❤Vaperz Cloud Asgard Review the Best RDA of 2020


what's up inside is deuces jacket vaping insider today we're gonna be going over the asgard and asgard mini oh yeah baby i'm about to give you a two for one let's cut down low before we get into the video click the link down below in the top comment in order to join our facebook group we're gonna be going over the asgard the full big boy one and then we're gonna be going over the asgard mini as well okay let's do these one at a time we'll start off with the mini in the packaging you get your rda you can see i got the acrylic version you get your beauty ring you get a secondary drip tip and you get a solid 510 some spare deck screws and some o-rings as well all right let's start off with the spare drip tip you can see this drip tip really really skinny this is the one that comes pre-installed i got rid of it right away and use the bigger one here is your beauty ring you can see mine looks a little scuffed up right and i think i made a mistake by putting this in the ultrasonic cleaner i think it might have scuffed it up a little bit it don't bother me that much just be aware that if you do get the acrylic one i think you should keep it out of the ultrasonic cleaner i think i also got some marks on my airflow that way as well now here is the asgard mini the acrylic version you can see pretty sexy you can see those marks i'm telling you about that i think i got from the ultrasonic cleaner it's still sexy looking here is the drip tip right here okay just comes out you can see this one's definitely thicker than the other one definitely more comfortable all right it is an 810 style drip tip all your other 810s should fit just fine no issues with that okay now they did something really interesting with this see the airflow here you have all your honeycomb slots it's kind of hard to see on the acrylic you'll see it better on the metal one you can adjust your airflow just by twisting the barrel to the side see how it moves there are stoppers on both ends all right kind of cool the way they did that locking barrel system on an acrylic cap the other ones i wish they would have sent the metal i would have preferred the metal but they did send me a metal 30 millimeter one right now when you pop the top cap off now we'll go over the deck in a second let me show you the cap a little bit more there's where you can see those ultrasonic marks all right now if you want to take out the insert you got to take out the drip tip right and then what you do is you kind of stick your finger in there slide it all the way to the side and then it gets a little finicky coming out but the insert does come out see just like that now you can see the the mark that i'm talking about the uh probably with the ultrasonic cleaner but nice piece this is a chamber reducer okay and what you're gonna do is when you build this thing right i know these are jb coils i believe they're the low boys all right when you build it what you want to do is you see that little notch right there right there you want to line it up with the notch on the deck right and you want to let it sit there you want to eyeball it make sure you're not too close to that plastic piece all right because you don't want those coils brushing up against that plastic piece you're gonna you're gonna want to make sure you have space all right so just make sure you test it out before you build this thing and i'm gonna show you how to do a full build on this on the 30 millimeter one all right but i just wanted to show you this okay so we're going to put that plastic piece on the side all right and you can see you got a nice deep juice well right here okay gold-plated part is your positive post here's your negative post all right and you can see those jb coils look kind of sexy in there you know kind of has that like dog bone shaped deck right where you put the cotton right in here okay very very easy to build and wick it's a postless deck you got two o-rings over here you got a lip on the bottom flat head screws as far as the grub screws go i wish they were hex i would have preferred hex on a deck like this it's not a deal breaker that it's flat head but i definitely would have preferred hex now on the bottom we got something interesting going on alright you can see it's serialized all right asgard mini okay now you also notice that i have a screw missing here okay these two screws are made to plug up the squonk pin it comes with the squonk pin pre-installed i took one out put it in there plugged it up because i've been running this on my centaurus okay before that i was running it on my uh topside duel all right so yeah you can take one of these screws out put it in there and plug it in or you can use the solid pin that comes as well if you want to take out the squonk pin but i think that's kind of a neat idea that you're carrying one of these around they also give you a spare one in the bag as well so let me show you how to put this thing back together put the airflow insert back in let it click in and then slide it to the side just like that and once you slide it to the side it don't come out okay and now what you can do to secure that is you pop your drip tip in and now you're ready to rock all right now you just take your cap slide it on just like so twist it until it seats and once it seats you're all put together and now you're ready to vape i don't have any wicks in there but if i did you'd be ready to vape now let's go over the big boy this is the 30 millimeter one all right comes in this bag just like that kind of nice looking we're gonna go over it in a second same exact contents as the asgard mini just a little different in size you get your allen key you get your solid 510 you get your spare squonk plug also some spare deck screws you get a bigger drip tip and you get a beauty ring beauty ring works like this put it in there just like that and it kind of gives you that tiered look the beauty ring i think looks better on the metal ones because you get a more pronounced step up as opposed to the to the clear one that i just showed you i really do like the beauty ring on the metal ones a lot better now you can also see this drip tip right here a little bit of a different shape i like the bigger one we're gonna keep the bigger one in there but the spare one is uh definitely on the small side i don't like these chicken lip drip tips they're just too short for me i don't like them at all i definitely prefer this one so let's take the beauty ring off let's go over the asgard now all right just pop