the coil the tank is 3.5 mil and they're touting the leak-proofness of it well inherently because your airflow is at the top it takes quite a bit for juice to get all the way up through that and leak now they are using a new coil with this one it is called the b series coil but the regular boost coils fit in it as well so you'll have no problem with that it says here b series coil same coil with the aegis boost mtl experience leak proof top airflow system and 510 drip tip i don't know about mtl exactly i mean look at the airflows on this thing they're pretty big airflows you could tighten it up quite a bit though and the airflow on this is it's got a good tension on it so if you tighten it up all the way down there you get you know because these coils are basically the same coils that you'd use in the pod system that's probably why they go with the mtl experience thing and that's what this tank is really all about being able to use the coils that are out there for the boost and stick them into a tank and be able to roll that way now what i'm using this on is the aegis boost plus this is the one where you can put the battery in it had this on the channel earlier and the 510 connector that comes you know that is available for it so that's the 510 connector what is good about this one is that there's a little lip right there and a lock so it does instead of just being magnets it locks it down on there so i haven't had any problem with you know with ohms jumping or anything like that new coil yes we're going to say new coil coils coming out to 0.42 ohms on there so let's go ahead and take this one out of the box and take a look at what it is now this is sample packaging obviously new packaging will be nicer but this is generally what you'll get so you got your tank right here now they do have a bunch of different colors available for this you know it's not just stainless steel so pretty much you can matchy-matchy with whatever you've already got take kind of reminds me of some of the old tanks from when i first started vaping because the the it's taller it's skinny that kind of thing but you know it's a nano little box over here we'll pull that out and inside of here you've got a bubble glass to increase your capacity the little tool that you can use to pull the coil out if you got any kind of fingernails at all it'll come right out extra o-rings there is a straight 510 drip tip inside of here as well might have a smaller diameter than this one no they look they look pretty much about the same and then there actually is a user manual which you know i think that's good shows you all the parts broken down and everything with the geek vape b series coils and that's pretty much it and a little warranty card is in there as well now this coil right here let's see this coil is the 0.6 ohm and it's kanthal rated at 15 to 25 watts you can see the mesh inside of there and then this coil that's inside of here we'll pull this out so basically you're going to take the base off of here it says zeus made in china so that comes off and then just like you would do with you know a boost pod system coil just pulls out of there that little tool is somewhat helpful but i mean you know you can grab it on this one it's held in there by the o-ring that's right there everything gets all nice and secure pops right in and you just put this back on the glass is held on by o-rings right there and right there and i'm just going to caution you because often with it's super tight you know and it's close to the metal in there if you try to pull one of these things off straight off sometimes you'll end up just cracking it because you're exerting pressure on it so twist it a little bit work it off of there okay i'm not going to pull it off of this one i did pull one off the other one though oh and then once you get your coil in there all you have to do is put that back on just like that pretty simple your drip tip up here is a 510 style drip tip i guess that other one's a little bit fatter than this one is and then to fill it you just pop this open it's just big now i think like a quarter turn and then it pops right off you'll see that there it's a teeth and groove type system fill it in one of those two holes and you're good to go let's do this though real quick here i'm going to pull this thing off and put that on now your airflow you can see that it is angled down right there so it goes in and is pushed straight down let me pull this off of here again and you can see how thick and beefy the walls of this thing are where the juice comes into it right over here and that's because the walls have to be thick so the airflow can come down through these two right and then it comes straight up underneath into this and then up through your coil again you got the 0.6 ohm and a 0.4 ohm which is what i'm using right now one important thing to notice is that the o-ring on this goes on there in one specific way okay if it's upside down it's not going to work right you can see that it kind of has a little bit of a lip to it so just make sure that that's seated right and then you can put this on just like that because that just presses up against the glass and that folks is pretty much it it's you know a pretty cool way to use those boost coils and if you're a big fan of the boost coils well you might be a big fan of this tank the leak-proofness of it alone is well that's that's a big deal and i tell you what i hadn't gotten the 510 connector for the aegis boost before but you know what it's pretty secure i like it it makes it so this mod can be used just about any way you want so it's a pretty cool idea because you don't know what's going to happen in the future especially here in the us with coil availability and the boost coils are in mass production right now so there's a lot of them out there so it's nice to have a tank that can actually use that what would be interesting is is if you could use the boost rba that i don't know and i couldn't find any information to say one way or the other but that would also add some functionality to the tank it looks a little bit old-school to me like i said it's kind of a tall skinny tank and they say mtl i mean it does have a 510 drip tip it's not meant to be like the big cloud machine but they also say that the coils make you know better clouds and flavor so it actually works really well i've got this at 25 watts right now it is 0.40 ohms let's try it out and it works really well you know these coils are actually good coils they're smooth they they give good flavor and like i said they're readily available so that's good too the way i've got it right now is about well it's almost all the way close if you can see that air flow so and i still don't think that's mouth to lung let's get it as tight as possible that right there is as tight as i can get it and you know what that is pretty tight it's like maybe a loose mouth to lung but still very very smooth the top airflow is nice you know it is going to take that airflow all the way from the top all the way down and back up through the coil so it's top to bottom airflow you know in the beginning when they started doing top airflow it was like just sending the air down to hit the top of the coil not good you want it to come through the coil this definitely does that and that right there was almost all the way open so all through the spectrum i get a very smooth hit it works really well i guess the question is are these the coils that you want to use do you want to use a big sub-ohm tank with big sub-ohm coils build yourself whatever well those are just all things you have to take into consideration again let's see it's coming out to 0.4 ohms that's what it says it is so that's pretty accurate i know some people question these adapters are they secure enough the 510 adapters for the boost mods but as you see it works really well yeah so something that's supposed to be mouth to lung hits like that that's really not not too long but that's okay because as long as you know what the tank is and how it works and it's for you then it's for you that's that's really what it comes down to okay so that is the zeus nano again is being demonstrated on the aegis boost plus which they just sent this one along to me with the blue man that looks really good i like that it's a good little combo i'm digging it hey i want to thank you so much for your support here on the 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so you're a fan of the zeus tank because it's a top airflow tank but you also like to use boost coils well check this out this is the zeus nano from geek vapeoo.today we're going to be looking at another tank from geek vape now this one is the zeus nano.