Review of nexMesh and the SubOhm Tank


if you're a fan of the next mesh well you're going to want to check this one out it is the next mesh pro tank from [Music] [Applause] [Music] watofo welcome to the vapor trail channel i'm tony yeah this is what we're looking at today the next mesh pro tank from with tofo now i have not used this yet and they only set one so the way i'm going to do this video is as i often do i will go ahead and record this so i can show you everything i'll use it for a few days and then i will come back and do the second portion of it where i'm on camera and give you my thoughts on it okay sound good let's do it so i've got a couple of different boxes of coils here now these are coils that are compatible with this tank because they're saying it's a multi-coil tank there are several coils that will work now these are pro tank versions so they're the ones that came with this or were made for this tank but they're also compatible with the previous version of the next mesh tank the sub ohm tank you know what i mean basically what this is is an upgraded version of the original nexmesh sub ohm tank they've changed a couple design features on here it still has the conical heating core you know the mesh they do have lots of colors for this so that's pretty cool it's nice that they do that again it takes multiple next mesh coils there is an rba section for it that is sold separately i'm going to show you that in just a minute but here's the tricky thing because they have all these different colors blue and all that stuff for the tank there are currently only three different colors available for this rba black gunmetal and stainless steel and it's important the color i'll show you why in just a second now this tank can hold up to six mil depending on which coil or which p you know glass that you have on it and the colors are black stainless steel gunmetal gold blue and rainbow so i like that right on the box it's basically showing you what kind of mesh are in there either like a you know chain link fence type or something more exotic that's inside of it that's a single conical and this is a single conical net m so this is net and that is not and here on the side it shows you that on the h15 it's a single and parallel coil so basically you're gonna have mesh and a wire in there let me see if i can zoom in so you can see that better so basically with the h15 you have single m and parallel coils so there's mesh over here on one side and coil on the other side i'm really curious to see how that's going to come out all right so these are the 13 and the 11 for the coils and what the heck let's show you this right now because i think it's important that you see it says uh let's see best power at 40 to 55 watts with a framed staple clapton that is included in here so let's pull this out of here so this is the gunmetal one so this matches the tank that i have and this is why i say when you buy this you have to buy the entire base so if you buy a blue tank you're not going to be able to buy the rba section that matches but you might have a cool looking tank with the gunmetal bottom you know i don't know if they plan to release all the other colors as far as the rba base goes but right now three colors black gunmetal and stainless steel all right so just keep that in mind if you're wanting to buy one of these all right so it opens up especially if you want to have the rba opens up and i like this it's got that honeycomb down here at the bottom which kind of mirrors their meshes what they were saying and the two post design which is super easy just back those out stick your coil through there clip it off at the back and yeah you're good to go well you got to wick it through and drop your wicks down into those little wick wells right there and then put this on and this has got a nice little drum to it or barrel or chimney or whatever you want to call it it's got a good concave to it so that will uh that would be good there we go so that's your rba base i might try this but i'm really interested in these coils also inside of the box for that is extra grub screws and an allen wrench with some o-rings and that is the coil that they send you along with some cotton now in that i've taken this tank apart and checked it out i am familiar with it but like i say i'm gonna have to use it before i give you my opinions on it and here on the side it says that it's gunmetal this is the next mesh pro tank metal and on everything that they have including the uh right here on this it even says rebuildable deck coil on here so they're really pushing that rebuildable deck not included here on the side it tells you coils that are that were made for this you've got the h15 that's the one i'm most curious about here single mesh and parallel coil we already looked at that 0.15 also included is the clapton mesh coil now we saw that clapton mesh with the profile rdta so that's what they're using in there that's kind of interesting not included are the h11 and h13 that's the ones that i showed you and that's what those look like so you've got the kind of let me let me zoom in here they're both conical as you can see and they've just got different you know this is like a a net and that's a different type of mesh not included in this but available all right so over here look at the size of this beefy bad boy coil man let me pull that out of here all right so this is the h12 coil and it is 0.2 ohms best at 55 to 75 watts that's a monster right there look at that thing and the mesh that's in there is the clapton you can kind of see that it's it's woven in there like that those are clapton wires made into a mesh got your big glass over here if i can get it out of there pull this out these stuff's in there pretty tight so you got your bubble glass right there okay and then extra o-rings and seals and then they do give you a manual nex-m pro-tank it's pretty basic i mean you know tanks don't really need manuals but it's nice that they do give you that now i'm not as opposed to bubble glasses as i used to be but this looks pretty good with the straight