Review of Uwell Caliburn G Vape


i look greasy because i was just exercising and then i'm like hey let's make a video recently single after six years if you want to know more i have a patreon on my other channel and i've also posted some stuff on twitter and instagram so yeah let's just move on no need to dwell on it for review today the caliburn g by ul the pod is right here and it holds two milliliters of e-liquid when it's brand new there's a little sticker right here the pot is reusable the only thing that i got to replace is the coil to fill it the easiest way to do it is to stick it back onto the device and just pull off the top like this custom made wendy vapes e-liquid coming right up and this is zero milligrams i don't use nicotine so if you're new to vaping this part's super important don't ever put the liquid down the center hole unless it's some crazy design that i don't know about but the fill hole is actually where this red area is right here and there is a seal there but as soon as you stick e-liquid through there it will allow it to go in it just won't allow it to go out so it's kind of a no spill design so with a brand new coil in there and some fresh e-liquid give it like three to five minutes so that cotton in there can saturate so inside of here is a 690 milliamp hour rechargeable battery and it recharges through the usb port on the bottom it's gonna come in a few different colors i guess i'll show you guys what they sent me this one is rosie brown you've already seen the blue black and the last one they sent me is green and if you're wondering what it's made out of it's mostly aluminum so it is on the lighter side the max wattage that this thing can hit at is 18 watts but you don't have to worry about adjusting wattage it'll just automatically set wattage based on the resistance of the coil it comes with two coils and this is how it comes packaged here's the box here's what it looks like on the back side pretty exciting right so when i open this up you're gonna see the exact same vape that i was just holding because i put it back in the box and all this paperwork's just gonna fly right on out of there so one of the coils is already in here and then the other ones on this side oh there's the second coil and a little dinky itty bitty charge cable but at least it is type c in total there's two coils and they are identical both of them are 0.8 ohm resistance and they can be vaped between 13 and 18 watts the airflow depends on which way i stick this pod back into the device you see that little hole right there if i take out the pod there's another hole on the bottom right here so if the hole is closer to this hole i will have more airflow if i flip it the other way around i'm gonna have more restrictive airflow what is that one two three four five clicks turns it on and then all i have to do is push the button to vape or it's draw activated so here it is with more airflow less airflow there's not a huge difference between the two airflows but you're gonna be able to feel it i really like the draw or pull on this thing it is nice and smooth and the flavor it's pretty darn good i'm really picking up that double spearmint gum that wendy made me she nailed it it's it's spot on i think it's every monday that she does this these live streaming diy videos where she makes liquids so if you want to check that out her channel is called wendy vapes that little light right there is a battery life indicator light so it will go from green to blue and then once the battery is pretty darn low red and then you should recharge it i do like it better than the original caliber and i think it is an improvement there's a usbc type c port the button i think it's nicer this time and there's sort of adjustable airflow depending on how you stick this thing in original caliburn caliburn g so there they are side by side and now i'm realizing there's one big difference huge difference that i forgot to mention between these two i don't have a pod for this anymore because the pause for this once you're done with it you chuck the whole thing with this you just replace the coil so better extra coils come in boxes of four and the pods the little tank is sold separately as well too if you need an extra one and it's kind of cool to have an extra one because then you can have multiple flavors like set up and ready to go in your little paws and just pick it up put it on your device so yeah oh that's it that's everything i had to say so next up is my cheesy outro toodaloo bye all right oh all right all right okay yeah yeah all right let me just set up my lighting while i keep saying okay hi i'm sophie and i'm okay i'm okay sorry oh i look so greasy but you know what greasy is better than dry first video in a while huh let's get ready for a video gonna look good gotta look good oh yeah i'm about to do a review because this is sophie reviews and i'm sophie oh these are not your regular vape reviews like i'm still going to cover all the same stuff but i'm going to be a little silly about it i'm sophie and this is sophie reviews

for review today the caliburn g by ul the pod is right here and it holds two milliliters of e-liquid when it's brand new there's a little sticker right here