Review of TOP 10 BEST RTA TANKS FOR 2021


what's up insiders deuces jack at vapin insider today we're going to be going over the top 10 rtas of 2020. let's get to it coming in at the number 10 spot we have the oxva arbiter this atomizer was designed by justin the original designer of the geek vape zeus so of course this is a top airflow tank but this one has a little bit of a twist to it this piece right here attempts to grab the airflow from the bottom of the coil instead of the top of the coil like a traditional top airflow tank the result is what i consider to be the best top airflow tank on the market right now machining and build quality on this tank is very nice it's got a straight forward simple deck that is very easy to build and wick because of the top airflow design there is no need to bring your wicking game this is a great tank for beginners or people that are looking to try an rta out the arbiter by oxford is 28 millimeters in diameter and it comes in five different colors that include gunmetal stainless steel red black and rainbow the bubble glass does come pre-installed and you also get a 4ml straight glass it comes with an 810 style drip tip pre-installed but you also get a 510 drip tip adapter as well at the number nine spot we have the death mods death tank this is a big boy tank with gobs and i mean gobs of airflow there is hardly any restriction it's like you're breathing through the tank this is a must have for all you air flow hogs out there not only is the tank a whopping 30 millimeters in diameter but the deck has a ton of usable space you can actually slam dual 5.5 millimeter coils in here i would actually recommend that you go with 4.5 millimeter coils but it's nice to have all that space big tanks like this need big capacity and the def tank does not disappoint in that category either with the straight glass you get 6.5 ml they have an included bubble glass that holds a mind boggling 11 mls the def tank has a very straightforward deck that is very easy to build it's also very easy to wick once you get this thing built you have a legitimate fog machine on your hands this tank could make a mosquito fogger blush the death tank by death mods is available in stainless steel and black make sure you got a nice big mod to pair with this tank because you're gonna need some power baby at the eight spot we have our first mouth to lung on the list it's the org vape intake mtl by mike vapes mike vapes has done very well with his intake line he normally comes up with really good stuff and the intake mtl is no exception i've said on numerous occasions i'm not a fan in general of top airflow but i do like what mike has done with his intake line this is definitely one of the more flavorful top airflow mtl tanks on the market right now what i really like about the intake mtl is the way the airflow is designed it comes with five different airflow reducers that coincide with the airflow rings on the outside these can be installed under the coil and i've always believed that the closer the airflow adjustment is to the coil the more accurate it is not only are the reducers underneath the coil but the top airflow on the outside of the tank corresponds to them in size which is a really nice touch the nice thing about this intake airflow system is that unlike traditional top airflow systems where they grab the flavor from the top of the coil the intake attempts to take that flavor from the bottom of the coil and i think it does a very admirable job if you would like a very restricted dl sort of hit you can forgo all the airflow reducers and just run the tank wide open the deck screws are very deep phillips head screws that are reverse threaded the only reason they are reverse threaded is so your coil doesn't get at a joint during the installation the intake is 24 millimeters in diameter 54.3 millimeters tall it holds 3.1 ml with the straight glass and 4.6 ml with the included bubble glass not a bad capacity when you consider the fact that it's a mouth-to-lung tank the org vape intake is available in stainless steel black and gunmetal at the lucky number seven spot we have the vapors cloud trilogy i know i know i was late to the game on this one as far as the review goes but i have to tell you this is one of my favorite tanks of the year really well machined easy to build easy to wick and the vape quality is just fantastic i like the way vapors cloud does things in general they have a history of putting out some really nice products that are well machined most of the time when you see big tanks like this 30 millimeters or above they tend to have a lot of airflow that is not the case with the trilogy the airflow is definitely in the middle of the road as far as volume goes however this is a very flavorful tank that will give you a high quality vape especially if you are into flavor chasing the trilogy features a postless deck with 22 millimeters of usable deck space that is very easy to build on wicking can be a little bit on the tricky side but once you get it down you should be fine your trilogy does come with a bubble glass that will hold 5 ml of e-liquid as well as a straight glass that will hold two ml's i highly recommend that you go with the 5 ml bubble glass because this thing can just rip through the juice the trilogy is available in blue purple red and black i'm always seeing new colors pop up so make sure you keep an eye out for them at the six spot we have the steam crave ragnar i'm a huge fan of the show viking so when i saw this tank i just had to have it this is another big tank that seems to be the theme of the year so far as far as rtas go in a year where everything was pods it seems to be the only rebuildables that were released were on the big side the ragnar is no exception to that rule the tank is 35 millimeters in diameter so you better make sure you got a big mod to run this thing on steam crave as a company in general they put out really nice products and they tend to be consistent especially