it out just like that and you can see definitely better than the skinnier one i like that a lot again 810 style drip tip all your other 810s will fit fine in there as well okay now you can see the honeycombing a little better on this one right you can see you have ten rows of three right here with the honeycomb nice and smooth that's definitely going to give you some smooth airflow you can see the asgard branding right there very subtle don't mind it at all all right same thing with the airflow on this one it's got that insert where you just turn the barrel and the barrel locks into place okay to the left you're closing it to the right is fully open okay so i just wanted to show you that as well pop the top cap off we'll go over the deck in a second again very very similar situation we have going on here you put your finger inside this thing twist it give it a pull and there out comes your ultim insert okay same thing as the smaller one that i showed you cut out for the locking barrel part all right you can see the airflow on this right is kind of directed downward you can see it goes downward on the holes and on the slot so nice job on that directing that airflow downward all right let's go over the deck postle style deck nice sized post holes 10 millimeter deep juice well there's your notch right there in order to keep that ultim thing in place all right again on the bottom two o rings with a lip on the bottom okay and again with the deck screws flat head deck screws i would have definitely preferred hex screws right there but really big simple easy deck to build on we go back to the bottom of the atomizer again you can see asgard serialized gold-plated 510 insulator ring around it stainless steel threading around that these are your squonk pin plugs right there if you decide you don't want to use the solid pin all right nice feature i like that a lot coils we're going to be using today are jb coils these are his six bangers definitely check out jb coils this guy makes some awesome awesome coils now these are three and a half millimeter coils what i'm going to do is we're going to get the coil cutting tool we're going to cut these at around the five and a half spot so there's our coil measuring tool 5.5 spot right there put them in there all right get your flush cutters and just cut them nice and flush right up against that spot same thing on the other one boom repeat the process with the other coil pop it in there turn it over snip snip now we're going to take our deck and we're just going to drop our coils right in there just like so okay same thing on the other side we're going to take our deck and we're just going to drop the coils in there nice and easy very easy to do now we're going to put our finger on one of the coils right make sure your coil master is off we're going to tighten those legs down with the flat head screwdriver repeat the process on the other side now we're going to turn it around and repeat the process on the other coil alright make sure you hold your finger down on there just so the coil doesn't pop out of place on you okay and once you do that once you're all tight all right we can turn on our coil master you can see we're omen out at around 0.18 that's probably gonna change so let's do some coil placement first get your coiling rod in there and i kind of like to bend them over a little bit just like that same thing on the other side get in there manipulate them do whatever you got to do to make them look good and put them in the proper placement all right get them in there okay something like that all right they should look like that when you're done all right and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our ultim insert and we're gonna make sure we're not hitting we're gonna take our ultim insert we're gonna pop it on there and we're gonna make sure we got enough clearance on both sides okay let's turn it around let's take a look at the other side yeah it looks like we look good there okay because you don't want this altum hitting the coil you don't want that happening at all okay so that's how you that's how you test it out just give it a good look in fact we could probably bring them in just a little bit more okay maybe a little bit more pop them in just a little more yeah that actually looks a little better i feel safer with them in there a little more let's give it another test and see how it falls yeah that's definitely better i'd rather be a little further away than closer especially when working with ultim all right so that's where we're gonna leave it right there okay right now you can see we're omen out at 0.15 we're going to give it a little test fire here make sure we got no hot spots all right you can see we got some hot spots there we're going to scrape them out all right and now they look beautiful glowing evenly from the inside out which is exactly what we want cotton we're going to be using today is cloud 9 cotton in my opinion best cotton on the market right now i love this cotton i love this cotton and i love these coils let's turn off our tab for safety we're going to make one end of that cotton nice and pointy and we're just going to send it right through got some nice resistance there that's exactly how we want it and now we're going to take our cotton and we're going to cut it right down by that lip just like that same thing on the other side right down by that lip boom now we're going to take another piece of cloud 9 cotton make it nice and pointy and we're gonna send it right through just like so see how nice and tight that is see that nice resistance that's how you want it okay now what you can do is you can use your other cotton as a guide just give it a snip okay same thing on the other side use it as a guide and give it a snip all right now what you want to do is you want to take your vape shears take that cotton and just gently don't mess with the wicking properties just tuck it in there try to get the ends in first okay and just give it a nice fluffy tuck okay just like so all right turn it around same thing on the other side try to get the bottoms in first okay nice fluffy tuck same thing over here bottom in first try and get that in there nice and easy and there you go and there it is all built and wicked juice we're going to be using today is johnny's juice all over her face this is a peach nectarine and cream juice it is phenomenal so now what you want to do is you want to take your juice you want to give it a nice little saturation yeah i know i'm a little sloppy i'm a little bit of a sloppy