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welcome back to the channel folks i am matt hope you're all doing well today we're gonna check out the gemini hybrid pod mod this is from the lost vape quest line and takes a replaceable 18650 battery let's go ahead and dive into it this is what your packaging is going to look like so inside you will of course have a user manual and a warranty card your device a second drip tip some o-rings and two of these little airflow control plugs a second coil head a 510 adapter and a micro usb cable so here is your device made out of zinc alloy really like the look of this thing you have these panels here that look like they're resin but feel like a coating of some kind on a metal door says lost vape right there airflow inlets a window for liquid level on that side you got the same thing but it says gemini hybrid on that side and like i said lost vape on that side fire button your controls micro usb port up top here is your 510 drip tip and this one's a little bit wider bore compared to the other it comes with that is made more so for mouth to lung as you can see both of them look nice on this on the base there it says design and manufacture by lost vape to get to your battery compartment you got a little slot right there open the door up and the door does feel like it's made out of metal there is your battery compartment and there's your pod right there 4ml capacity now the easiest way to get this out is basically push down like so come on did it easier the last time there we go and it comes out all right you have a big spring-loaded contact right here now fortunately you do not have to pull this thing out uh in order to fill it so you know you just take your door off and fill it in place so you don't have to take it out super often now it does come with this 510 510 adapter if you wanted to use a tank or rda or something on here that goes in like so and now you basically have a single 18650 mod so here is a 24 millimeter and that doesn't look horrible you know you get these bevels here so you could see a gap right there but it doesn't look bad and here is a 22 millimeter and that looks good as well so zooming out pretty nice that they include that 510 adapter definitely makes it more versatile okay now let's try to get this thing out this one should be a little easier because there's a little more to grip on to right there there we go and it still fell so in order to get to your quail head you can pull this guy out like so and you got this airflow control base here pretty nice that you have afc on the base as well and not just those little airflow plugs and the coil that's pre-installed is the 0.2 ohm 40 to 60 watts ub they're calling these ultra boost i don't know if they're naming that after the shoes or what but ultra boost m4 coils all right and that is a honeycomb style mesh coil this one's more for your direct lung then the other coil you get is a mtl coil round wire coil 1 ohm 8 to 15 watts let's go ahead and install this one so we will screw it into this base here you can see you have one little hole right there now let's go ahead and put a couple drops of liquid i'm gonna use some blueberry morning from the unsalted line six milligram and now let's push this in make sure it's all the way in there all right and now let's go to fill it nice large size fill port let's close that up and now you always want to have your fill port pointed out remember and then the way to put this in is to get it in there on that little piece that spring-loaded piece push down and over and it clicks into place now i'm gonna put a homework battery in here there we go and now you got magnets on here looks like they're coated it's not the strongest magnets in the world there's a little bit of rocking back and forth not much side to side i don't think the door is going to come off on you unless you drop it but the magnets could have been a little bit stronger come on there we go now let's put our mtl tip in and there's what your home screen looks like battery bar home load your wattage your seconds puffed a puff counter and then down here you have different colors you can scroll through and this thing does scroll in .5 watt increments all the way up to come on a little bit slow slow of a scroller 80 watts round robins to 5 watts press the fire button on the right button that changes your colors so you can scroll through all those like so now i put a couple puffs on this so you could see the next one hit the fire button on the left button that clears your puff counter left and right that locks it but you can still fire it just locks these controls and then turn it off five clicks so there's a look at it in the hand it feels substantial definitely pocketable but it feels like you know a metal mod almost kind of draggish or something but only one battery in this as far as size comparisons here it is next to the kylin aio and if you hear noises guys i let my puppy come in here today because uh he'll bark in the other room and right now he's chewing on one of his toys here it is next to an rpm40 and here it is next to the geyser pod this one has a bigger battery though remember and now i'll give you a quick look at what these airflow plugs look like these ones actually don't look too bad if you wanted to use them but when we go back up top we'll talk about how effective these are and there's one more look at the liquid windows too um you know in light you can see it but sometimes you know you get some shadows and it's not super easy but of course you could always just pull off your door and check your liquid level like that all right guys that is it for the up close let's go ahead go up top vape this and talk about it a little more all right here is the gemini pod mod i have the mtl coil inside it's reading 1.01 ohms 6 and sorry if you hear my puppy whining 16 watts and what i did was i put the plugs on both sides and i didn't show you guys this in the up close but there's a little hole on the airflow control ring that you can use for the mtl coil not just the big slot i have the airflow dialed in just how i like it here we go i don't know if you guys can hear that but i just had him out and then i put him back in his crate and uh he's still whiny of course he's so needy anyway um just chill give me a few minutes bro now let's pull the plugs out and vape it the exact same way here we go and i don't know if um yeah i think it's loosened up maybe a little bit but um it seems to be a smoother draw with the mtl coil when i have the plugs in airflow is still getting in through these windows i'm kind of surprised they even gave you plugs at all because it's got afc on the base because airflow is still getting in through these little windows but i love the mtl coil in this thing i can get a nice medium mtl draw 16 watts 17 watts or so it's fantastic and the drip tip is really comfortable now i went ahead and swapped over to the mesh coil i got the airflow wide open 50 watts and i changed the drip tip out here we go it's a loose restricted lung head i would say there's some some restriction there but not a ton it's good though let's uh try it with the plugs in and i'm getting kind of a nick buzz because i have six milligram in this one as well restricts it a little bit but not much it makes the draw a little bit more silent though a little bit smoother so let's talk pros and cons cons first first off i wish the magnets were a little bit stronger on this battery door here let's see if i can get them to fall off get the door to fall off on its own no i mean it's not going to come off on its own but it just you know it doesn't give off a ton of confidence it's a little bit on the light side as far as you know the connection and it's got a little bit of rocking on that door also the pods on this aren't the easiest to get out you know you got to push down and kind of pry it out but it's not a huge deal to me because you don't have to take the pods out very often you can fill it in place you just really want to take the pot out when you go to swap out the coil or you're putting in the 510 adapter um what else would have been nice if it had usbc but that's another thing that's not a huge deal breaker to me especially because it says replaceable batteries so you know i won't be charging this in place very often and one other thing to be aware of is that you can accidentally plug up airflow depending on how you're holding this if you hold it like this you might plug up some of the airflow it might change the draw a little bit so you want to hold it more fingertips as opposed to like this because you could plug up some airflow that's what i got as far as cons now as far as pros go one of the best-looking all-in-one devices on the market in my opinion also love that it has replaceable 510 drip tips the button feels great the screen layout is nice and easy i love the mtl coil in this thing flavor's good on both coils but really love the mtl coil in this thing i'm gonna buy more because i can get a nice tight mtl draw and a single 18650 battery device at 16 17 watts is gonna last you all day the buttons feel good it feels like a nice higher end device it feels solid a little bit heavier than some other aios because it's all zinc alloy but it just feels like it's built to last so yeah i'm really digging this thing one of my favorite single 18 650 all-in-ones of the year and oh it's nice having replaceable batteries that you could swap in and out because then you can bring an extra battery with you and never have to stop and charge it and wait you know what i'm saying also i believe with the ultra boost line of coils there's multiple different coils and i think there's an rba for it as well but i don't have my hands on that yet now price on this thing is around 50 bucks gonna come in multiple different color combinations let's end it there folks that about wraps it up until next time thanks for watching suck my mud

today we're gonna check out the gemini hybrid pod mod this is from the lost

vape quest line and takes a replaceable 18650 battery

let's go ahead and dive into it 

Gemini Hybrid by Lost Vape