Can quitting vaping can lead to weight gain ?


hey guys dr frank here founder of addiction mindset recovery coaching programs and in today's brief video i want to talk about a common myth that we often hear when it comes to quitting vaping and that's that you're going to gain weight and let me just put some truth behind this right now that is 100 percent not true although it often occurs it's not something that has to happen to you and in today's video we're going to talk about why people gain weight when they quit vaping how weight gain actually occurs in the body and some simple things that you can do to avoid gaining weight when you quit vaping or when you quit smoking or when you quit using nicotine my name is dr frank founder of the addiction mindset recovery coaching programs where we help people quit nicotine thc energy drinks and a whole host of other addictions if you want more one-on-one help feel free to call our offices below and subscribe to our youtube channel i put out a video day to help you quit so in today's video i want to start by discussing why do people start to crave sugar or why do people start to gain weight when they quit smoking or when they quit vaping well it's really simple if we look at nicotine nicotine is a substance it's a drug and it releases a neurotransmitter in our bodies called dopamine dopamine is that neurotransmitter that makes us feel good it's also that neurotransmitter molecule that reinforces a behavior so if you're used to chiefing on your vape all day long or smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco you've trained your brain to become used to this constant release of dopamine this constant release of this neurotransmitter so when you quit your brain notices that it's lacking dopamine it's lacking that feel good neurotransmitter and that's a problem that's problematic for a lot of reasons you start to feel depressed sometimes after you quit you might start to feel a little decrease in energy your speech patterns might get a little funky your sleep patterns might get messed up i mean dopamine is involved in a lot of stuff so your brain says okay where can i go get a readily available hit that's going to give me that dopamine source and if you're not getting it from nicotine your brain is probably going to lean to something that it knows sugar now sugar also happens to be highly addicting sugar also happens to release dopamine and sugar also happens to be the main culprit behind weight gain now when people think of sugar we often just think of candy we often just think of really really sweet fruits things that are really sweet pop soda cereal and that's not the case all food that we eat for the most part is eventually converted into something called glucose in our bodies glucose is sugar now our body converts food to sugar because we use sugar for energy we use glucose for energy now you can use fat for energy you can use protein for energy too but our bodies our muscles and our brains use glucose for energy so it's something yes that we that we need but you don't need to be gain it from candy and that's where we're going with this so you quit vaping you quit smoking your brain is craving that dopamine release and instead of going to do something like working out going for a jog spending time with someone that you love spending time speaking to someone that you're in a relationship with you go and you start to binge eat sugar because your brain knows that that sugar is going to give you dopamine the problem is we now begin to enter the cycle of sugar addiction sugar has been shown to be equally as addictive as cocaine if we give sugar to 9 out of 10 rats uh or i'm sorry if we give sugar to 10 rats and we also give them cocaine nine out of ten of them are gonna go back for the sugar versus the cocaine now the problem with sugar and why it's so addicting is because every time we eat sugar sugar turns into glucose when glucose is released in our blood our bloodstream our blood sugar our blood sugar levels elevate when this happens our body releases something called insulin insulin takes this sugar and it jams it into our cells to get used as energy or when we have too much of it present like if we're binge eating candy cereal pop soda just sugary foods what's gonna happen is that excess sugar is going to be stored as fat right if you're not a marathon runner you're not a bodybuilder you're not michael phelps you're not an elite athlete you don't need that much glucose you don't need that many carbohydrates and a lot of athletes now are on the keto diet and they're not really consuming any starches a lot of them out there at least are going even more that direction so what happens this excess sugar gets stored as fat so we quit nicotine we quit vaping your brain craves dopamine your brain recognizes that sugar can be a source of dopamine release you then get these cravings for sugar you start to binge on foods the more sugar you eat the more your blood sugar level rises your body starts to release insulin insulin then stores that excess sugar is fat so the question becomes wow that sounds like a horrible cycle and now maybe you wind up with a sugar addiction which can lead to things like type 2 diabetes which i would argue is one of the leading causes of death in the united states type 2 diabetes or complications from type 2 diabetes such as heart disease and other things like that so it's like geez if we gave up smoking that's great if we gave up vaping that's great but it wasn't at the cost of our health remember the main reason you're quitting smoking or the main reason you're quitting vaping is to become a healthier individual and right now is the perfect time to take advantage of becoming a healthier person now how do you go about doing that well it's pretty simple when i first quit vaping i dove head first into nutrition i wanted to learn everything about it keto diets vegan diets pescetarian