Review of The SMOK Nord 4 80 Watt Vape Kit

gotta get that blood pumping whoo it's cold out here boy i got a fire next to me i'm rocking her own taking a vape getting it going oh yeah today boys and girls we're gonna be taking a look at this the smock nord four oh yeah smock nords man have been killing the vape game it was a smock north one which was a huge success the smog war ii came out and everybody was like going crazy for it where the hell is the smoke more three i don't know where the smog north three is did the smoke north three even come out smog just said hell with the nord three we're just gonna go to north four and that's what this bubby chucker is 80 watt device five to eighty watts two thousand milliamp hour battery dual sided adjustable airflow holds four point five mils of e-liquid oh yes she's got a type-c charge port oh i like that and this thing pretty big pretty big for a pot system kit about like the orion style kits maybe a little bit thinner but other than that about the same size first of all what do you get with this kit i know how it went through the main points i just want to get to it here's the packaging this puppy chugger comes in just your average box inside the packaging of course you're gonna receive your nord four kit it comes with the usbc cable you know how i love that it's gonna charge faster also in the kit comes with an extra pod with an extra coil head comes pre-installed with the rpm2 coil pretty good coil but the koi that comes pre-installed on this puppy chugger the pot that's already in oh it's the rpm big old macro mesh coil chucking tits for days but yeah you get two pods and last but not least what you get with the kit is some info cards and the user guide now like i said built-in 2 000 milliamp hour battery vapes up to 80 watts holds 4.5 mils of e-liquid got dual-sided adjustable airflow you can adjust one side wide open the other side halfway or one side closed off the other side halfway or wide open pretty freaking cool most dual-sided adjustable airflows they adjust the same all across the board not this one hell you could dial this in so many different ways now i do want to point this out the adjustable airflow ring it is a [ __ ] before we get into that let's take a look at this puppy chugger give you a quick tour good looking device and yes this thing comes in a lot of color options but the one that i'm rocking is the rainbow i like rainbow i'm a rainbow type of guy but yeah you got a lot of color options for this one thing i'm not a big fan of is how shiny it is and the only reason why i'm not a big fan of shininess was there's two reasons one is it's a fingerprint magnet you're gonna be cleaning this thing a lot well if you're ocd like me and the other is shiny stuff does not film great it just doesn't because it's reflecting everything but other than that you guys ain't filming it so what does it matter this is just my issue but yeah on the front of the top you got the fire button right the manual switch this does not have an auto firing switch just a manual above that firing switch you got your first adjustable airflow ring on the back of the device in the same spot you got another adjustable airflow ring like i said dual side adjustable airflow if we go back to the front at the bottom it says smock if we turn around it says north 2000 milliamp hour battery at the bottom kind of hard to see like i said shiny at the bottom of the device you got the usb-c port love that and then at the top you got your pod just your standard pod style device guys oh yeah on this side you got the mini screen the watch watch down buttons and then on the other side looks like it's got another mini screen but now i'm assuming they want to make it all matchy-matchy looks good looks unified i'm freaking freezing my ass off right now my hands are like this rip aren't you inside why aren't you inside the heat i can't i got kids in there that are nuts i need i need quiet this is my quiet i got my fire over here it's sick feels good man feels good look at that you got the warmth hell i may do a fire every time i shoot a video i mean i'm gonna have to it's just gonna keep getting colder and colder and colder but back to this product i digress i'm sorry the menu screen shows the wattage the resistance the volts and the battery gauge and i like how it shows the percentage like i said you're watching watch down buttons they are tiny but they work they work fine it's better if you have a little bit of nail if you got fat fingers maybe a [ __ ] you may be tapping both buttons at once because they are kind of close together but like i said babe's up to 80 watts one wide increment does round robin to five that's good oh yeah with this device you can lock it and unlock it so you can lock the whole device three clicks does it one two three you can't fire up and you can't adjust it either now if we go back to the adjustable airflow this dial is a pain in the wazoo man it's got a little notch for your fingernail right oh that's not the way to do it i find it's just a pain too much of a pain to do it that way get your fingernail in there rip some of it off the way i like to do it is grab it on all sides and just twist it and it takes a little bit but over time it will loosen up still pain though i gotta point that out nitpicky for me definitely but like i said you can close it off with one side and open it up on the other keep from all the way open and all the way open here she is all the way open i mean tons of airflow a buku of it hell i think the airflow hogs would like this personally i like to close this off halfway on each side gonna close it off close enough that wasn't that hard it's easier off camera oh yeah nice restrictive hit but i'm getting enough airflow at the same time and i'm ready to go boy ready to go and flow i gotta drop that exposure a little bit it's getting dark look at this fire reflecting off my face gives me some color i like it but yeah halfway open all across the boards the way i like to do it i don't like to close it off on one side keep it open on the other i like to have both sides open and you ain't gonna be able to close this off and do mouth-to-lungs this is not from mouth-to-lung vapor just letting you know this is that long hit vapor the restricted long hit wide open longhead and like i said both coies made good i like the rpm the wide open i take that sucker up 65 75 80 watts and i'll chuck for days man the flavor's rocking now isn't as good as something like the boost coils from geek bay pretty darn close i actually get more airflow off this than the boost co heads because it's more wide open okay how long is this gonna last i don't know lately i haven't vaped the smock product i haven't been testing smok out this is really the only product they've sent me in a long time so i can't tell you how long the cords are gonna last all i can tell you is they both fit great i like the rpm better but the rpm2 is more closed off you're gonna get a more stricted hit you're gonna get great vapor great flavor it's just the difference is rpm gives you more airflow and i like more airflow i like to have that option to have more airflow and i can always close it off but to each is their own now if you look at the pod look how big this mouthpiece is man i mean it's a big whopping mouthpiece it is big what this freaking mouthpiece man here go ahead and pop that puppy chucker out inside you got your connections everything is nice and clean on one side of the pod it'll say rpm or rpm2 right now rocking the rpm go ahead and pull that puppy chucker out nice ass hole to fill her up like i said 4.5 mills of e-liquid plug her back up at the bottom right you got your cool like i said both pods that come with the kit comes pre-installed with the coil and if you look at the coins i gotta look at the coins okay both coil heads you're gonna see a huge difference right one's a big old macro mesh that's the rpm the other one's a small one the rpm coil is bigger than the rpm2 but yeah the rpm it's a 0.16 ohm coil the rpm2 is a 0.4 ohm coil just letting you know the o-ring tolerances going back in the pods they're great you just gotta line up the slots those flat slots and it pops right in there but once you pop it in you fill it up you're ready to go and i'm gonna tell you whoo these magnets are strong they are strong ding dong boy look at that it's good you ain't gonna have any problems with these magnets or the connections all know i'm digging this device chucks for days flavor vapor battery life 2 000 milliamp hour that's another thing it comes with two pods two pods two coil heads love it usbc i like it the fire button that's another thing it protrudes just the right amount it's clicky nice and clicky only nitpicky that i found for this is the adjustable airflow now as far as price one ghost is batman gem i've seen her sell online 35 40 bucks of course you know me i cannot post links down the description can't do it youtube guidelines are cracking down in those papers what i can tell you is if you are 21 years of age or older google vape trick v-a-p-e-t-r-i-k again v-a-p-e-t-r-i-k vape trick they got over 2 000 products to choose from guys 2 000. yeah i'm serious man it's crazy and i know if vape trick doesn't have this now they will i'm done that's it i am out this is rip trippers and remember smoking is dead living is the future on the future [Music] is you

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