Review of SMOK NORD 4 80W 2000mAh Vape Pod Kit


smoke in polish means dragon for review today the nord 4 by smoke it's not smoke and it's not smock it's smoke feels good knowing that the great smokesmock debate is finally over alrighty then so here's how it comes packaged on the back are the contents and on the side is a scratch-off authenticity code so you can go on the website and make sure you have an authentic product the smoke card is a caution card so be sure to read this this is a quality control pass kind of a warranty card there's contact information for their warranty centers and on the back it explains how to verify the product's authenticity next up the manual this is some fine ass quality paper it's smooth that's a little shiny feels good and durable as we proceed further and deeper into this video i'm not going to go through all the specs so here they are it's a simple device with simple instructions do hold on to the manual because the prompts and the lights can send an important message and finally here's the cat they only sent it in these two colors but in total there's going to be 12 and some of them are leather inside of the device there is a 2000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery and it recharges on the bottom the port is type-c the charge cable is included in the box on each side there's adjustable airflow and it is fully adjustable it's not the easiest thing to adjust but i just stick my nail into this little groove and then i move it it's good that it's not that easy to adjust because then you won't accidentally bump it out of place at the top that's where the pod goes makes a connection here and then there's four magnets that hold it in place this is the control button it pretty much does everything one two three four five clicks turns the device on and over here are two more buttons so there's the plus or up button and the down button the mod goes between five all the way to 80 watts so i can click a button up or down or i can hold one down and go a lot quicker it'll stop at 80 but if i click again and around robin back to 5. on the screen you can also see the resistance of the coil 0.4 ohms below that is the voltage which you can only see while you're pushing the button this is the battery life indicator and i like how it's displayed not just in picture but also percentages below that is the puff counter it clears after 999 puffs so there's no way to actually clear it out one two three clicks locks the device one two three clicks unlocks it when it's locked everything is locked so i can't change the wattage and i can't fire it one two three four five clicks turns it off when it's back on it's still going to be locked to unlock it again one two three i don't really know if that's a necessary thing on there because one two three locks it and one two three four five shuts it down i guess you can access the screen a little bit quicker if you just lock it the kit comes with two pods they hold roughly 4.5 milliliters of e-liquid really the only difference between them is the size of their holes each pod holds a different coil if i try to take the girthier coil and put it into this pod it's not going to fit so the coils just pop in and out but they do go in a certain way you see this flatter side right here you have to match it up like so and then push it all the way in with this little chunky monkey same thing the flat sides line up with this and then push it in all the way if you forget which ones which it also has it on the fill hole cover so this just lifts up there's just a little stopper and there's the hole and if you've been watching my channel i'm not a fan of these but everyone's using them they're pretty cheap i guess but i would prefer something more substantial on a reusable pod and e-liquid bottles fit in there perfectly so yeah in total there are two coils both coils have a midline so e-liquid should be kept above that to extend the life of the coil however once you stick it into a pod good luck seeing the min line you're not gonna see it this one is the rpm coil it is a 0.4 ohm coil that should be vaped at 25 watts i don't know if you can see in there but it is a mesh coil the fat one is the rpm2 this is a .16 ohm coil it can be vaped between 25 to 50 watts but smoke is saying its best at 40. first up is the 0.4 ohm coil i have this set at 25 watts with my airflow fully open the fire button can only be held down for eight seconds so i'm gonna demonstrate this by doing something stupid i'm really rusty at these all right airflow fully open this is the rpm2 coil got it set at 40 watts and it's got a resistance of 0.16 ohms hmm so which one do i like better they're both good coils they're pretty tasty the 0.16 ohm coil i think the flavor is a little sweeter and warmer and as far as leaking goes because i know a lot of you're going to ask if you get a dud coil it probably will leak but the most i see is a little bit of condensation it supports 1.4 amp fast charging and i i think that's that's it that's all i wanted to say about it so to literally lose i gotta go that's my cheesy outro bye guys

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