Review Of SMOK Rigel Vape Kit


what's happening everybody i'm daniel degelsberg and welcome back to the channel smog has been pushing the envelope when in regards to pod systems and aios lately or as they call them pod mods so this time smoke is pushing the envelope with dual battery box mods by breaking the boundaries of possible sizes to achieve with the dual battery box mod the rifle here in the form of a kit paired with the tfv9 tank inside the box we find the user manual we find the quality control and warranty card we find a battery warning card we find the rigel box mod in the color we chose we find the tfv9 tank matching the color of the mod we find a spare straight glass tank a spare mesh coil head some spare o-rings and spare ceiling gasket last and very satisfying a type a to type c usb charging and firmware upgrade cable the tfv9 is the same exact kind of tank i've talked about and used before so many times especially the coil heads too it's a rather small sebum tank that has two airflow slots that are interrupted or split in the middle to smooth out the airflow it has a swiveling top feel part that is locked so you have to pull up the top section to unlock it and then swivel it to the side in order to fill and refill also since this section is spring loaded it will lock the fill part closed the drip tip is the same kind of non-standard a10 drip tip we typically find in other smog atomizers and even when we unscrew the base we find the same kind of coil head a baby b style coil head so it's also compatible with nrg coil heads if those are your preference the coil heads included are both the same 0.15 ohm coil heads mesh coil heads rated to operate between 40 and 90 watts either way pretty much the same tank as before with a huge variety of coil heads available for it on the market already which is a great thing the rigel mod itself is a dual 18650 battery box mod and so far what i would classify an amazing masterpiece for the most part by far one of their best creations hands down for the most part it's one of the smallest dual battery box mods in the market it's super lightweight since it's fully made out of plastic and even has both the dimple pattern and the rubberized feel found on the gen and gen s box mod so we know who they were clearly targeting after designing this one overall an exciting time for vapers who wants something more than a pod system the 510 connector up top protrudes from the plastic frame just a hair it has a spring-loaded positive center pin and looks like it's press fit which would be unfortunate however we will take a look underneath or i will try this entire top section will fit up to 26 millimeter diamond atomizers as a matter of fact here is the tfv9 which is 24.5 millimeters in diameter at the base and you can see indeed we can use up to pretty much 26 millimeter diameter atomizers when overhang the only thing they missed is with some of the colors and how the tank matches the mod not so much on the black the black is fine but colors like the red or even this green the tank doesn't really match the mod as well as the gen kit vaporesso definitely did it better in this department yet when we talk about size you can see here the rigel is a much smaller dual battery box mod even compared to the gen a lot smaller and to be honest one of the smallest and lightest dual battery box mods on the market today then we have some carbon fiber panels on both sides a few ventilation holes down below and control area with the color display there is a rather wide and large fire button that is both clicky and mushy then down below the up and down buttons that are both clicky but less mushy down below them would you look at this that's right finally a type c usb charging and firmware upgrade part on a smock device thank you smok on the on one side and down at the bottom though you can find this little slot you can use to pop open the battery door which is also made of plastic and kept in place very well using large and strong magnets this reveals the battery compartment that has fixed contacts up top but spring-loaded contacts down below then there are the battery markings oh the battery markings come on smog you can do better paint these white to contrast with the black background and make them easier to be seen please i did remove all four visible screws in the hopes of taking this one apart and be able to specially inspect the 510 connector underneath unfortunately i could not remove the internals without breaking it so either they used some glue are there some screws hiding behind the carbon fiber panels either way i yanked on this 510 connector pretty hard and i wasn't able to pull it out so hopefully it is in fact secured underneath but only the time will tell unfortunately anyway moving on of course you will need two 18650 batteries installed in the correct orientation for this device to work the battery door once closed fits in place very well snug and with no play whatsoever the mod will still be off at this point so you have to press the fire button 5 times to wake it up 5 clicks again if you want to power the mod off by the way the interface and modes for that matter are very similar to their pod mods the display will show the percentage of each battery cell wattage voltage applied attached resistance puff counter and the time of the puff and even though it shows battery a and battery b in the battery compartment you don't find the matching information which is odd you will be using the up and down buttons to adjust the wattage from 1 watt all the way up to 230 watts in 1 watts increments and even though it has a stopper it will still round robin however when you find your wattage you can lock the buttons by pressing them both and still be able to fire and vape press them together again to unlock them if instead you want to lock the mod rather than turning it off you can do so by pressing the fire button three times three clicks again to unlock it pressing both fire and right buttons as many times as you want you can change the color of the interface from a few different colors here included if you press both far and left the ability to select yes and indeed reset the puff counter if you need to upgrade the firmware or recharge the batteries inside you can use a type-c usb cable and you will see the percentage of each cell however you can still fire and vape it while it's charging anyway that's it a very simple very minimalistic type of device like their pod mods so if you are a variable wattage vaper you may find it appealing if you are a little more advanced or into temperature control like myself maybe not yet it's still a device that is nice to see being released so the smok rigel kit which is available in black red silver black blue black and black green for around 60 dollars which is a little on the pricey side considering it's a rather basic variable wattage only kit although that's subjective the thing is i think they accomplished something quite amazing with this one for the most part anyway the tank as i said is the same kind of tank with the upgraded swiveling top feel part that locks closed which i quite appreciate and applaud also using the same baby beast coil head so widely available already as well as an rg nrg coil heads if those are your preference the mod though is quite possibly the best dual battery box mod smoke has ever released that is if you don't need more than 180 watts of power more on that later the size is just incredible in the way too even though that is to be expected when it's built out of plastic pretty much the same as the vaporesso gen and gen s mods even though that one is a little more advanced and with a bigger footprint the display and interface is quite nice too and even has the battery percentage for each cell although this should include calculated amperage output on the screen too [Music] the features yes they are quite underwhelming but if you are a straight wattage vapor or if you are coming from a pod or an aio or a pod mod this may be just enough and quite frankly all you need is to be honest with yourself and your actual requirements it's just an overall solid mod with a very solid and secure battery door and even an up-to-date usb type-c charging and firmware upgrade port in terms of performance this one is reading resistance is the most accurate i've seen on smog devices however and they're powered like i haven't seen even in their latest high wattage devices the signal is flat at the lowest wattage and with a 28 milliseconds delay same signal and same delay at the medium wattage and the same flat signal at the highest wattage yet with the 40 milliseconds response time the 510 connection or more precisely the positive center pin has more travel than the most common in all other devices i measured through all these years as far as battery management it discharges them a little unbalanced however it recharges them inside well let's consider a 0.02 volt difference more or less balanced and averaging 1.2 amps finally i'm not sure if it's built with an internal temperature protection as i wasn't able to get the error when stress tested yet i was never able to get it warmer than 46 degrees celsius anyway which is 114 degrees fahrenheit [Music] so i really really like the size indeed it feels grippy just like the gen which is a great thing and reads resistances accurately the interface is very easy to use fires fast and the display is well organized with battery percentage we even have an up-to-date usb port type-c usb unfortunately though it's a little underpowered considering the advertised maximum wattage the battery orientation not as visible as it should be and lastly it's a little underwhelming as far as modes available with only variable wattage even though this is subjective because for some of you watching variable wattage may be the only mode you care about if i was to rate this one i will still give this one a b when i really wanted to give it this one a solid a however that would be only possible if it was indeed firing within what's being advertised and if you want a special opportunity to score one youtube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my website's newsletter which you have to be already signed for or sign for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag smog to your comments just to let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter is sent every sunday with the winners for the previous week all right i'm done stay sexy and vape on [Music] you