when it comes to their rta this is very much in line with what steam crave does in their aromamizer line of tanks they did add a little bit of a twist to the ragnar by adding some bottom airflow the ragnar has that traditional side airflow that you've come to appreciate from steam crave and they also added a little bit of that bottom airflow i also like the fact that steam crave makes a bunch of different interchangeable decks that work in the ragnar i love versatility and steam crave seems to embrace that as well not only is the ragnar a big tank but it's got some big capacity this thing will hold 18 mls of juice the ragnar is available in stainless steel black gold and gunmetal crack in the top five we have the gas mods cree rta i have to say when i first got this i was actually shocked at how well it vapes this thing has some really nice flavor it has some issues to it as well but as far as pure flavor goes this is a win in my book super easy to build and wick this is a nice rta for someone who has never built before i feel like this type of tank will not intimidate a newbie it does have six airflow reducers that go underneath the coil and allow you to adjust the airflow anywhere from a pretty tight mtl all the way up to a restricted dl hit personally i like running this as a restricted dl tank i find that it gives me the best compromise of flavor and clouds the cree is 22 millimeters in diameter and 40 millimeters high the chimney section creates a condensed chamber which definitely makes the flavor pop on this rta the cree will hold 3.5 ml of juice and it is available in stainless steel black and gun metal just shy of cracking the top three at the four spot we have the org vape druga rta org vapes drugal line has been pretty solid over the last few years so i had high expectations when i first built the druger rta i was not disappointed this is what i would call a medium restricted dl type of flavor banger the airflow is nice and smooth and this thing has some great flavor it's pretty easy to build and wick being a single coiler i like the fact that it's on the short side as far as atomizers go however being a short and compact type of atomizer has its disadvantages as well as far as the capacity goes the druger is a little lacking in that department the druger is only 24 millimeters in diameter and 34 millimeters high with the straight glass it holds 2.4 ml of juice the bubble glass will give you 3.5 ml of juice i will say this though for the flavor that this rta is capable of the sacrifice of juice capacity is more than worth it the druger is available in stainless steel black and gunmetal at the bronze metal spot in third place we have the hell vape destiny i gotta say man i've been vaping on this thing for a long time now i've had it since the beginning of the year and the flavor on it is outstanding definitely one of the best flavor atomizers as far as single coil decks go super easy to build and wick with a nice capacity as well i just love this thing i have multiple destinies that i run all the time it's actually one of my all-time favorite single coil rtas airflow on this one is as smooth as it gets but it's definitely in the restricted dl spectrum it's available in a bunch of different colors i'm telling you right now if you're gonna get one don't just order one buy multiples you'll thank me later at the silver medal spot the second place winner in our top 10 rtas of the year is the voltrob v2 35 millimeter limited edition i know i know the v3 is out already but i haven't received it yet before i got the voltron v2 i did have a voltron mini and i loved it so i had high expectations for this tank this is a limited edition model that is 35 millimeters in diameter so make sure before you build and wick this thing that you put your big boy pants on this is another one of those tanks that if you like airflow you are absolutely going to love this tank even on its smallest setting it's got plenty of airflow for most vapors open it up all the way and it's just an airflow hog this is the rta for you when you want to go full on beast mode baby like all voltrovs the machining on this thing is second to none it does come with a traditional velocity style deck it has juice flow control and it's very straightforward when it comes to building and wicking with the shorty glass installed it holds a massive 10 ml use the included chimney extender and larger glass to get a mind boggling 18 ml of juice in your led the led is available in matte black black and stainless steel in the gold metal spot the best tank of the year in my opinion is the steam crave aromamizer v3 listen i've always been a huge fan of steam crave products they tend to make stuff that is well machined and well thought out the v3 for me is the big dog of 2020. it carries over all of the aspects that i've always loved about the aromamizer line it has multiple decks which give you plenty of versatility the flavor is just on point no matter which deck you use it's easy to build the airflow on this thing is just as smooth as it gets i've been rocking this thing for a few months and i plan on buying quite a few more the v3 is 25 millimeters in diameter it will look great on most dual battery mods you'll get six ml's with the straight glass seven mls with the bubble it is 810 and 510 drip tip compatible it's available in stainless steel gunmetal blue and black so there you go insiders those are my top 10 rtas of the year most of them i have a full review on at this channel if i don't know that that review is eminent it's going to be dropped any day now don't forget insiders head on over to our facebook group vaping insider community 13 000 strong the feed flies very very friendly some of the most knowledgeable vapers in the world hang out there i'm there 24 7. i'd love to see you there as well and that's it insiders that's all i got for you guys today you keep living that vape life we're out of here deuces

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