The New Study about Real Dangers Of Vaping


when vaping came around it was meant to simply be a way of helping yourself quit cigarettes there are so many extra toxic chemicals and cigarettes that smokers everywhere became really intrigued by the idea of isolating just their nicotine for a while many even refer to it as the healthier choice however a shocking new study is showing that vaping may be much more dangerous than we originally thought i'm going to tell you all about it right here on io but first make sure to tap that like button to show some love to the channel now let's dive into the details of this troubling new vape study researchers at boston university have recently released their findings on the use of e-cigarettes their study is among the first of its kind to establish that vaping alone could raise the risk for future respiratory problems as i mentioned earlier many e-cigarette companies have advertised themselves as a safer alternative to smoking however because these products were so new to the market they gained massive popularity but there still hadn't been enough time to see its effects this new study offers closure to every public health official and parent who feared the risks of vaping among those who had started vaping as young adults researchers found higher rates of emphysema chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis what's more important is that these results held true even among vape users that were otherwise healthy the study also looked at people who had used other forms of tobacco or marijuana products that may also increase their risk for respiratory problems with or without the use of e-cigarettes the findings were published in the journal of the american medical association and were based on a group of more than 20 000 adults who took part in the study from 2013 to 2018. at the time of recruitment more than 5 000 of those in the study were former vape users with 5.2 being current users at the start of the study e-cigarettes have been found to contain fewer and lower levels of some of the toxic chemicals that make smoking harmful for your lungs but regardless they are still toxic although there is one thing that these vapes are not short on and that's nicotine nicotine is the main ingredient that makes smoking so addictive according to the truth initiative they also found that young people who begin vaping are much more likely to actually start smoking cigarettes which is the complete opposite reaction that they had intended on or is it i mean even jewel is still owned by one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world alteria is the nation's leading tobacco company and they made a 12.8 billion dollar investment in jewel labs because they know that these are all the same type of customer so not only are they selling you a problem but they're also simultaneously trying to sell you their fake solution which just keeps you hooked on their product at this point it comes down to mind over matter if you constantly tell yourself you can't do blank without smoking well then you'll keep perpetuating that cycle however if you replace bad habits with good habits you can actually change the association in your own brain now typically the argument with these studies is that the findings must be inconclusive because so many of their users would partake in smoking both a vape and a cigarette so how could you possibly parse out a difference between them although the group at boston university was large enough and followed for long enough to accurately separate the two groups for users who didn't smoke cigarettes but were former vape users they had a 21 higher risk of developing respiratory diseases and people who smoke both were at a 43 higher risk which is insane imagine if every time you left your house you had a 43 chance of getting hit by a car everyone would be terrified and demanding that the government take action against reckless driving unfortunately big tobacco companies have lobbyists who pay off politicians to push certain bills that keep them protected even though they literally killed their best customers people who were still using e-cigarettes were 33 more at risk for chronic bronchitis with 69 being more at risk for emphysema plus 57 of them were more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease even more surprising was the risk of developing asthma risk of asthma and vape users were 31 percent higher than non-vape users andrew stokes who is an assistant professor in the department of global health at boston university spoke about the study and said in recent years we have seen dramatic increase in e-cigarette use among youth and young adults which threatens to reverse decades of hard-fought gains this new evidence also suggests that we may see an increase in respiratory disease as youth and young adults age into mid-life including asthma copd and other respiratory conditions the importance of this study and the negative consequences of smoking cannot be overstated especially given that we are in the middle of a pandemic that specifically causes people to have respiratory issues we already had a taste of how dangerous these products are back in november of 2019. if you remember a teenager had nearly died after suffering serious respiratory failure that his doctor is linked directly to vaping he had switched to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes but within a few months he found that he was struggling to breathe and describe what he called choking coughs which does not sound pleasant he even ended up in intensive care with doctors needing to give him an artificial lung just to keep him alive now we're not talking about a 50 year old man who smoked a pack a day since he was 12 and now he's developed lung cancer later in life we're talking about a healthy teenager who started vaping and within a few months was in the icu i just hope that people will eventually learn that this is the only life you get the only body you get so treat it right and stop using it like a trash collector that you'll deal with later with that though let's check out some of your comments from the video titled dior facing backlash for johnny depp support for which i got lots of backlash for alyssa j says johnny is innocent now i'm gonna go shop dior for christmas seems like the right course of action moonlight gems says i will support dior for supporting johnny depp and standing by his side but i will definitely not be supporting warner brothers for not firing amber turd she is the abuser not johnny hey free country you're allowed to do whatever you want to do allura sg says bet wb is sweating bullets realizing fans and money matters after all we'll have to see how many people actually turn out to watch aquaman 2 fantastic beasts and any of these other movies that these actors have been taken out of and left in psychic ashley elizabeth says i think their sales went up 23 dior be laughing all the way to the bank oh they most definitely are suzanne alvalucci says proud of d'or for supporting johnny and i too will flip all those eleven cairns off for trying to destroy into his life dior i will purchase your stuff for sure hey dior it looks like you've gained a ton of new customers definitely more than those 11 karens that were complaining about johnny depp but for now that has been today's video i thank you so much for watching my name has been johnny rogers and until next time stay classy stay healthy i should say chronic obstructive pulmonary disease gonna say that again plus 50 plus 57 sympathy [Music] oh god [Music] up some

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