Review of VandyVape Kylin mini II RTA


what's happening everybody i'm daniel dj lsbeps and welcome back to the channel so it looks like vending vape is unstoppable now even though i just reviewed the vendivae product the pulse v2 squawk mod let's review another one today we'll take a look at the latest and greatest upgrade to the kylin mini rta the kylin mini version 2 rta this one is a single coil rebuildable tank we'll take a look at all its features i will build it wicked and let you know all my thoughts later on inside the box you'll find the kylin mini version 2 with the bubble tank installed and in the color you chosen you also receive a straight glass tank you receive a coil lead trimming tool with the length marked on the side we receive one exotic car with all the specs on the package huge props to that finally a bag with spare o-rings spare post screws flat head by the way 510 drip tip adapter and an allen driver i'm sure the final retail version will come to you with the user manual as well the kalin mini version 2 is a small single coil rta 25 millimeters in diameter at the base even though tempered and much wider when used with the bubble tank installed this one shares the same style of honeycomb airflow adjustment and as a matter of fact the same overall looks as the kalin mrta which i have reviewed in summary a pretty decent mesh rta with very smooth airflow as opposed to using regular coils like the highland mini and now also the kali mini version too the airflow control is honeycomb style adjusted on both sides the same using this airflow control ring which is fitted with stopping points the drip tip is a10 with an o-ring inside the connector and as always vendive usually adds some vg to the o-rings so they don't get stuck also no matter if you have the drip tip attached or not it's always possible to unscrew and open the top fuel part which reveals a massive liquid well there's plenty of space to pour your liquid in also when this section is off it's also possible to remove the airflow adjustment ring from the tank below the base we have our 510 connector of course with low profile negative threads in the positive center pin that protrudes quite a lot to be honest yet still measuring 5.1 millimeters total which is perfectly within the most common travel of the positive contacts in most mods unscrewing the base gives you access to the build deck and to the glass tank which allows you to switch between bubble and straight glass now to the build deck and would you look at this quite crazy looking to say the least with airflow that looks pretty much like a 270 degree coverage of the coil it comes down through these openings inside the chamber and from the top then feeds these side channels and eventually the coil however it looks like it will supply air to the coil in a honeycomb style from underneath and from the sides quite an exciting design to say the least there's also two openings on both sides to fit the liquid into your wick and then yes as you may have noticed already you will have to saturate your weak and then move it into place there will be nothing holding the wick in place before you screw the chamber onto the build deck and base the build deck also has to lock to be aligned with the airflow channels in the liquid channel so it does lock indeed even though the deck does in fact lock onto the chamber unit and you eventually have to screw and unscrew the base the 510 connector is solid and doesn't spin along with the deck these means as opposed to a lot of other rebuildables that are designed like this but because the 510 spins along with the build deck you cannot have the base screwed to a mod when you screw the tank back this one doesn't suffer from that you can clearly have the base screwed on the mod and screw or unscrew the tank without a problem even if you may have heard otherwise huge props to that the post screws are accessible from the sides and the ones included here are regular allen grub screws however they do provide flat head too but unfortunately no spares of each kind the coil provided here is of a bigger mess than i usually like and wrapped pretty loose too so instead i will use a five wrap stainless steel alien coil i wrapped myself to build this one you have to trim your coil leads in advance and about seven millimeters long to do so i used my coily tool which is the original tool and a lot more useful i highly recommend this tool you may have noticed already and you would be right that there's only two holes and in this configuration the coil you purchase or you build yourself to install here has to be wrapped counterclockwise otherwise you may struggle a little to get the coil straight in the end the coil should be positioned centered between the walls and it will end up this high inside this airflow chamber kind of deck of course even if i glow my coil at this point i won't have any hot spots as it is a spaced coil anyway to wick mine once the coil was cold of course i used some fireball shoelace style cotton however i do recommend that you remove the aglet afterwards fluff each end ever so slightly not too much here and trim each end protruding about this much from the coil in base now as i mentioned earlier you have to prime