diets paleo diets all med diets one meal a day nutrition protocols fasting i wanted to learn everything i could to become a better version of what i already was i wanted to take advantage and become a healthy person so when people are quitting nicotine often in our programs what we'll encourage them to do is start to eat healthier now we don't just say eat more fruits and vegetables we all know that how do you actually eat healthier how do you actually control your weight well we encourage people to stay away from foods like grains starches and sugars for the most part for the most part so what types of foods do we encourage people to eat animal proteins plant proteins eggs chicken beef fish omega fatty acids found in nuts seeds legumes we like nut butters peanut butter almond butter macadamia nut butter we like sunflower butter a lot here at my offices we encourage people to stay away from all the breads all the really really heavy starchy foods when we have people eating starches in our programs usually we're focused on like sweet potato or oats a slower digesting starch which by the way will still spike your blood sugar levels but for many of you guys watching this you're younger and type 2 diabetes probably isn't a concern for you right now so we encourage a healthy regimen of eating and we encourage people to eat three meals a day with no snacking in between snacking is like that is weight gain city snacking is big trouble when it comes to gaining weight especially when you're quitting a nicotine product a lot of people will start to suck on hard candy or eat sugar when they give up an addiction and every time they get a craving they reach for sugar which then just takes them down the rabbit hole of sugar addiction and sugar cravings and often this results in weight gain so some of our big don'ts when it comes to quitting nicotine and not gaining weight we tell people don't snack don't snack don't snack stick to well-rounded meals each day breakfast lunch and dinner now some of you guys might also be quitting weed some of you guys watching this might be suffering from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and you might be thinking to yourself dr frank i don't eat in the morning i can't eat three meals a day that's not something that i like to do not a problem then you might be a candidate for fasting maybe just doing lunch and dinner maybe you do what i did in the beginning and you only do one meal a day i had cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome so i like couldn't eat without throwing up i was quitting nicotine weed energy drinks all that stuff at once and i couldn't eat in the mornings so i educated myself on something called the omed or the one meal a day diet and i will say a little caveat here and this doesn't apply to people who are anorexic or eating disorders this is just your your general individual trying to quit nicotine without gaining weight for me the fasting and the one to two small meals a day was incredible i believe that played a huge role in detoxing all that junk from my body and helping me heal faster i also loved when i was fasting not having the stress of having to worry about food i also feel that fasting led me to another level of discipline so i was able to control my nicotine cravings then i was able to control my food cravings quitting for me was very much about getting back control regaining discipline becoming in charge of my life again and i'll tell you that was i think fasting played a huge huge role in the success of my recovery so if you're watching this i would encourage you guys go get a book on intermittent fasting go get a book on the one meal a day diet see what you think now often when i'm working with people we'll sit down with that individual and we'll design a one-on-one nutrition protocol for that person because the reality is everyone's going to be different some people are going to do real good with three large meals three times a day some people are going to do good with one large meal one time a day and two smaller meals some people might fast some people might be pescetarian not eat red meat some might eat red meat it doesn't matter the fact is i want you to start to pay attention to your nutrition be conscious about the foods that you're eating and and think back to the beginning of this video where i talked about how weight gain works really focus on avoiding foods that are high in sugar cereal soda pop candy and also focus on avoiding foods that seem suspiciously high in carbohydrates there's a lot of yogurts on the market a lot of cereals on the market a lot of diet foods on the market that are put out there saying low fat low calorie but they're super high in sugar and that stuff is going to make you gain more weight than eating healthy fats or healthy proteins would even though healthy fats might be higher in calories for you so start to pay attention to nutrition and start to focus on the foods that you're consuming and i promise you you won't gain weight now if you let that binge eating if you let that sugar addiction set in you're gonna have a really hard time not gaining weight when you're quitting smoking but the reality is when you quit using nicotine when you quit smoking when you quit vaping you don't have to gain weight you just have to understand how weight gain works how weight loss works and be prepared to navigate that and that's exactly what this video was meant to do i'm going to make a series of videos on this talking about different nutritional programs and different protocols that are specific and how we teach people how to eat so stay tuned for those and if you have cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and you're throwing up in the morning and you can't eat be sure to follow me on my next video recovering from chs where i talk about the nutrition i'll see you there

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