dripper that's okay get that coil nice and saturated get that cotton saturated all right pop it right on there just like so now we can give it a little bit of a test fire make sure we got vape oh yeah we got vape and it smells delicious put a little bit more juice on there get it saturated and now we're ready for our cap pop that cap on there once the cap is on take your big drip tip pop that on there and now we're ready to pop this thing on our mod and start vaping on it but before i do that but before i do that let me plug up that squonk pin because i'm not going to be running it on a squonker you can use a 1.3 millimeter 1.27 millimeter driver in order to get that squonk plug out you simply take your driver put it in there loosen the screw up pop it out and pop it in just like that because i think i'm going to be running this on my org vape mod and i'm not going to be squonking so i plugged up the squonk pin all right so now it's ready to be run on a mod as a dripper let's go over those cons and pros we're gonna start off with cons as usual first con is gonna be and it's only on the mini i'm not crazy about that acrylic version of it i would have rather have had a metal version of it i think it vapes fantastic if i was judo unless you're looking to match it to something really specific i would stay away from the acrylic and i would go with the metal i'm definitely enjoying the metal on the big boy one a lot better than i am the acrylic it still vapes well i'm just not sure i like it i'd rather have the metal and the only other con i have and this goes for both sizes is you got to be careful when you're building on it right that that plastic piece you got to make sure you take your measurements you got to make sure you check it before you put everything back together like i did in the down low video because you don't want those coils too close especially if you're running a hot build you don't want to be melting that plastic okay but that's the only other con otherwise everything on this is pros so let's get into it first pro is going to be this thing's great as a squanker i was running the acrylic one on my carbon topside for a long time great as a squonker great as a dripper you can just blurt your juice down the middle i love the way it performs in both mode smooth air flow on this one and a nice range let me show you what i'm talking about i got the big boy one fully open i mean you hear that that just sounds smooth man if i cut it down a little bit like let's say halfway still man just so so smooth what a bang-up job they did on the airflow on this and i like the range the range on it is very nice it's definitely in the dl spectrum i would say it's from a medium dl to a wide open dl really really nice range on this one you saw it down low man this thing's easy to build they put a beauty ring in there i love it great job vapers cloud two drip tips included in the kit love it pro you get plenty of extras on this especially when it comes to the squonk side you get three squonk plugs or screws whatever you want to call them i showed them to you down low and the last pros gonna be i get great flavor and clouds from this thing i got the big boy one on the og vape check this out 92 watts check it out beautiful man just beautiful those jb coils are performing beautifully in there just really really nice man nothing wrong with that i get dense flavorful clouds i got to be honest with you this is one of my favorite dual coil rdas i love it let's move on to that five star rating system i gotta say in the looks category i like it i like the subtle branding i like the way they did the honeycomb air flow i like the way it looks i like the beauty ring i like that step down look you get with the beauty ring really really nice jobs on the looks in the looks category i'm giving it four and a quarter stars as far as building and wicking goes super easy to build and wick just be careful with that ultim piece i like the huge post holes nice job on that i would highly recommend five and a half on your coil measuring tool that's where i like to cut them on this deck in the building and wicking category i'm giving it a solid four stars as far as performance goes i love the performance on this thing i'm getting nice rich thick flavorful clouds flavor on it is just banging in the performance category i gotta give this thing four and a half stars it's worth it this thing's a performer check it out just beautiful now as far as the value goes i've been seeing this thing anywhere from 50 to 59 again in my opinion unless you're looking to specifically match something i'd stay away from the acrylic one i'd go with the metal ones if you can find it they're sold out all over the place and for good reason for a 50 to 60 buck chuck i don't think that's a lot to pay for what i consider one of the best atomizers of the year so far so in the value category i'm gonna give it another solid four stars we're gonna add all these stars up we're gonna come up with a whopping total star count of 16.7 16 and three quarters this thing scored well across the board we're gonna take these 16 and three quarter stars we're going to divide them by four and we're going to come up with an average star score of 4.1875 which makes the asgard in either size automatically deuces jack approved i gotta tell you man i love this rda i've had it for a couple of months now it's one of my all-time favorite rdas so far fantastic job vapors cloud all right let's go over some of the specs for the asgard and asgard mini we're going to start off with the asgard it measures in at 30 millimeters in diameter it is 33 millimeters with the beauty ring and it features a 10 millimeter deep juice well it's available in matte black polish or brushed stainless steel gold blue and gunmetal as far as the asgard mini goes it is 25 millimeters in diameter 28 millimeters with the beauty ring it has a six millimeter deep juice well the asgard mini is available in black polished or brushed stainless steel graphite blue purple red pink and green both atomizers come with post holes that measure 2.5 by 3 millimeters both rdas have two drip tips in the packaging don't forget insiders head on over to our facebook group vaping insider community for more exclusive behind the scenes content the feed flies there everybody's very friendly we would love to see you there i'm there all the time and that's it insiders that's all i got for you guys today you keep living that vape life we're out of here deuces

today we're gonna be going over the asgard and asgard mini