your coil in wicks especially because it has to be wet enough for you to place it in the proper channels using some tweezers helps and keeps your fingers clean once you do more or less and it doesn't have to be perfect because once you align and screw everything back together the chamber will sandwich the wicking into place just fine given of course that you don't have too much cotton in there but also not too little or it may flood the chamber once you're done with all that feel free to fill the tank and this one is actually deceiving because it actually holds quite a fair amount of liquid close it in the end and you are ready to go so the kylie mini version 2 rta is available in matte black stainless steel gray gunmetal rainbow and gold for around 32 dollars and what an upgrade remember the kylian meaning i mean the kylin and the kylie mini rtas have always been revolutionary in terms of airflow trying to wrap around the coil or coils more and more this one is no exception and goes way beyond what others did when starting to copy this style of design and airflow well so much so that the kali mini version 2 rta now has a honeycomb style airflow that wraps around the coil almost entirely pretty much 170 degrees to be precise the first thing i noticed with this one is that the wick stays white for a lot longer so clearly the more surface area covered with airflow the more efficient everything is going to work and clearly the wick lasts longer too but the main or perhaps biggest aspect of this rta is flexibility once you build it the possible configurations of airflow where the flavor is spot on are endless for instance the build from the close-up is coming at around 0.19 ohms and i can vape this same exact build with the airflow wide open which is still a little restricted by the way but i can vape it with the airflow wide open and get a much denser vapor production at 80 watts in the same way i can bring the wattage down to 60 watts around 60 watts and close the airflow down to just three tiny holes on both sides right there you can see well barely see but just three tiny holes on both sides and these folks was a very restricted direct lung just the way i like less vapor production obviously but the same flavor which is crazy so like i said this one wins in being so versatile as far as airflow and flavor having the airflow in honeycomb style wrapped around the coil a lot more clearly makes a huge difference and brings a lot more versatility to the table for sure yet still being a top airflow rta also makes this one very leak resistant for sure but you have to nail the wicking that is very crucial on this one more than others but if you wick yours exactly like i did in the b-roll section of this review you should have absolutely no problems with yours trust me i weak mine several times already another aspect very common to atomizers where the deck locks into the chamber was very well done and very well thought out here too normally with tanks like this you have to unscrew the base from your mod and then screw the base onto the tank and then screw it back onto the mod everything back to the mod not with this one i don't know how they did it probably the deck is just press fit onto the base and still done to spin around but no matter how they did it they did it really well because as you can clearly see in the close-up section of this review you can clearly leave the base attached to the mod and then just screw the tank back onto the base genius right so i like the looks and size 5 mls of liquid capacity is still not too bad for a single coil rta and building it is easy if your coils are wrapped counterclockwise you can leave the deck attached to the mod when you attach the tank back to the deck or back to the base and the flavor is insanely great finally it's still the top airflow rta which means even if you mess up the wicking the least that can happen is having the chamber and build deck flooding but you won't have your liquid running down on you well unless you turn the tank upside down of course now to the few issues though there are two different types of grub screws included but no spares of each wicking it is not the easiest job as there's no outside ring holding the wicks in place finally the deck is designed for coils that are read counterclockwise when the most common is to find coils wrapped clockwise yet not a huge concern if you make or wrap your own if i was to rate this one i would give it a solid a there's no way i can give it less with this flavor and this flexibility despite the little annoyances i found and if you want a special opportunity to score one of these youtube doesn't allow it to be conducted on the platform so it will be conducted externally through my website's newsletter which you have to be already signed for or sign for right now using the link in the corner or the link in the description down below you also have to add hashtag vendivet to your comment just to let me know you want to enter and the same newsletter is sent every sunday with the winners for the previous week all right i'm done stay sexy and vape on [Music] [Music] you

 it looks like vending vape is unstoppable now even though i just reviewed the vendivae product the pulse v2 squawk mod