Reviews of Smok Nord 2 vs. Vaporesso Luxe PM40


[Music] what's going on there youtube has returned that's right people we are back and we are back with another vape deathmatch that's right people we're taking two very similar devices and we're putting them head to head a battle to the death a death match battle death kill all right you know what today people we are taking a gander at the smok nord v2 versus the vaporesso luxe pm40 that's right people that's right two very similar devices okay very similar with a few differences in between here and there which one will come on top i don't know we're gonna see though we're gonna see how it goes you know what i mean so yeah let's uh let's get ready to pit these guys against each other like i said very similar yet different and we're going to break it down into little sections and everything and that way you can follow along better and then at the end we'll tally upper votes bam we got a [ __ ] winner baby easy as one two three okay so first things first i want to say price it's kind of a it's kind of a wash because highest prices lowest prices scour the internet they cost about the same okay they cost about the same so that's a good starting point if the costs are both about the same then they're on even even grounds even playing fields as far as little pod mods okay so yeah i guess without further ado man let's go ahead and kick this thing started let's do this thing [Music] all right well in regards to packaging they both come with two pods two coils and a charging cable so this one is a draw all right people we got to talk about these tanks all right so the vaporiso holds four mls the smok holds 4.5 to fill this one up you kind of pop pop the thing there we go you pop the top off the side off the top and you've got a little gasket situation then you just fill it up on this one you have a little flap right here on the side okay but at the end of the day what i think is most important is capacity and i got to go with the 4.5 in males on the smok so all right people now in regards to coils you get a 0.6 and 0.8 with the vaporesso and you get a 0.4 and 8.8 with the smock all right all meshed but in the day i like the lower resistance slightly bigger coil i gotta give it to the smock in this regard so [Music] all right people we gotta discuss form and function all right because you know figaro is like a hair taller you know what i mean but here's the thing 1800 milliamp hour 1500 milliamp hour all right both single button situations with screens very similar designs if i do say so myself okay airflow inlets this one has airflow control though over here check that out man that one's got airflow control this one does not and as we get down here we have a bottom micro usb versus a side usbc um in regards to form and function based on the larger battery the adjustable airflow and the usbc that's not on the bottom it's on the [Music] side right people in regards to screens they're both single button operation they both give the same amount of information and they're hard to get in focus simultaneously it chooses one or the other there we go all right that's fine but yeah the screens are pretty much identical uh they both work the same they're both pretty bright they both look basically the same so honestly in regards to the screen it's a draw [Music] [Music] all right all right so we just took a closer personal look at all the stuff and the things right kind of compared them see how similar they're pretty similar right so let's bust out my old phone here and take a look at the skulls here where the [ __ ] there it is okay so let's take a look real quick let's do a little math packaging was a draw okay tank tank goes small and the coils go to small form and [ __ ] that goes the vapor rest of them so charging goes on then we got screens um but um this is okay this is where democracy fails all right because it looks like they're even on draws and uh wins per categories okay i'll tell you what all right that's right that's fine okay i got the exact same juice in both right all right i only got the point six in here in the vaporesso and the point four in the smut but we do have adjustable airflow over here and we go okay let's see what's going on here let's see make sure there's a similar wattage for what they should be it's probably okay let's go ahead and take one okay well [ __ ] there's some i don't know man i don't know it's like i thought that just by the numbers we would get somewhere all right so like the smock holds a little bit more juice the the vaporesso has a little bit bigger battery at the end of the day they're both pretty good options and i guess they're both kind of a draw which one came out i think the no the north two come out but vaper wrestle had the pm's it doesn't matter uh it's still it's still a watch people this is a draw a little bit more battery adjustable airflow usbc uh [ __ ] when i put it like that less battery more juice capacity lower resistance coils but no airflow it's a watch i'm done here people this is this is a draw uh both both this is tyson versus [ __ ] it's a draw okay it's gonna be a draw today damn it that was not as scientific as i thought but anyway [ __ ] we compared a couple of devices and maybe hey maybe you're in the market for a new pod mod and you didn't know which way to go well now you still don't know [ __ ] which way to go it doesn't matter thank you guys for watching i truly do appreciate it you guys are fantastic all right remember i stream every day twitch link in the description gonna play some more cyberpunk call of duty and stuff today on pc so that should be fun remember it really doesn't matter what the [ __ ] you're vaping on people as long as you're not on them gosh they're in stinky's that's what's truly important okay and last but not least you stay sexy youtube from bubbles and twist it vaping saves more lives than a two-party system

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