glass on it so that's probably how i'll use it big fat drip tip on this thing i mean that is just woof that's a big big drip tip 810 style o-ring on the inside so you can use all of your other 810 stuff that little dot right there that means that's where you push to open it up and it's got a nice little seal that's in there this looks i'm gonna i'm definitely gonna clean this up before i use it because i haven't used it yet and there's some stuff in there it's got the lips right there you just pop your bottle nozzle through that and squirt it in and when you're done close that up like that and that does work with the drip tip on there just saying now down here at the bottom next mesh pro tank go ahead and check the airflow down here it's got a nice resistance to it there are three big airflow holes so you're going to get a lot of airflow with this thing go ahead and open this up all right so that pulls out of here you can see your positive is gold plated down there the positive has two points going to touch it out there on the sides so we just grab this coil and pop it out of there just like that i mean you know it's pretty simple and then to disassemble it further you just undo this i do like that method because it's kind of got this little cage down here glass comes right off and then that goes back on like that so you can put either coil that you want in here this one right here is the one that you know you can actually see see there's straight wire on this side and then there's mesh over there that's the one i'm going to try right there right so we're just putting that in and then we just go like that and we can just put that on threads are good there we go i mean i think it's got a pretty good look to it i think it's going to vape well i'm really curious about this coil that has both mesh and a regular wire in it what let's see how that works out okay so that is the next mesh pro tank so i don't use a lot of tanks these days i you know i use a lot of either aios like maybe the billabox or the dot aio or squonks with you know an rda on there so it's always interesting to check out what is going on with tanks when i do get a new one to test out now these things the coils are just gigantic look at the size of that my majama the one that i have in here right now is the h15 it is single m and parallel coil resistance at 0.15 ohms best power is 65 to 80 watts i was pretty stoked to try it out because it's got two different types of coils inside of it so how does it work well let's test it out yeah that is to say it works great the flavor of these things is really good i haven't had any leakage problems or anything like that and i was just curious to see you because they're working in tandem you've got a standard coil and a mesh coil all in one coil it's it's mind boggling no it really isn't but it does work really well now that was at 65 watts and this thing is up to 80 watts so we just took this up to 75 watts i always feel like there's no real need to drive a coil all the way to its breaking point but for research i'll do it but let's try this out 75 watts definitely a nice hot vape with that one at 75 watts let's take it up to 80. all right 80 watts now this coil has been in here for two days now off and on usage you know not constant usage so it should be pretty well broken in nice man a super warm vape with lush lush flavors it is really really good the reason why i tell you you don't have to drive them all the way up because each flavor profile is going to be different with different amounts of heat there's a lot of vapor in here right now anyways you're going to get different amounts of flavor at different heats when you're just using a different flavor profile so what you do is you put your flavor in there you start off low and you adjust it and then when okay it tastes a little bit better a little bit lower you find your sweet spot and there you stay now that might be at 80 watts but typically it's not so i'm going to say well in my experience with this coil 70 watts has been working perfectly for me so here's 70 watts yeah definitely definitely works that is right there for the sweet spot this is a oreo cookie type flavor so it's you know it sits right perfectly at 70 watts for me and dang this thing does it puts off a lot of vapor so if you're going to be using this you're going to be blowing big clouds there's no question about it whichever coil you use i did use one of the other coils just to test it out and one of each of these coils from these boxes here personally i prefer this what is it it's called the h-15 i really like it but all of them are good including that clapton wire mesh that was something that they brought out with the profile rdta from mr just right so putting it into use in one of these coils well that just makes sense let me get one more this tastes so good yeah all right well that is the next mesh pro tank from with tofo so basically the tank is is powered by nexmesh technology hey i want to thank you so much for your support here on the channel likes comment share subscriptions always very important to a channel like mine so if you like what you see at that thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there's a red subscribe button if you click that and the notification bell you'll get notifications when i upload new videos i have links down there for facebook twitter pinterest and instagram if you have one of those i'd appreciate a follow and don't forget the links are down there for advocacy always very important for us to keep up with what's going on a lot of it is just a little nebulous right now we're still waiting to see which shoes are going to drop on all this but i know a lot of the companies did file for pre-market tobacco applications and the fda says that they're willing to work with us but if you want to keep up with what's going on the best 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if you're a fan of the next mesh well you're going to want to check this one out it is the next mesh pro tank from we're looking at today the next mesh pro tank from with tofo now